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10 Best paraphrasing tools in 2021

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This post seeks to identify the ten best paraphrasing tools used by freelance content writers in the UAE for 2021.

Ten best paraphrasing tools

  1. SEO tools center
  2. SEOmagnifier
  3. Paraphrase online
  4. Prepostseo
  5. CoderDuck
  6. Quillbot
  7. Spinner chief 6
  8. Spinbot
  9. Duplichecker
  10. SEO wagon

You may have heard about the popular adage, “Content is King.” But, while this is the driving factor behind the careers of many freelance content writers in Dubai, it is never a walk in the park.

Content writing can be a daunting task, involving heavy research, proper word selection, and avoidance of plagiarism. How do you ensure you generate good content?

The best way forward would be to get the professionals to do it all for you, but what if you do not have the resources to get a reliable content writer? That’s where content paraphrasing tools come in.

What is a paraphrasing tool?

A paraphrasing tool is a device that assists in creating good content. These tools offer viable strategies which clients can use to revamp their website content to maximize revenue.

They come in handy in increasing organic traffic, boosting SEO through email marketing, and creating great content on your behalf. How would having great content benefit your business?

Importance of good content

  • Content helps build trust and connect well with your audience.
  • Good content is the cornerstone of an effective online marketing campaign.
  • Great content improves your brand’s image.
  • Good content influences clients’ buying decisions.

As depicted above, good content is very beneficial. Hence, utilizing paraphrasing tools allows you to show better articles and content in a way that your readers understand.

Advantages of using paraphrasing tools

  1. Paraphrasing tools help in saving time – conventional writing needs ideation and research before execution. Furthermore, it can take up to two hours to create a thousand-word article. On the other hand, using paraphrasing tools can take thirty seconds.
  2. They are readily available – there are hundreds of paraphrasing tools on the internet that are readily available on a button’s click.
  3. Paraphrasing tools help save money – creating content capital for your website or blog can cost you thousands of dollars. Some paraphrasing tools are available free or at a very minimal cost.

That said, let’s have a quick look at the ten best paraphrasing tools today:

1. SEO tools center

SEO tools Centre is a paraphrasing tool used mainly by scholars, professional writers, and students. SEO tools rewriter is used to rephrase essays, articles, and assignments.

The tool is fast, and due to its high-quality SEO tools, it uses the correct keywords to optimize your search ranks.

The paraphrasing works as a human writer working as your writing buddy to create stand-out content for your audience.

One of the pros of this tool is that it scans your article and suggests synonyms. The suggested words are highlighted and bold in the paraphrasing tools, allowing you to notice and replace the terms.

One of the pros that make this paraphrasing tool outstanding is that it has been upgraded into a content rewriting tool. Having added about 500,000 synonyms to the tool, it has now enhanced it to its central peak.

2. SEO Magnifier

SEO Magnifier is an online paraphrasing tool that helps paraphrase sentences, articles, essays, assignments, research papers, and web content online. The tool is fast and free, and it translates without plagiarism.

How to use SEO Magnifier

  • Search for SEO Magnifier, select the language and copy and paste the text you want to paraphrase.
  • Hit the paraphrase button and apply your favorite synonym.
  • Check for plagiarism and download the paraphrased file.

3. Paraphrase online

Paraphrase Online is a tool that allows you to rewrite full-length content, essays, and articles. It also expresses simple sentences, phrases, or single words in different ways.

The tool helps rewrite textual content for your website, publish business documents, term papers. It is especially great for email writing and tweets.

To use this paraphrasing tool;

  • type or paste the text required to reword.
  • After you have looked over your article already and are satisfied with the grammar checking done, you enter the correct (numeric only) answer for the maths, not the given challenge.
  • Then click the “go!” button.
  • Your rewritten content will appear below.

4. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is a tool that acts as a synonym changer and sentence rephrase, providing the best-rewritten article without changing the context of the paper. It is an online tool that rewrites articles by replacing words with unique alternatives and produces plagiarism-free results.

This paraphrasing tool is free and straightforward to use and comes in handy for all writers.

5. Coderduck

CoderDuck is a free online paraphrasing tool that spins articles into over seven languages.

This tool rewrites articles in different formats, saving you otherwise time that would have been wasted in promoting content.

