6 Most Effective Job Search Strategies for Finance and Accounting Professionals in the UAE

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You just completed your studies in finance and (or) accounting and are looking for a job in Dubai. You may also be a professional in the said field and in are trying to broaden your wings. Well, lucky for you, getting accounting and finance job opportunities in Dubai has never been easier. 

Finance and Accounting is a vast field, professionals can pursue a career in the area of their interest, For example, CIMA students benefit from jobs in the manufacturing industry, whereas ACCA students do particularly well in financial reporting and auditing jobs. 

Importance of Professional Experience For Students

Whichever, professional accounting/finance certificate you hold, you need to gain some practical experience to complete your training. The sooner you start the better it is. Students often find professional exams much easier after acquiring hands-on experience. They have a number of options to find a finance and accounting job in Dubai to help them in their professional studies and career.

With the right guidance, you will be able to easily land an accounting job in Dubai. 

Here are the 6 most effective job search strategies for finance and accounting professionals in the UAE.

1. Recruitment Companies

Truth be told, many top of the line companies are now using recruitment companies and agencies to source out for new employees. If you are on the job market, then it is important to follow and keep tabs on the offers and opportunities posted by those companies. Strive to be among the first to apply for the offers. See the list of 70 recruitment companies in Dubai at the end of the article.

2. Online job portals

The internet era has brought on board a lot of changes in how employers seek new employees. Employers can post jobs on certain platforms, from which job seekers can apply. What is even better is the fact that as a job seeker, you do not have to pay for anything! The top 7 online job portals include;

eFinancial Careers

With thousands of finance and accounting job opportunities, eFinancial Careers is the go-to place for professionals in that field who wish to further progress their careers. One is exposed to the many offers available. This provides different experiences and different requirements. Getting started with eFinancial Careers is quite simple; first, you need to create an account that will help recruiters to easily find you. You can save jobs and set alerts for when opportunities arise. To make everything easier and simpler, one can upload their CV and cover letter for them to make future applications simpler.


To start with, if you reside in the Middle East and have not yet heard of Bayt, then you have not searched for jobs from the right platforms. Bayt is the largest online job portal in the Middle East. Through this platform, employers and job seekers can easily be matched, making the whole hiring and job-seeking process smoother for all. 

With thousands of jobs to browse, finance applies for it using their CVs. The employer will go through all the sent CVs and pick up the right one which they think is best for their company. 

Alternatively, employers can use the site’s intelligence to search for and filter out CVs left by job seekers. If any of them pleases them, then they can get in contact with the applicants directly. 

Monster Gulf

Being one of the oldest job portals comes with a lot of advantages. At Monster Gulf, connecting job seekers to employers has become easier. All you have to do is upload your CV and you will automatically be directed to potential employers and recruiters to follow.

Gulf Talent

By keying in ‘Finance and Accounting’ on the search tab, you will be redirected to hundreds of jobs in that field. Any job seeker is definitely bound to find a job that is in line with their qualifications.

Naukri Gulf

This portal has more job opportunities as compared to some other platforms, in the UAE. Finance and accounting job seekers have a high likelihood of getting better jobs from this portal.


While not only linking job seekers to potential employers, Dubizzle also links buyers and sellers. Therefore, the traffic on the website is very high. Hirers often find this platform more useful when looking for part-time accountants.

CareerJet Dubai

Think of Careerjet Dubai as Google, but only for job seekers and employees. When you search a keyword, let us say “accountants in Dubai”, the site will give you a list of websites offering job opportunities that you are looking for. 

Here is how it works, an employer posts a job vacancy or opportunity, a job seeker browses the available job opportunities, and applies for the jobs that match with their profile. If you are shortlisted you are called for an interview.

If you are looking for freelancing jobs then here is the list of the best freelancing websites in the UAE.

3. Training on Development Programs

There are hundreds and possibly thousands of job seekers, who you are competing for a particular job opportunity. For finance and accounting experts, you are not competitive enough should you not have certain professional certifications. 

There are different courses for every level, i.e. students, entry-level or expert levels. Some very fruitful courses to undertake to include CIMAACCACPACFACMACIA. With one or some of these certifications in your CV, you are definitely bound to stand out from the rest of the applicants, also boosting your credentials.

To make the best out of it, apply for exemptions to get more degrees in the related fields within a shorter period. If you have completed your ACCA, you may get exemptions for CPA as well as ICAEW. ACCA is affiliated with Oxford Brookes, so you can attain a BSc. Hons in applied accounting after completing the foundation level. Do not miss this opportunity to beat the high competition in the market.

Your learning must not stop after you get your professional degree in accounting. You should continue your training throughout your career. As the accounting standards are updated regularly. Here are the Best Accounting Courses in Dubai which will keep your team up to date with the recent developments.

4. Best Freelancing Platforms for part-time accountants and Finance professionals in the UAE

It is now easier to offer part-time accounting services in Dubai, thanks to the freelancing platforms available, for example, Bawabba. You may now find part-time, full-time, and freelance work through freelancing websites. The demand for part-time Auditors and accountants is on the rise, as the government supports more SMEs to be established. Now students are encouraged to start their businesses. This is a great opportunity for finance professionals to offer various services including bookkeeping services in Dubai from home. More employers are using freelancing websites due to the low cost involved. Some of these platforms are absolutely free for freelancers and hirers likewise.

5. Social media networks

Hardly will you ever mention the success of something without attributing part of it to social media. Ever since social media began to take root, it has been used for so many things, and not just catching up and chatting with friends. Professionals now use social media platforms such as Twitter and LinkedIn to get connected to people with the same mindset and interests. Follow and join social media groups with like-minded people, follow influential people, keep tabs on major recruitment companies, and above all, try to expand your network. 

Use referral methods to also get connected to the right people who might help you get to achieve your goals. LinkedIn is the best platform for professionals to demonstrate their expertise, through article-writing, videos, and sharing useful industry insight, news, and updates.

6. Light up your CV!

Make your CV light up, literally. Having a CV that catches the attention of potential employers is the number one strategy any job seeker should consider. Apart from taking up some extra professional courses as mentioned earlier, you can light it up by adding a professional video clip to your resume. You can also add social proof to your CV, such as having testimonials from mentors, teachers, colleagues, etc. Try to get recommendations on LinkedIn, as hirers can easily authenticate the source of recommendations.

Once you have secured an accounting job in Dubai, the next step is to negotiate a price for the accounting services. There are two payment models for freelance accountants. Fixed Price Vs. Pay Per Hour: Which is a Better Pay Structure for Freelancers, Read here.

Before you apply for a freelancing job, you must also know the 6 Reasons Why Companies Hate Working with Freelancers and make sure that you clearly specify to your client that you would not make those mistakes.

Freelancing is recession-proof. As companies hire freelancers during both the good and bad times. Here are the 5 Accounting Tips To Help Business Navigate The Difficult Times With Better Financial Management.

Over to you

While searching for a job, an impressive CV is not all that it takes to get the job. Most employers in the UAE tend to know their prospective employees on a personal level. This means you have to also work on your communications skills, even if you are targeting finance and accounting in Dubai. Prepare yourself for the interviews, even if it means first interviewing yourself in front of the mirror. Have any other recommended strategies? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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