Freelance Energy Auditor in Dubai: Ultimate guide 2021

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The need for freelance energy auditor professionals in Dubai grows every day. Freelance auditors have become popular, especially with companies and governments using energy in their daily operations. This article offers guidance on all that you need to know about the freelance Energy Auditors.

But before that, who is an energy auditor.

An energy auditor is an individual whose sole responsibility is to evaluate, analyze and determine the use of energy in a company or any other firm, or even the government. He/she advises, directs, and recommends management on the possible efficient ways to curb, control, and conserve energy usage.

Qualifications of a freelance Energy Auditor

For you to get hired as an energy auditor in Dubai, you have to prove your worth. It even gets more interesting if you have decided to offer your services as a freelance energy auditor. Therefore, to be valued and get hired as a freelance auditor, you must have the following qualifications.

  • You must have qualified as an engineer with a bachelor’s in technology or any equivalent qualification in engineering. Similarly, you should have a working experience that exceeds three years. You should also have been in that position and have prior knowledge of energy in processing, maintaining power, and planning for energy.
  • Having a postgraduate degree in engineering or technology puts you in a better position. However, two years of experience that involves energy use in operations, maintaining, and planning for the efficient use of energy makes you stand out from the rest.
  • You should be a graduate engineer or hold a postgraduate degree in management. Furthermore, you should have years of working experience as a top manager involved in energy planning, maintaining, and using energy in company operations.
  • Besides, you can be a freelance energy auditor if you have a diploma in engineering or an equivalent. But you must have six years of working experience with active involvement in energy planning, maintenance, and energy use in running the firm’s operations.
  • You should possess a post-graduate in physics, chemistry, or electronics. But, it must be a combination of mathematics or physics. A work experience of three years involving the use of energy in production is essential. Not to forget planning and maintaining the efficient use of energy.

Once you have the above qualification as a freelance auditor, you will have a better position to apply for energy auditor jobs in any company.


A certified freelance energy auditor should possess certificates to be considered by a company as a qualified, trusted, and effective professional while carrying out the job. Moreover, you should also be certified by internationally recognized certification institutions.

Examples of certificates include

  • A certificate by the Association of Energy Engineers issued by the British University in Dubai
  • A certificate issued by the Dubai energy efficiency training program
  • A certificate from the international center for training and development (ICTD)
  • A certificate issued by Proliance automation and training in Dubai
  • A certificate issued by the RSB for electricity and water in Dubai

Training courses > refresher courses

The energy industry keeps changing over time due to technological advancements in the energy sector. In the same way, energy auditors should up their practices by attending frequent refresher training and courses. Many organizations in Dubai and across the globe offer the most effective training for energy evaluators.

The available training in Dubai includes the following.

  • The energy training center offers ongoing courses in Dubai. It has a wide range of courses that will boost your expertise as a freelance auditor. Visit their website and discover the available training.
  • Courses and training are offered at the Dubai energy efficiency program. It is a trusted training facility that provides both online and class courses. Visit their website to have a look at their training.
  • You can also take the refresher courses at Dubai Energy Efficiency Training Program

These institutions and many more have a wide range of refresher courses. As a freelance energy auditor, you can take the training to stay at the top of your career.

Online Courses for Energy Freelance Auditors in Dubai

Freelance energy auditors are busy professionals who may not find time to attend class training and courses. Or you may be a freelance auditor looking to scale your career to new heights. But you can only do that by attending online courses because of your busy schedule.

The following is a list of online courses offered in Dubai and across the globe.

  • Energy management training is offered by Proliance automation and training.
  • Virtual Certified Energy Auditor Training Program offered by Premier training program. 
  • The energy audit institute offers courses. The institution offers online energy audit training courses and certifications for energy trainers.
  • Courses and training are offered at the Dubai energy efficiency program.
  • Certified Energy Auditor Training Program offered by the association of energy engineers under Beelas Group.

The internet is full of training courses that you can add to your expertise. However, ensure that the institution offering the course is fully accredited.

