Top 8 Accountancy Courses Every Freelance Accountant in Dubai Should Take

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 As an accountant in Dubai, having varied skills makes you versatile and thus competitive in the job market. The competition will always be stiff. However, you can take yourself a step ahead of your competitors. Taking the best accounting tools in 2021 and taking Best Accounting Courses in Dubai  should give you an added advantage in the field. Various accounting courses are available to turn you into the most preferred freelance accountant. Needless to say, companies in Dubai are always hiring qualified accountants for financial and management reporting. Here are the  5 Crucial Reasons why companies need a Professional Accountant in the UAE. Accountants are not only hired by large corporates, even smaller companies & home based businesses need a professional accountant to help them grow. Here is why Small Home Business Owners Must Hire A Freelance Accountant in Dubai.

There are both online and classroom courses that you can take. Your budget should also help you choose the best courses from your institution of choice. Here are the eight best courses that you should take.

8 Recommended Accounting Courses for Freelance Accountants in Dubai

1. Advance Accounting Techniques

This course exposes you to the complex and essential skills that employers want. It covers topics like data aggregation, interval accounting, hedging, forecasting, segment reporting, etc. Having a deep comprehension of these topics gives you the skills of making the right decisions in your accounting career. Also, you’ll be in a better position to analyze and interpret financial data effectively.

The good news is that this course only takes five days and costs AED 16,500. Five days should be enough for any aspiring accountant in Dubai to make a difference in their resume.

2. Accounts and Accounting Software

This course covers introductory accounting topics like cash, inventory, equity investments, notes receivable, marketable securities, and reports. It generally focuses on the asset side of the balance sheet. Preferably, take a prerequisite course in Financial Accounting before this.

The course costs AED 16,500 and covers three accounting software, namely QuickBooks, Peachtree, and Tally.EPR9. It also outlines the basic accounting principles as well as revenue and expense recognition issues. It only takes 24 hours with on-campus sessions from 9 am to 5 pm at Learners Point Training Institute.

3. Accounts Assistant Essential Training

The London Premier Center offers this course on campus for five days. At AED18, 472, you’ll acquire skills in fundamental areas of accounting and finance. The topics include costing and budgeting, financial statement, Inventory and fixed assets, the Cash Cycle, and Types of Financial information. By the end of the five days of training, you should have the following:

  • Analytical and interpretation skills of all financial statements.
  • Ability to read, analyze, and interpret all kinds of information found in financial reports.
  • Understanding of the key components of accounting.
  • Understanding the terminology and structure of basic accounting principles.
  • Total confidence and accuracy when dealing with real accounting tasks.

4. Anticorruption

If you are an accountant in Dubai with aspirations of becoming a financial planner and advisor, this course is suitable. Corruption is a global problem that mostly comes about through accountants who don’t respect the code of ethics. This course enables accountants to have extra information on how to deal with bribery, fraud, and other forms of corruption at the workplace.

The course takes 15 hours at the cost of AED3000. Topics available include Conflict of Interest, Record Keeping, Common Red Flags, False Claims Act, Consequences of Non-compliance, etc.

5. Advance Strategic Procurement

Working as an accountant in Dubai, you’ll be involved in procuring and purchasing products and services for your company. To be competent for the job, a course in advance strategic procurement is recommendable. This course exposes you to knowledge about procurement functions, supply chain concepts, procurement performance measurement, government role in the purchase, etc.

Other skills include negotiation with suppliers, performance analysis, and communication with stakeholders, risk assessment, and market analysis, among others. The course takes five days from 9 am to 2 pm on campus and costs AED 16,500. 

6. Advanced Strategies: Accounting, Financial Control, and Appraisals

This course gives any starting freelance accountant in Dubai a deep understanding of Discounted Cash Flow, income statements, and cash flow statements. You’ll gain the ability to use financial statements to analyze the performance and financial strength and weakness of the company. Topics include risk management, financial control, financial reporting, mergers and acquisitions, and sources of financial and business data, among others.

London Training for Excellence offers this course on campus, and it covers five days. You can also take the course online at AED 5,500 in English or Arabic. 

7. Accounting for Non-accountants

This course is suitable for beginner freelance accountants in Dubai. It offers a basic knowledge of accounting and financial principles. To gain an understanding of basic accounting equations, double-entry bookkeeping, and financial statements, this course is advisable. 

Topics in this course include International Financial Reporting Standards, transaction processing cycles, preparation and interpretation of balance sheets, and analysis of performance, among others. The course takes 15 hours, and the timing is flexible. It goes for AED1800.

8. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

ACCA is an international body that offers business-related training to aspiring accountants and financial managers. It carefully analyzes the needs in the job market and prepares its learners job searching strategies. It has three modules: knowledge module, skill module, and professional module. 

Topics include accountant in business, management accounting, financial accounting, taxation, audit and assurance, corporate reporting, etc. This course does not need any previous requirements in accounting and finance. Therefore, you can start as a fresh accountant in Dubai. The course takes approximately two years to complete. However, you can finish it much quicker by attempting more papers in each sitting.


The number and type of courses you take will determine what kind of accountant you become. Employers look at the range of skills you have. Mastery in basic accounting principles, financial statements, performance analysis, and record-keeping is a must-have. Therefore, these courses are what you need to start as a freelancer in the UAE. As an employer, your goal is to find a qualified accountant for your firm. We have trained, certified, and experienced accountants in Dubai that have all the skills you need for your company. 

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