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Guide For baby photography

Is photography your hobby? Good. You can turn it into a lucrative career by venturing into baby photography.

There are no academic requirements for you to become a professional baby photographer. All you need to do is take great photos of babies that their parents will be willing to buy.

Baby photography is a unique genre for two reasons.

First, you will never run out of clients, and secondly, in a span of a few weeks, the baby’s looks will never be the same again. In about six weeks, a baby would have different looks from what you see today.

Therefore, it is great fun to help parents preserve those innocent looks of their babies.

Let’s have a look at what you require for a successful venture into baby photography.

To start, you need to collect your tools of the trade. Depending on whether you have a photo studio or you will be mobile, having the basics requirement is inevitable. These requirements include:

  • Professional cameras
  • Memory cards
  • Quality photo printers
  • Photo editing software
  • Backdrops and props

These may not be exhaustive, but they are the basic requirements to launch your photography career.

Talking of career, avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Get yourself a freelance work permit if you wish to operate from the UAE, as a freelance photographer in Dubai or any other Emirate.  Then you may operate peacefully and productively without having to worry about the fines. The authorities may demand the closure of your business if you don’t comply.

Get yourself two professional cameras. Not that you will use both at a go, but it is wise to have two just in case one of them fails. 

You will need plenty of storage space. Therefore, have several memory cards so that you may store all the excellent snapshots as they present themselves.

Whether you are mobile or stationed at a photo studio, you need to have a bunch of theme props and backdrops. There are many options to consider such as oversized flowers, baskets, or even animals.

Also, get large soft cushions and pillows in pastel shades to help you rest the baby and get great shots from different angles. You could choose a variety of fabrics in hues of blue and pink,. You could use the fabric for wrapping the baby. Other props may include brown or white baskets. You could get creative with flowers to complete the look.

Musical toys with lights, will come in handy when you need to attract and maintain the baby’s attention to one direction.

  • Market yourself

You never know where your next client will come from. Therefore, you need to market your baby photography just like any other business would do. In every industry, marketing strategies are the backbone of their success. As a beginner, you need to win the hearts of your potential clients.

You could use the traditional methods where you have several of your shots preserved in an album. You can use these photos to show to potential clients what you do.

Start an online portfolio as well. These days almost every business has their names out there in the search engines. You should start a website where you display your work. The social media platforms have also transformed business marketing trends. Large and small businesses have realized that almost half of their new customers come from social media sites.

Start a blog or get active on forums where mothers to be are active.

  • Communicate beforehand

Once clients decide to buy your services, the first thing you need is to know is their expectation. Some of them are first time parents, and they could have no idea of what happens during baby photo shooting. You must inform them of what to expect.

Let the client know what they need to provide and what you will be bringing with you.

Also, you need to understand the feeding and sleeping patterns of the baby. This will help you and the parents to set the right time for the photoshoots.

Never forget that you are in business. Discuss with your client about their budget and your prices in time.

  • Keep the baby safe

In all situations, the baby’s safety comes first. Since you will be working with babies who at times are just a few weeks old, you need to take great care. This is because some have not gained control of their organs.

For newborn babies, never pose them without someone holding them or at least with their hands next to the baby’s body. The head and neck these toddlers should be supported at all times.

Remember that babies’ skins are still too delicate. Therefore, never use heating pads underneath a baby during photo sessions. This could lead to second-degree burns.

Again, due to the sensitive nature of babies’ skins, wash your hands with safe baby soap before handling the young kids. This minimizes chances of allergic reactions.

  • Move with the flow

In baby photography, moving with the flow is a golden tip. Let the baby climb, roll over, or wiggle as they wish. These moves will present you with excellent natural shots since they are the ones that make a baby’s world wonderful.

Don’t miss that smile, yawn, or that feeding moment if the parents’ consent.

Let the baby photo shoot session be a family affair. Include siblings, pets, and parents as well. These moments are the gem of any baby photography.

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