5 Ways 3D Designers Benefit From Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality – it’s like real life, but better! It is virtually adding something to the real, current world. Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality. It is created with the help of technology to overlay digital information on an image. This image is then viewed through a device, usually a smartphone or an iPad. Augmented reality is nothing but the current state of presence.

It is one thing to be able to move design out of the screen. But a very different thing to see it within the actual context of use. Being the visual version of a strategy, a concept, or an idea, augmented reality helps freelance 3D designers in Dubai to test their creations.

Personalized media tends to be far more enthralling and engaging than a standard and conventional photograph or a video. This stands out to be a benefit unmatched by anything else, lying in the same category as AR. It has become the daylight medium of promotion for several freelance 3D designers in Dubai.

Augmented reality plays a massive role in personalizing content for good. It makes it possible to do so in a brief period. The visual context through AR supports the adjustments of holograms in the surrounding. Clients and 3D designers can then maneuver around the product’s hologram. This helps them understand its presence and its concept in the context of space.


The fascinating part of augmented reality is that it shows the end product. Freelance 3D designers in Dubai use this unique feature to view the design of their products. They create visual images in the form of animations, illustrations, and even photographs. Specialized computer software is used to carry out these procedures.

Later they view those creations through augmented reality to get a 360-degree view of the site. Say, for example, a 3D designer created a refined set of furniture for a multinational company. To show the layout to the client, the 3D designer would use the AR applications on the site.

He would move around the house and place the furniture through the eye of his iPad’s camera. The entire building would come to life. The client and the designers would know exactly where everything would be—way before crafting the furniture.


Collaboration tools have been around for years. Each has a varying degree of effectiveness. But AR has made it possible for 3D designers and other colleagues to sit side-by-side at the table. No matter where they are in the world.

There is no better way to bring people together to interact and share a collective experience. Even if they work from different parts of the globe, it is a consensus that an engaged team is a more productive and creative team. AR has made that possible!

Rather than dealing with physical prototypes and layouts, a project team can examine, interact, and share a common walk-around. In addition to that, urgent demands or emergencies are quickly taken care of in new ways using the Augmented Reality System. Many guided drones can be deployed to capture holistic visualizations of entire situations.


The look and feel of a finished product are often a mystery even to the team of people designing it. Augmented reality plays a very significant role in design and development. Its dynamic nature assists freelance 3D designers in Dubai to create digital designs way before creating them physically. This helps the creators evaluate the product and view it in a live hologram. They could move around it and through to look into it better.

It streamlines development, especially when paired up with other prototyping methods. The flexible process of AR gives access to a variety of different tools and saves time. This leads to decreased expenses while designing the most efficient product. Thus, the process is simple and less time-consuming. And no development is done until and unless the product is completely finalized.

After designing, any error or fallacy can be interpreted and corrected. This can be done through augmented reality-powered devices. AR and VR would help 3D designers to become more creative and robust in their creations. The 3D holograms make it easier for designers to check accuracy and perfection. Alterations could then be done on the computer software.


The most significant impact of augmented reality that has been observed is its capability to revolutionize. It works the way people physically interact with technology in the modern world. Several AR executors and 3D designers screen out holographic images in the atmosphere. The revolution of augmented technology has been life-altering.

It is predicted that soon more imaginative solutions would surface in the market. They would make information and interaction with the designed objects much more straightforward, intuitive, and human. This would successfully involve all the senses of clients. And also of the 3D designers in a more engaging, effective, and natural way.

Although AR’s value in the mainstream consumer space may still be years away, the product’s applications in 3D designing, manufacturing, education and healthcare have already fulfilled many pledges. Tangible benefits have already been observed.  And they have expected to continue to improve.  As we further explore and investigate this fine tool.


Any novelty factor associated with an application tends to wear off after some time. But until that point is reached, people try their best to get the most out of it. Augmented reality is still said to be in its infancy. This means more and more innovations are yet to come. This was an excellent revolution for freelance 3D designers as they further evolved using augmented reality. You can find a great team of 3D designers in Dubai on Bawabba.

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