Top 10 freelancing jobs for women in the UAE

Freelancing is on the rise with many people moving away from the traditional day job routine.  Every day, new freelancing opportunities are coming up with women being top beneficiaries.  Freelance jobs in Dubai can offer some advantages to women. The positions provide freedom and benefits that enable women to achieve a career that suits their individual needs. Below are the top freelancing jobs in UAE for women. 

1. Food Blogger/Food Photography

Food blogging in UAE involves writing reviews and critical articles on a specific food, restaurants, bars, and other food-related joints.  To be a reputable food blogger, you will need to visit restaurants and bars to try new dishes or specific foods to write on. You also need excellent photography skills since communicating about food is efficient through images.

You need excellent writing skills and be willing to try out new foods. As an added advantage, you should understand culinary traditions and techniques from different cultures.  Earning avenues are unlimited; you can sell ad spaces, photos, or even run paid reviews on your website.

2. Content Writer

Content writing is a job that can give you about $100 per hour. Writing is an easy job that requires little practice provided that you have excellent written communication skills.  Additionally, you need to have a writing voice and a mastery over the English language; no specialist tools are necessary.

Freelance writing jobs in Dubai take different forms. We have blog writing, copywriting, and SEO specialists. Gigs are available with leading magazines and platforms like Upwork.  

3. Female Personal Trainer

Fitness is an essential topic of discussion in the modern world.  Many people are putting a focus on remaining fit to beat lifestyle-related diseases. You can tap into this field by helping other women attain their fitness journey goals.  Fitness is not all about going through the motions of a workout; it’s about having a healthy lifestyle and attitude. As a female personal trainer, you will be dealing with UAE career women and even stay at home mothers. 

You need specific qualifications from an accredited institution and a license to operate in the UAE. Remember that running a freelance training business requires a lot of advertising to reach clients.

4. Make-up Artist/beauty blogger

The Dubai beauty industry has a lot to offer in terms of jobs. As a professional beautician, you can become a freelance makeup artist. Your primary responsibility is applying makeup and prosthetics to enhance your client’s looks. Your services will be home-based. At the same time, you will be advising on beauty to your clients, and you can use a blog to reach many people. To nail this freelance work in Dubai, you need to be a professional makeup artist with experience. 

5. Fashion Photographer/blogger

If you have a passion for fashion, freelance blogging and photography will earn you some good money. Your job entails generating, researching, writing, editing, publishing, and promoting fashion-related content on your website. With good traffic, you can make money by selling ad space on your platform. To build traffic, promote new posts through advertisements, emails, and social media. You can also offer your photography service to fashion agencies. You will be taking and editing photos of the model. 

6. Data Entry

Data entry is one of the freelance work in Dubai that is on high demand. This field is not new. Responsibilities of data entry entail entering customer and account data, compiling, verifying the accuracy, and reviewing data for deficiencies or errors. In some cases, data entry also involves correcting any incompatibilities and checking the output. To get a data entry job, you need to have proven work experience, experience with MS Office and data programs, typing speed, and accuracy. 

7. Virtual Assistant

Technological advancement has given birth to the concept of working remotely. As a Dubai woman in the freelance world, this can be a lucrative field provided you have the skills.  Remote working requires you to be conversant with programs like Skype and Slack. 

As a Virtual Assistant, you perform various administrative tasks, like answering emails, scheduling meetings, among others. The goal is to deliver high-quality work under minimum supervision. You also need to show proven experience as a virtual assistant or relevant role alongside familiarity with the latest technology and excellent phone, email, and instant messaging communication skills.

8. Henna Artist

If you’re into beauty, then this freelance UAE job is for you. Based on the culture of the UAE people, henna artists are in high demand. In most cases, henna artists are needed, especially during big occasions like weddings and anniversaries. 

You can build your client base through appropriate advertising and marketing. Note that as a freelance henna artist, you will be providing home services most of the time. It will be a plus if you can also offer services in waxing, facials, and bleaching.

9. Graphic Designer

As a graphic designer, you will create graphics for printed and electronic media. This freelance job in Dubai is in high demand.  As a qualification, you need to have a professional course with experience before you start. However, we have online courses that can equip you with graphic design skills. You will be interacting with software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Design work can pay you about $85 per hour based on the quality you produce. 

10. Translator

Dubai is a city with people of different nationalities. This aspect has led to a rise in the need for translators.  If you are multilingual, you have a considerable advantage. As a translator, your job will be to translate pages of text, audio, or other bodies of content.  You can also find work as a live translator, helping to facilitate communication between two or more individuals who do not speak the same language. If you can speak different languages, then you should recognize the skills needed to thrive in that area.

Take Away

Freelance work in Dubai is unlimited. There is an opportunity for every woman who has the skills. Most importantly, passion will get you some good money. To get started, you can visit our website for different freelance opportunities. 

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