5 Crucial Reasons You Will Need A Professional Accountancy Qualification For A Success Story

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Accountants’ skills have been sought by entrepreneurs for millenniums back. An accountant operates as a business’s doctor; they assess, critically, the vital functions of an enterprise by analyzing the flow of money in and out of its accounts. An accountant is likely to notice crucial expenditure, earning or credit details even experienced business owners may not because of their extensive training. Due to the financial stakes of effective accounting, professionals are required to acquire a qualification before they can be considered fully-fledged accountants. 

Certified or Chartered accountants have, like doctors, applied their learning to hands-on training under at least one certified professional’s guidance. For accountants, this training will take an average of 3 years. Upon completion of this training, accountants in Dubai immediately become some of the highest-paid professionals in the country, according to a census published by Gulfnews. With expected earnings spanning beyond $60,000, chartered accountants in The UAE are offered extremely exciting employment opportunities at top companies. 

Freelance accountants in Dubai have found that they could make the best use of their ample training working independently. However, they were required to acquire a valid qualification first. This guide will tell you why. 

How To Earn A Qualification 

Before we dive into the benefits of a professional accountancy qualification, you may want to know how accessible the process is. It is possible to become a chartered accountant in the UAE both through an accountancy degree and a school leaver’s program. The following accreditation institutions spot some of the most successful accountants in the UAE: 

The accreditation body you should select will depend on your chosen sector of accountancy. You should also note that while this is not a professional qualification requirement, a Master of Business Administration is a common demand of accountant employers. Plenty of correspondence courses are available online for accounting trainees wishing to strengthen their profile while earning their professional qualifications. You will want to be certain, however, before choosing such an institution, that their proposed degree is from a university with official accreditation. 

Why Earn This Qualification 

1. Demand

According to business publication Forbes, senior accountants are some of the most in-demand professions in the world. This is because accountants are required to have a number of complex skills and an eye for detail that may make or break a business. 

With the demand for accountants increasing, so have their asking prices. Naturally, this means that accountants must be willing and able to provide a top-notch service worth their hefty asking price. The professional qualification serves as a guarantee, against the high tide of demand, that only those with the proper training earn these influential positions.

Though you may be employed to handle accounting duties before you earn your qualification, the largest demand for accountants in the UAE is for skilled, experienced professionals.

2. Employer Preference 

On the heel of general demand are the slight preferences that will make all the difference when it comes to securing a job. While employers may be open to hiring non-qualified accountants, a study published by The Committee To Strengthen The Accountancy Profession has found that about 64% of employers will seek an accountant with professional qualifications. According to the survey, these qualifications are believed to reflect relevant market experience.  Here are the  5 Crucial Reasons why companies need a Professional Accountant in the UAE and why Small Home Business Owners Must Hire A Freelance Accountant in Dubai.

3. Career Progression 

Senior positions or accounting jobs in Dubai requiring senior experience are practically impossible to earn without a qualification. You will need to attest to your commitment to the field through your training and professional accreditation to climb up your career ladder. Research has shown that 1/4 board members of Fortune 100 companies are chartered accountants, against only 5% of accounting graduates with no certification. 

4. Global Recognition 

Accountants are often provided with travel opportunities that will allow them to relocate to one of their dream locations temporarily or permanently. The UAE’s residents are no strangers to the influx of skilled professionals in the region. For these professionals’ skills to be recognized in Dubai as they may have been in Asia, Europe, or elsewhere, they will need global accreditation. 

Professional accounting qualifications require accreditation by an internationally recognized body (as listed above). This accreditation means that you can effectively practice accountancy anywhere in the world, as you have been submitted to training consistent with global standards. This not only widens your scope of employment options, but it also enables you to travel the world to work, practically at will.

5. Specialization 

It is impossible to learn a specialization in any field without practical experience. Accountancy qualification courses involve specialization opportunities that allow prospective accountants to focus on an area of the field they most enjoy. Public service accountancy, treasury, corporate accountancy, etc will all require specific individual experience. This experience will dictate the sector you can expect your accounting career to steer you towards. With the specificity of accountancy gig requirements, specialized training will facilitate earning freelance accounting jobs in Dubai

6. Acronyms 

In the world of professional employment, first impressions are everything. Therefore, titles can often dictate how seriously you will be taken by your peers and prospective employers. Being able to add a prestigious acronym to your names like ACCA or CPA may make your profile look more credible. 

 Once you have qualified as an accountant, you would need hands-on experience in using Accounting tools. Before you start your job as an accountant. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the best accounting tools in 2021.

A Concluding Note 

When it comes to securing the best freelance gigs, qualifications and expertise come first. Therefore, earning a professional qualification in accounting will allow you to trade your services for the most lucrative jobs with minimal sourcing work. A professional qualification is the only way to ascertain the reliability of your skill and service. As a community, we pride ourselves on featuring some of the most experienced professional, chartered accountants in The UAE.

With the help of our freelance accountants in Dubai, all your accounting needs can be tackled at incredibly competitive rates. Join our community today for services from Dubai’s most skilled professionals.

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