The Most Popular Interior Wall Decoration Colors And The Modern Trends That May Surpass Them

Interior design is predominantly about personal tastes and preferences. However, certain practices have stood the test of time and varying cultures because of their mass appeal. The selection of certain color schemes and patterns is loosely based on the color theory. It allows for the standardization of interior design colors, which enables certain paint schemes to build the atmosphere of a room. 

If you are engaging on a journey in Interior design in Dubai and need to select a paint color, you will want to know both the popular options and the newly emerging trends. To facilitate your selection process, consider our pick of popular interior wall paint colors: 

Standard Colours 

1. White

White, like paint color, is both tasteful and timeless. It provides the rooms with a “black canvas” feel, which allows for the furniture and decorations to shine. White is also known to stretch out rooms and create the illusion of space. The “White Dove” color by top-selling brand Benjamin Moore is to this day the most popular interior paint on the Dubai residential interior design market. According to Moore, this color is best matched to cool hues of blue and other pastels. 

2. Beige

Beige is known as a crowd-pleasing color because it is almost as pure, yet much more demure, than white. Beige is also a popular pick for interior design consultants in Dubai because the changing of the color with time, and the accumulation of the UAE’s desert dust, is much less noticeable. Beige is potentially the most neutral color. Because of its brown, earthy undertones, it can be used in most rooms and is compatible with all curtain and carpet colors. Olympic Paint’s “Brown Basket” is one of its most popular sells because of its rich caramel hue. 

Modern Trends 

1. Grey

There is a subtle sophistication to grey. Because it will dress up a room in any hue, grey has become a modern interior design pick for decoration adepts the world over. Grey is an exceptional backdrop for bright colors such as turquoise and yellow. It can also be mixed with beige to create a trendy hybrid color: “Greige”. “Rockport Gray”, by Benjamin Moore, is one of the most popular tints of grey because it comports beige, khaki and brown undertones which enrich its vibrancy. 

2. Blue

Blue has been a common selection for bathroom paint in Interior decoration in Dubai for over a decade. Blue is considered to be a neutral pastel, known for its calming effects. Furthermore, with the wide array of different blue shades, this paint can easily be co-ordinated with darker and lighter hues of furnishing. Blue-grey, in particular, has seen a surge in demand since the emergence of studies asserting to blue’s beneficial effects on stress. Blue-grey is ideal for a living room, in which cushioning and curtaining in other shades of blue can be used for a “thematic” effect. 

A Concluding Note

Consider adding a touch of daring to your interior decoration by selecting a couple statement walls around your home to “splash” with one of your favorite colors. Selecting the right shade of paint will require you to combine your knowledge of popular paints and your own personal tastes. To use more “unusual” Colors in your interior decoration, you may want to seek the services of freelance interior designers In the UAE for additional guidance.

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