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Freelance Writing: 10 Must-Have Qualities of a Good Content Writer

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Being a wordsmith is not enough qualification for content writers. Excelling in content writing is associated with a lot of perks. Regardless of whether you write for a living, writing for your blog, or as a hobby, there are essential fundamentals of writing. Apart from the basic grammar, sentence composition, and learning an article structure, there are other skills all content writers in Dubai need to ascertained success in their career. 

For starters, whatever you are writing should have a specific goal. Be it to help a business grow or help a client find a good freelancer, your content should be directed towards meeting a certain goal. That said, below are some qualities good content writers should possess:

1. Top-Notch Written Communication Skills

As noted earlier, any of our purported writers should be excellent in grammar, sentence construction, and spelling. These aspects form the basis of content writing, and lack of them eliminates your credibility. Fortunately, communication skills can be learned easily, thanks to the limitless online resources with several free spell-checking software. If you doubt your sentence, you are a Google search away from dispelling your doubts. 

2. Editing and Proofreading Abilities

All content writers should be capable of correcting and updating their own work. For every article written, it is important to take a short break and resume with an editor’s hat to spellcheck the article. This might take significant time but is definitely worth the time. Uploading error-free and high-quality content are preferred over error-riddled and low-quality content. 

3. Storytelling Abilities

Content writing isn’t any different from storytelling. Narrating a story is way beyond word choice, spelling, and grammar. It involves, using personal experience and perceptions to decipher complex topics into simple ideas that an audience can relate with. Great storytellers don’t find it difficult to entertaining readers whilst educating and evoking emotions. This is exactly what content writers should master too. 

4. Proficiency in Research

Well-written content is an outcome of extensive research. The whole idea behind writing a piece is to provide value to your readers. To add value, you should include as much useful information as possible. This can only be achieved by conducting extensive research. You should learn the various ways of getting content from high authority sources as a basis for your research. 

Deep research is an invaluable skill in content writing. Most content writers overlook various vital online sources. RedditQuora, and several community platforms are goldmines with insider information. Before putting down anything, however, make sure that the information is accurate. You can counter-check this from other sources. 

5. Great Knowledge of the Target Market

It is prudent for content writers in Dubai to understand your target readers deeply. Bloggers, for instance, conduct audience research before picking a niche to write on. This provides a mental picture of an ideal reader. 

The same applies to freelance writers. Those looking to be hired by particular websites should thoroughly consult with marketing teams and business owners to find out their ideal target market. Understanding the target market informs the writer better on the word choice, writing style, and content format. 

6. Adaptability

Ever since writing has been based on a solid foundation of language. However, the current digital atmosphere is rife with endless changes. Any trending idea today could be gone tomorrow. Similarly, there is always an upcoming craze around the corner, waiting for its perfect turn to shine. 

Apart from the unexpected changes in digital trends, consumer preference also changes. Your current target market demography may change its preference with time, and a hot topic may become obsolete after a few months or weeks. If you can’t catch up with these ever-changing needs, your content will certainly suffer. 

You could be writing quality content just like you have been doing, but your readers no longer find it relevant. For this reason, any excellent content writer should evolve with the changing tides. 

7. Good Social Media Skill

Social media marketing is slowly becoming a mainstay strategy that businesses and bloggers employ to promote their content, products, and services. Any viral content on social media increases the chances of reaching the target audience and attains a good search engine ranking position as well. 

Apart from being a good tool to promote content, social media is a good way of getting in touch with your target audience and helps them know them better. This helps in understanding your audience, which is an essential aspect of creating content. 

8. Organization Skills

Excellent organization isn’t just about working in a clean workspace. It is about keeping tabs on the writing tasks assigned to you. Have a calendar with clearly marked deadlines of when you should submit your write-ups. Take advantage of smartphones that have intriguing programs, which can help you organize your time. Submitting assignments late is a red light and can give your editors a negative attitude towards you. There are several paid tools for content writers available that help you make work easy. 

9. Quality Writing

All content writers should focus on delivering not only unique but also quality written content. The articles should be both grammatically correct and engaging. Writing an article that meets your editor’s quality standards is a definite plus. It is a good trick to land more and higher-paying clients. 

10. Basic SEO knowledge

Writing a top-notch write-up is useless if nobody can find it. This is where search engine optimization comes in. SEO is complicated and may distract you from creating quality content if you focus too much on it. However, there are some basics, which you ought to familiarize yourself with. With time, you can advance your SEO techniques, keeping in mind that you should create relevant and helpful content. 

It’s Your Turn…

Being a top-notch writer doesn’t come easily. It requires specialized skills to guide you through content writing. If you lack these skills, it doesn’t mean you won’t make the cut as a quality writer, as the skills can be learned. Take time to develop your content writing skills. With time, you can craft readable and compelling content. 

Nonetheless, if you consider hiring an expert writer to handle your writing tasks, employ the services of experienced freelance content writers in the UAE. They bring forth unmatched skills and expertise that could be all you need for perfectly written content.

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