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5 Reasons Why You Need To Have A ‘How To’ Guide On Your Website

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For a freelance content writer in Dubai, who could be found on Bawabba, creating an Ultimate Guide is like making a navigation system for the web. The ultimate guide that adds value is the holy grail of content pieces. Starting with a strategy and brainstorming all the way through revising and updating; this comprehensive article would tell you everything you need to know and why you need to have a how-to guide on your website.


In the sea of never-ending changes to the digital landscape of the internet, there is always a new way to market your website. The most innovative is, hiring a freelance content writer in Dubai to create a unique how-to guide for your website. The exciting trivia guides on different, everyday problems would attract the audience to your website and make them stay!

When people search for solutions, such as how to build an aquarium, or how to paint your own house – the informative guide on your website would please the audience and increase the customers on your site. Even those who were randomly scrolling through your site would halt and read the brand new information that is in front of them.

The more attractive the guide is, the more time people would spend on your website. And they would then look into other options as well. If the piece of work by the freelance content writer in Dubai inspired someone, they might even subscribe to your website. And come back again and again!


Website user engagement is an important indicator that determines the ranking and success of your website. Even if you are successful in attracting a considerable amount of traffic to your website, it wouldn’t mean much unless you’re able to engage the visitors and get them to perform the desired action. It is a crucial first step because then only you would be able to convince the audience to subscribe or make purchases.

Having entertaining guides would make the audience stay on your site. And if found unique, the customer might look into other things on your website or even subscribe to the newsletter by giving in their email addresses.

The how-to guides on everyday problems of life would help you interact with your audience. You would be able to promote your product or services. While the audience would get what they were looking for.


Social sharing is one of the big aims of many web designers as they are looking forward to extending their reach, building their brand, and generally making the most out of their online marketing websites. Hiring a freelance content writer in Dubai to help create a how-to guide for your website could help you achieve this aim.

When customers would find interesting and innovative guides on your website, they are most likely to share them on their social media. Or they might even share it with their friends and family – recommending your website! This way, the social span and reach of your website would increase, bringing in more traffic to your site. If it goes viral, social media could even make your website trending and help you touch the high bars on the web.


Are you thinking of a soft drink? Coca Cola. Do you think about a search engine? Google. Are you thinking about freelancing platforms? Bawabba.

This is how some of the top companies in the world have created brand awareness. They have evoked their presence so much into our lives that they are the first things to pop into our heads. This is why a brand endorsement is significant.

This sets your company or website apart from other websites. Even when you are providing the same services or information as others, the consumer would then directly visit your site when looking for specific information, instead of looking it up on Google.

When freelance content writers in Dubai draft a guide for your website on new rising problems, people are often more inclined towards it. They would be more interested in your homepage if it provides solutions and information that is unique and new. Not only would this increase the reach of your website but help you stand out in the market.


Your website should be distinctive and value-added from all the billions of sites out there on the web. It should give the readers what they have been looking for. Adding interactive and engaging pieces to your website would help you evolve and grow.

If you have knowledge that is brand new and unique, you might want to share it with the world in the form of a guide. A how-to guide would be that extra touch of current on your website that would make it appear over and over again in the search engine.

You could use this opportunity to tell your audience the things they always wished they could find – items they couldn’t find anywhere else! When you create such a piece, you’ll be glad that you put it up. Your audience would be pleased too!


The most successful how-to guides solve specific problems that are unique to your targeted audience. Instead of creating a guide focused on growing your business, you could provide vital information. This would make you an easily navigated source of information for your targeted audience.

Every content marketer and creator dreams of going viral with a piece that the readers just can’t get enough of. It’s the one they keep coming back to, view even after several years, and share regularly. A well-crafted ultimate guide would bring you and your website the fame that you have always been dreaming of.

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