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How to Keep Your Audience Hooked to Your Website

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As a freelance content writer in Dubai, you may have all the necessary skills to create pristine content for your site. While this goes a long way to keep your audience entertained or informed, it can only go far. 

It is every blogger’s dream to get unique traffic to their website and still be able to retain them, by making them come back for more. It is equally important to get new visitors also hooked to your site as you can convert them into your brand advocates. In essence, an advocate of a brand is someone who is loyal to a company’s goods and services and will always talk good about your brand to other people.

Getting such people on board is not an easy task. A lot has to be done before they even think of coming back to your site for more. So how do you convince people that your website is worth their time? 

Here are five popular tips:

1. Have fresh and consistent content posted

In your writing career, you might have or will hear something about the content being king. Well, this is true, as it is the core thing that brings your readers to your site in the first place. How often you should publish content to your blog is determined by a lot of things. Many people consider the industry you’re in and also what your goals are. 

If you have fresh content posted on your site, people will always be interested in learning what’s new. Ensure that you have taken the time to write content that your audience actually craves; otherwise, it will be of no point of putting up something no one is interested in reading. 

Moreover, you can build loyal readers only if you stick with consistency. If you’re inconsistent, your followers will lose trust in you and might no longer pass by to see what’s new. 

2. Have exclusive offers

We are sure that you understand the power of incentives or free stuff. When you have a program that is established to reward return visitors or even first-timers, you can be sure that they will be back regularly. This is a smart strategy used by freelance content writers in Dubai to ensure that their websites get a lot of traffic consistently. 

Having giveaways shouldn’t bother you as much since by visiting your site regularly, you will have the opportunity to showcase your products and services to your readers. Moreover, the more traffic you have, the higher the conversion rates.

3. Hone the user experience

The user experience (UX) should be a huge concern for you from the design up to the launch of the site. When you go live, you might be lucky enough to receive good traffic to the website. But will those people ever come back to visit your blog in the future? 

Apart from delivering stellar content, the theme used, colors, and other visual elements should be attractive enough to make the user’s experience the best. Ensure that they can navigate the site seamlessly and get the information that they are looking for quickly. Other things to consider include the fonts used, and how responsive the site is, among many other factors. 

4. Allow for personalization

People love being involved in other things that may concern them, and if your blog posts are what they are looking for, make them feel involved. There are many ways that you can use to make your readers take part in your content planning. An example of such would be having them comment on your posts or engage with others on a forum.

5. Minimize ads and banners

Nothing annoys more than websites that have too many adverts that come in many forms. Some sites even have large banners and flashy, performance mutilating ads plastered all over the website. If you run such a website, you better start planning otherwise, as no one would be interested in coming back to such an annoying site. While there are a few ways freelance content writers in the UAE monetize their blogs, spamming the interface with ads is just a no. 

The Take-Away

Follow these simple tips, and you will have no problem grabbing and maintaining the interest of your audience. Always keep in mind that the content is the primary factor to consider for any blog. If you’re unable to work on it by yourself, there are many freelance content writers in Dubai that can deliver top-notch content that your readers will love. 

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