5 industries hiring 3D designers in 2020

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Interior Designing

Interior design is a big necessity all around the world. A lot of people who own their own homes like to have them designed beautifully. Here is where interior designers come in. Interior designing is a very competitive field.

It is highly dependent upon interior designers to lock in a client. This is often done through imagery. But the way an interior designer could get a competitive advantage is through 3D graphic designing. There are tons of freelance 3D designers in Dubai available on the freelance market such as Bawabba.

Captivating imagery could easily impact the client. It could act as bait to lure them in. Since this design would be in 3D, your client would feel like taking a tour of the project. This results in client satisfaction.

3D designs could provide this intimate visualization for the client. As a result, the client and the designer’s relationship improves significantly. The reason for that would be the smoothness of the project. This way, if the client objects to something, it could be altered in the design immediately.

Because 3D design helps the client understand the project easily, it invites quick approval. 3D designing may help you get a project quicker with a greater chance of success. Therefore, it is an absolute advantage to use 3D design.

Construction and Architecture

It would be of less surprise to know how 3D design has transformed the construction and architecture industry. Previously, the blueprints were presented on a chart from which it was sometimes difficult for the client to make out the exact build.

But now, 3D designs have allowed the architect to be more creative and artistic. They can experiment easily and come up with new ways to construct a building.

Technology like reality modeling is getting intrinsically weaved into the construction lifecycle. This means that the process of construction is now faster than ever.

Additionally, 3D architecture has allowed constructors to find out the issue before it becomes an actual problem. This happens with the help of animations. It also gives the client an idea of the materialization of his investment.

Even in the UAE, this industry is hiring a freelance 3D designer in Dubai to have a close look at the textures and tiny details. They can also include landscapes and background details such as trees, pools, bushes, and much more.

But more importantly, the 3D design also helps the construction firm save some resources. There is very little wastage as everything is accurately calculated. With strong precision, the client and the firm both save their money a little.

Movie Industry

We are all aware of how amazing movies become when they are backed by 3D designs. When we see movies like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Avengers, or Avatar, we are all awe-struck by the sheer creativity of graphic designers.

This is the reason why the film industry is on the lookout for skilled 3D graphic designers. All of this becomes possible by taking the exact scan of the object or person and then manipulating them with 3D design on a computer.

This can produce assets or animations that were not possible previously. This is most commonly referred to as the use of CGI. From props to actors, there is a unique solution for capturing the highest possible quality 3D digital data.

The 3D graphic designer needs to understand that there are certain requirements to be fulfilled. They need to be able to have a strong grip over 3D software. For props that require high-resolution 3D scans like guns and swords, designers use Kreon arms and lasers.

These full 3D models are then rendered in a fully animated scene so as to add them to the movie. There are such freelance 3D designers in Dubai too who could be hired on Bawabba.


The gaming industry is probably one of the biggest industries in the world. Almost every child in their young years plays games on smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles, or their personal computers. But the gaming industry has now fully embraced the 3D design.

3D design helps gaming developers design locations for the scenes in their games. As we all know, a good scene in a game is highly dependent upon the surroundings. It needs a compelling design to stand out these days.

Unlike 2D design, 3D design breathes life into the scene. This makes it a more realistic and a pleasant experience for gamers.

Another important part of the 3D design in the gaming industry is creating characters. No matter how complex a character is imagined, 3D design can turn it into a lively character. When designing a character with 3D modeling, it is important to know that details matter a lot.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to measure the size of objects and characters whilst switching between different software. But because of 3D modeling, the pressure is just off. You do not need to worry about the transformation of the characters.

Product Animation for Marketing

If you are a marketer, you probably need a freelance 3D designer in Dubai. And you must also be aware of the importance of 3D graphic design for your department.

A three-dimensional model of the product can help the personnel in your company, from managers to salesmen, to get a detailed idea about how the product has to be developed.

3D design can give you a great level of flexibility. When you have a basic rendering of your product, you can adapt to any scenario. You can start targeting different niches in your marketing campaign. You can also go for CG imaging, as it can present the products in various ways before the audience.

Even if the product that you are marketing is less photogenic, you can go for CG images. This will help the marketer eliminate the complicated photoshoot process. You can use 3D product design for advertising to create a powerful impact on customers through advertising channels.

Now that we understand the utility of freelance 3D designers in Dubai, we can hire them now. All you have to do is log on to Bawabba and you are good to go.

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