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How to Improve your Content Writing Skills in 7 Minutes

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There are currently over 1.5 billion active websites in the world today. They all try to compete for readership from the users of the internet while marketing their products or for any other business. But how does one site get more visitors than others? Well, this is a combination of numerous factors that affect the ranking of a website which a good freelance content writer in Dubai ought to know off the head. 

It is a no-brainer that writing is a dream job for many, but it is, unfortunately, not meant for everyone. Some writers are by far better than others, and that is why freelancer writers have to undergo a thorough vetting process before they get hired. 

Being a content writer is as rewarding as it is challenging. Depending on your position, you can enjoy the perks of having to work from anywhere, decide on the topics you wish to write on, see your work getting published, and see your content generate real value. 

There are, however, other tips that ought to be taken into consideration for one to write stellar content for their website. Not every writer is perfect, but at least you can improve your skills to produce top-notch content. To assist you further, here are 5 tips that can boost your content writing career. 

1. Adaptability

As a freelance content writer in the UAE, you are bound to work for different clients, all from various industries and niches. One of the biggest mistakes made by writers is the failure to be versatile, and flexible enough to change their writing styles and tone, depending on the project that they are working on. 

With adaptability comes the ability to speak and appeal to different audiences, while taking into account their different points of view on how they perceive things. If you are writing for a general audience, then you have to ensure that the language used is comprehensible by all. It is okay to throw in some jargon if you are targetting readers from a specific industry. 

All in all, for one to succeed as a writer, one should learn the different writing techniques required for several industries and niches. Even though one needs to pick their most preferred niche, you never know what the future holds. Maybe there are no clients currently employed for your area of expertise, will that keep you back from writing?

As much as writing is a career built out of passion, you should also consider taking a few courses for writers, which will help to improve your skills. 

2. Strong research skills

Having proficient research skills is one of the qualities every content writer should have. It goes without saying that a well-written post is a result of extensive research done by the writer, even before they start working on the project. After all, the whole point of an article is to add value to the readers, providing answers to the questions which they were seeking. 

On average, a reader knows whether or not they will get the information they need from a website within the first five seconds. If your work is not well-aligned and doesn’t seem to satisfy the reader’s quest, then they automatically close your site and go on looking for answers elsewhere. This is not healthy for your website as this increases the bounce rate, which eventually translates into a poor ranking. 

To avoid the headache of coming up with new content, ensure that you arm yourself with all the relevant data that would be useful to your readers. While you still want to come out as original, researching also entails sourcing information from third-party sources. Note that statistical data is best credited to the primary source so that you can avoid controversies over how you attained the figures.

3. Stick to the point

This might sound like a moot point, but it is a general rule of thumb for all those that wish to have great careers in the content writing world. Every piece of content is basically written to cover one topic at a time. As a good writer, you should stick to that one topic and avoid wandering off to cover other points. 

It is okay to touch on other topics a little bit, but you should not take that chance to go completely off the subject. If you mix different ideas in one place, then you will end up breaking the reader’s flow.

As you also proofread and edit your work, it is essential to cut out any sentences that tend to digress from the original point. This is sometimes considered fluff, and many employers would end up rejecting your work. 

4. Have a solid understanding of SEO

For you to truly refer to yourself as a professional freelance content writer in the Middle East, then you must know about search engine optimization. The best content writers stay on top of the SEO trends, after all, what’s the point of writing good pieces which cannot be found easily on search engines?

Make good use of keywords, taking into consideration their density, where they should be placed, and how to use them. Furthermore, depending on the type of website you are posting to, it is necessary to figure out what kind of SEO to go for. 

If you are employed, it is paramount to consult with the website owner on how they wish their readers to find them online, and still keep your work looking superb. If you write for your website, it is paramount to have SEO tools such as Yoast, among other tools that every content writer ought to have

5. Check on your formatting

We have already highlighted how a poorly written article would turn away readers within the first few seconds, hence increasing the bounce rates of the website. One other way to turn scanners into readers is by improving the readability of the site. A standard way of doing this is using clear subheadings, numbers, and other formatting methods. 

Furthermore, you should harness the power of numbering your work by using numerals and bullet points. But why would you use them?

  • They are easily scannable for those who wish to spend the least amount of time
  • They provide a visual break for your readers, as they appear different from the rest of the text
  • They create fascinations that make them easily recognizable by your readers
  • They show how well-organized your work is

Bottom line

Finally, becoming a content writer is not as hard as it appears, but with the right amount of dedication and passion, it becomes a walk in the park. Improve your skills join other freelance content writers in Dubai and take your writing career to the next level.

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