 Exams Done by the Energy Auditors

For you to become a certified freelance auditor, you must sit and pass the following exam papers. However, the exams vary depending on the area of your specialization. Nonetheless, the exams are accepted and recognized internationally, including

  • The General Aspects of Energy Management & Energy Audit issued by the association of energy engineers 
  • Energy Performance Assessment for Equipment and Utility Systems. It is an open-book exam done by the energy engineers
  • Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities
  • Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities

However, to be a certified freelance energy editor, you must have attended seminar training by the association of the energy engineer center and attained a 70% pass mark.

In general, the exam setup for energy engineers and auditors revolves around the following subjects

  • Energy Auditing Methodology
  • Building Envelope
  • Energy Audit Instrumentation
  • Auditing Tools
  • Economic Analysis
  • Reviewing Auditing Reports Fund

Exam Eligibility

The energy auditor’s exam elevates the energy professional’s knowledge base and standards in their careers. However, for you to be eligible for the exams, you must meet the following

  • You must have completed engineering training in any related field of technology and graduated with a degree.
  • You should have prior working experience in the energy sector
  • You should also possess a technical degree backed by at least five years of working experience as an energy manager or energy auditor.
  • If you have attended a seminar by the certified energy association, the better for you

Career > Government Jobs

Energy is a resource used by many companies and governments not only in Dubai but across the globe. Therefore there are many job opportunities available for qualified and accredited freelance energy auditors.

You can secure employment in the following sectors as an energy editor

  • Business systems senior analyst
  • Audit manager
  • Assurance manager
  • Data manager
  • Energy manager
  • Controls manager
  • Director analytics
  • Planning manager
  • Installation manager.

These and much money are career paths and progression that you stand to attain as an energy auditor in Dubai and worldwide.

Interview Questions

At one point during your career as a freelance energy auditor, you will be subjected to an interview before you get a job offer or a contract. Therefore, there are specific interview questions to expect. The following are some of the questions to expect.

  • Explain your job responsibility and work ethic.
  • What are your career achievements?
  • Do you consider yourself to have been successful in your career?
  • Explain how you deal with conflicts at work. Please give us an example.
  • What is the most challenging situation you have ever faced in your career, and how you overcame it?
  • Are you a team player?

Besides these questions, expect any other questions when you attend an interview. Nevertheless, always be ready for an interview.

Salary /Hourly Pay for Energy Freelance Auditor in Dubai

Based on an energy auditor’s job responsibilities and duties, the salary varies depending on the hiring company. However, certain companies adopt the hourly pay rate, while others will opt for the monthly plan. All the same, the average salary scale for energy auditors in Dubai is as follows

  • The expected average salary per year is 158,045 AED.
  • The hourly rate should be 75.98 AED
  • The average bonus per year should be 3,129 AED
  • An entry-level auditor’s salary is 115,852 AED
  •  Senior salary level 194,542 AED

Duties & Responsibilities of Energy freelance Auditors

  1. Prepare and plan the yearly activity list and present the same to that management stating the efficient ways of minimizing energy expenditures.
  2. Prepare a plan to initiate, monitor, and minimize energy costs.
  3. Analyze the processes and the performance of equipment using energy, and determine their efficiency. 
  4. Create and prepare all the necessary informational materials that can help other workers efficiently use energy.
  5. Initiate a training program on the importance and benefits of using efficient ways to curb energy losses.

Future Scope of Freelance Auditors in Dubai

Freelance auditors continue to attract more attention from energy companies and even the government of Dubai. It is not only in Dubai, but their demand grows beyond the border.

Many organizations and companies are looking for these professionals to help them minimize the losses associated with energy consumption.

Moreover, some companies prefer freelance auditors because of the costs associated with hiring permanent auditors. The future looks bright for a fully certified freelance energy auditor in Dubai.

Guidebooks for Freelance Energy Auditors in Dubai

Books form an integral part of any profession. Similarly, as a freelance auditor, the following books will help and guide you in your career.

  1. Energy Management, Audit and Conservation by Barun Kumar De
  2. Guide to energy management by Barney L
  3. Energy audit; a workbook for energy management in a building by Tarik Al-Shemmeri
  4. Sanfoundry Global Education & Learning Series – Best Reference Books! 


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