5 Ways 3d designers can assist in digital marketing.

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3D designing is making three-dimensional objects on simulated software. The designs could be created from simple to highly complex designs. These could be called high-polygon objects. It depends on the type of freelance 3D designer that you hire.

Oftentimes, a real-world object is scanned through a three-dimensional scanning device. Then that image is used as a digital tracing paper to create the final model. It uses the same procedure. After that, they are tweaked and manipulated to fit their perceptions.

However, there are 5 ways freelance 3D designers can assist in digital marketing.

Design and Concept Development

It is very easy to understand that the first step to being effective is to have a good concept. These concepts are generated through raw imagination. Their details are very intricate. But they need to be shaped like the initial prototype. 3D designers can help in making the imagination of the marketer a real picture.

The three-dimensional design allows us to turn a concept into reality. More importantly, it helps us add insane details to our idea. Those delicate corners that would have been otherwise missed, are now enhanced and optimized.

With such strong precision, the freelance 3D designer can give a headstart to the digital marketer. Whether it’s a product or anything, a 3D designer can help provide perspective with unparalleled accuracy.

3D Visualisation for Websites

This step is incredibly crucial for shopping websites. When a customer visits an online shopping website, he or she looks for the product. When they find the product, they dive into images. Normally, it takes around three pictures to satisfy the customer. But the more the better.

With the introduction of 3D design, the marketer would have to only post one picture. The 3D-rendered image will help the digital marketer lure customers in. They can present any angle of the image.

This will provide the customer with maximum satisfaction. The isolated shots can highlight the best feature of the product. Whereas, the lifestyle type of images can help identify where would it look the best.

Additionally, 3D animations, 360-degree views, and panoramas are highly important too. They all account for a very pleasant customer experience. The viewers appreciate turning the objects around and zooming in to see the detail. Therefore, 3D marketers can certainly aid digital marketers in achieving high traffic.

CGI for Digital Advertising

Whilst dictating 3D design, one simply can not forget about the impact of this factor. It is for the enthusiastic digital marketer who aims for max traffic.

CGI or computer-generated imagery is used to add special effects. This technology allows us to depict products and scenes in a more provocative manner. This is a lot more than traditional photoshoots could ever accomplish.

CGI can help you catch even the minute details. All the product marketing campaigners would testify that it comes to details to catch the customer’s attention. CGI helps the marketer to complete the product photoshoot in a shorter turnaround time.

Digital marketers can populate their business e-commerce websites with images that are photo-realistic.

Businesses that use such methods are aware of their advantages. They claim that it has achieved the desired emotional response that they wanted from their customers.

In addition to that, it accelerates the time for your product to reach the market. Since it is time-efficient, it provides businesses with a head-start. This lends them a competitive advantage in the market.

Product Visualisation for Social Media Marketing

If you are a digital marketer, you would certainly understand how important social media marketing is for you. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have millions of users. They are not only a great tool for chatting with friends but also for promoting business.

In the age of the internet, it is almost the perfect tool to practically reach your target audience. Successful social media campaigns are able to build hype around a product.

Your freelance 3D designer can help you with the 3D rendering of products. These then can create images that are initiated with the desired strategy. Whatever the campaign, your designer can get you the perfect images.

These then could be used to bring awareness about the product. Such campaigns attract customers. The only reason for that to happen would be the enticing images designed in 3D.

On Facebook, it does make sense to play with 360-degree images. It is indeed common knowledge that user interest spikes when they access such an image. They are likely to be curious about the new product line.

Such a post entices them to share it. On platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter, users tend to pin the post or retweet it. So, it could fairly be concluded that 3d design has indeed helped a firm in marketing digitally.

Presentation and Branding

Anything that conducts itself as a part of an enterprise, must present itself very properly. In business, such things are logos, infographics, and design. These should always have a dynamic presentation for your prospective client.

If a client visits your website and bounces off immediately, it creates a negative impression. One possible assumption would be their apparent dislike for the outlook of the website.

To avoid this fiasco, 3D imaging comes to the rescue. If your freelance 3D designer has the capability to add three-dimensional elements to your company’s branding, it will work in your favor.

This could be the defining factor in your business winning a client. This could also attract a new client for you. It is quite easy to understand. Image your competitor presenting a flat pie chart. And you showing a 3D animated chart. Sometimes, that is all that makes the difference.

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