CoderDuck generates high-quality, humanly readable content in a simple click. You don’t have to sign up or register with this tool as it is one hundred percent free.

It boasts of generating content that is up to 90%plagiarism free, and it works smoothly with all web browsers.

6. Quillbot

Quillbot is a writing collaborator tool that uses AI to rewrite your content. Quillbot has a paraphraser and a summarizer that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence.

Quillbot is a free-to-use online paraphrasing tool that gets you fast results without editing the paraphrased work too much.

Quillbot uses quill modes which helps create new texts.

These quill modes include;

  • Fluency – This is an AI mode that makes your writing sound as natural and grammatically correct as possible. The AI mode edits content while it ensures that the original meaning is retained.
  • Standard – this is the default mode for Quillbot. It balances any changes made to your content while maintaining its original meaning.
  • Creative – this Quillbot mode aims to make and many changes as possible to your text. It alters the coherency and meaning of your text.
  • Creative+ – this is a Quillbot mode that is an upgraded version of the Creative method. Creative + way is designed to make it more intuitive to understand phrases and common sayings.
  • Formal –  this is a Quillbot mode that Aters your text to make it sound more traditional for a professional audience.

Quillbot is both available in a free version and paid version. The free version offers a 700 paraphraser, while the paid version offers a 10,000 paraphraser.

7. Spinner chief 6

Spinner Chief 6 is an online paraphrasing tool that helps rewrite your content to make it stand out.

It uses Artificial Intelligence and natural language analysis to understand your content like a search engine would.

Spinner chief 6 makes use of statistical replacement technology using the most appropriate statistical alternative for a word as part of speech analysis methods.

This way, it creates content that is close to human quality.

Spinner chief 6 has advanced functions such as auto-grammar, which allows you to spin phrases to be best rewritten.

Spinner chief 6 grows with your usage of it. The more you use it it’s cloud thesaurus grows. Boasting more than 20 languages, it gives you the best synonyms.

As your Spinner chief 6 grows, the tool gets better at paraphrasing to the point it generates entirely spun articles. It also includes new paragraphs and sentence swaps in automatically developing fully spin articles.

8. Spinbot

Spinbot is an automatic paraphrasing tool that spins text of about 1,000 words. When you click, you can turn an article or an old blog post into a new Saving you money and time.

Spinbot text capabilities help in figuring out new ways of discussing old subjects and brainstorms new ideas.

Spinbot is a free rewriter, so you don’t have to sign in to use it. You need to enter the content you need to be rewritten, and Spinbot will create a new article.

Spinbot also has a premium plan available that allows you to rewrite text without captcha or adverts interrupting.

9. Duplichecker

Duplichecker is not only a paraphrasing tool but also a plagiarism and Grammar checker. Being a free tool helps rewrite simple tasks like spelling checks—no need for registration to use as it is a free online tool.

Duplichecker takes content and expresses it in a new way, which would otherwise need a lot of research and comprehensive vocabulary when otherwise done manually.

When Duplichecker rewrites your content, you can always use the plagiarism checker and grammar checker to ensure your copy is clean and original.

Teachers and students use Duplichecker for assignments, but professional writers use it to check their content and ensure it is up to par to drive traffic.

10. SEO Wagon

SEO Wagon is a paraphrasing tool that is ideal for SEO specialists, content writers, and bloggers. SEO Wagon delivers unique and quality content from an original piece.

Using 500,000 synonyms in its dictionary suggests the best-fit alternative you can use. All that is needed is selecting the content to be rewritten and checking it using the SEO Wagon rewriter.

The engine reads your content and offers rewriting options. While the tool is free to use, you cannot rewrite an article twice as it will be regarded as spam.


Writing is a daunting task that takes a lot of time and research.

With a tool that can ease the writing process and help paraphrase your content, you can quickly publish unique and human-quality content which can rank high in search engines.

However, it is recommended that you also take some time and go through your paraphrased content.  Some of the paraphrasing tools rewrite the content in hard-to-read grammar. If possible, the best method would still be to get your content done by professionals.

Luckily, you may not have to dig deep into your pockets when looking for quality work, as you can easily get some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai to help you out at affordable rates.

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