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How to take professional pictures with an iPhone

With excellent hardware and the best of the best software, the iPhone is a very good device not only for communication and efficiency but also for photography. Apple has continuously been improving iPhone cameras over time and regardless of the type you are using, you will still get quality results. A lot of people spend years trying to master the art of good photography, having even enrolled in photography lessons.

You are lucky to have found us! An iPhone is a very good camera phone, which can get you the best quality pictures even without having been trained. Take a look at our top 5 tips on how to take professional pictures from an iPhone, as recommended by professional photographers in Dubai.

1. Avoid cliché angles

You probably were not aware of this but most epic photos you come along online are actually taken from an iPhone. The biggest difference you will find about these awesome pics is the fact that their angles are not the same old chest views. For a more professional photo, try out taking them from a more creative side. Low angles, for example, are perfect!

This enables the viewer to have a different perspective of the world. Moreover, it helps omit any distractions as the only thing in the background is the sky. Interesting right? Let us take a look at our next tip.

2. Get closer to your subject

Even though iPhone cameras are great for snapping photos, they are not quite the best for taking quality pictures from a distance. In order to capture the stunning details of your subject, get a little bit closer without zooming in. Getting closer to your subject gives you a plus when taking portrait photos. You are able to get their unique facial features and emotions captured.

3. Do not forget the rule of thirds

The rule of thirds, commonly known to us as simply ‘grids’ or ‘gridlines’ is an unspoken queen of photography. You get to master this technique, you have all the reasons to brag about your photography skills. You probably have applied the rule of thirds in your photos but you never even knew it! When you take a picture, you would want your viewers to know much about other details of the photo including the background. Thanks to the iPhone, this tip is readily available on your fingertips. You can learn more about the use of the rule of thirds to get the most from your photography.

4. Manually set the focus

Automatic detection software in the iPhone can make your camera focus on your subject but it is not always precise. For a pin-sharp photo, set the area of focus for your camera.

5. Use HDR to capture high contrast scenes

High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a feature which helps you capture more details for high contrast images. When used, the results are well-detailed images. If turned off, your phone could have issues struggling to capture the details of an image in a high contrast scene.

Take away

With these 5 tips, you can transform your iPhone to life-companion for taking top-notch images. Try out professional freelancer photographers in Dubai to get even much better photographs. Happy snapping folks!


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