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5 Things you Should Know about a Freelance Content Writer During an Interview

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Many brands and companies are now shifting their focus towards getting better content for their websites. The best solution for this is to look for some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai to deliver top-notch pieces. Before hiring the perfect freelance content writer, you need to ensure that they are well versed in content writing and everything that evolves around it. They should display both the technical and soft skills necessary for a professional content writer.

Choosing the wrong candidate wastes not only your time but also your resources. Here are five things you need to find out about a prospective content writing candidate before taking them in:

1. What is their content creation strategy?

One of the most crucial things to consider is the content creation strategy used by the writer. These strategies entail planning, creation, delivery, and governance of the content. Additionally, they include how the images and other multimedia are used for the content.

The freelance content writer needs to define marketing objectives, identify target clients, brainstorm ideas for the content, and finally roll out the perfect plan to execute them.

2. Do they have a deep understanding of SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is essential in content writing, especially if you want your content to rank in search engine results pages (SERPs). The freelance content writers in the UAE need not be experts, but they need to have basic knowledge about SEO, such as on-page SEO functions and Google algorithms.

Understanding SEO is not rocket science, as much of it is pretty straightforward. Some of the things a professional content writer should know are:

  • How to gauge keyword density and how to come up with an ideal size
  • How to create engaging meta tags (Meta description and titles)
  • Body tags which include the use of the headings and sub-headings
  • The correct usage of interlinks and hyperlinks
  • The use of alt tags to describe attributes of an image

3. How do they understand the target audience?

All content is usually geared to a specific niche and audience. The freelancer needs to know how to create content that the audience loves. You can ask them how they identify the consumers and ways they can go about creating content to comfortably suit the audience’s preference.

How do they determine the audience’s personality and needs? Do they take analysis and review data insights from sales and customer service to research the target audience?

4. Do they conduct topic to research?

You need to know if the prospective candidate can come up with good topics for your projects. How do they come up with relevant topics for your website? Are they relevant? Will your audience be interested in such topics? You should understand how they come up with such topic ideas if any.

One of the most popular ways freelance content writers in Dubai do is to analyze conversations of competitors or keep track of blogs and articles from subject matter experts and critics to come up with a topic.

5. Do they analyze the performance of the content?

You need to ensure that the freelancer you choose knows how to monitor the performance of their content. How do they know whether their piece was successful? Do they have any tools for that? 

If they are unable to do so on their end, do they tell you what ways you can follow to track the performance? Are they aware of what traffic to the website means? How do they determine whether an article has received more engagement? 

They might be checking calls to action; inquiries leads, and even sales. It’s great if the freelancer knows what to improve or stress when releasing the next content, especially if the previous content didn’t perform well.

Parting Shot

It would help if you went for a freelance content writer in Dubai who knows what they are doing by creating content for you without straining. Additionally, they need to know everything from content strategy, writing the content itself, integrating SEO into the material, and monitoring the performance of the content. Usually, it’s more than just creating content.

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