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Premium Freelance Content Writing: The Courses Ever Expert Writer Must Consider Taking 

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Content writing is a vital practice in digital marketing. Content writing allows marketers to communicate engaging and informative information relative to their product or service to current and prospective customers. This can not only generate revenue for bloggers, but it can also lead to greater sales for operating businesses. 

Content writing is usually done under the guise of SEO. Search Engine Optimization requires the creation of content incorporating desired mentions using a standardized format. Typically, freelance content writer in Dubai will need a comfortable control of the English language (extensive vocabulary, good grammar, varied syntax, etc.) They will also need to be able to create reliable content with effective citing and sourcing under short delays. 

Content created for websites is usually based on other similar articles. However, it must be unique. This means that as a content writer, you will need excellent reading and comprehension skills to match your writing aptitude, as well as a creative flair to put a unique spin on articles. 

If you are planning on operating as a freelance content writer in the UAE, training may assist you in earning your freelance visa/ working permit. Here are the courses currently available to you: 

1. LinkedIn Free Content-Writing Courses (Lynda) 

LinkedIn Learning has become one of the greatest learning resources for modern professional skills. This set of 29 writing courses involves video tutorials from writing experts. The demonstrations used are relevant to the most effective SEO practices of 2019. 

They often involve exercises aspiring writers can use to develop a unique voice and strategies to avoid “recycling” over-used content. 

The videos are both accessible and fast-paced, providing each student with inspiration on popular SEO topics and title creation.

2. University Of California Content Marketing Course 

As a more comprehensive formation, this course will take you through an array of skills including and adjacent to content writing. You must remember that content creation is an area of content marketing. Therefore, you will need marketing skills such as: 

  • Branding 
  • Creative-writing 
  • Call-To-Action creation 
  • Market Research

This 5-week course will only require 2-3 hours of work per week for the full completion and will provide you with strong accreditation. The latter is often necessary to secure good gigs as a freelance content writer in Dubai

3. Ninja Writing (4 Levels Of Writing Mastery) 

As a content writer, the more complex and in-depth the work you produce, the more you can expect to be paid for your services. You will often have to feign a specialization on technical topics to secure difficult projects, which means you will need basic skills in creating narratives, structuring paragraphs, building convincing sentences, and choosing expressive wording. This will facilitate your hopping from topic to topic by providing you with one rigid, dependable foundation.

The Ninja Writing course is relatively new but encourages versatility in all content writers. Therefore, you can be certain it will assist you in all writing specializations.

4. Udemy’s Writing Tools And Hacks 

As a prospective content writer, you are likely to have a background in creative or academic writing. You are also likely to already know the basics of creating coherent text with a fluid flow and clear points. However, you will want to know the additional hacks content writers use to make their writing rank higher on Google. You will also want to be familiarized with existent web tools which facilitate the content creation process. 

SEO, in particular, will involve technicalities such as the use of keywords, HTML tagging (title-tags), meta titles and meta descriptions, interlinks, and source links. This 32-lecture course will give you all the additional insight autonomous writing practice cannot.

5. Complete Web-Content Writing MasterClass 

Copywriting is an added content-writing skill that will facilitate your autonomous digital marketing work. This course is ideal for bloggers and prospective social media influencers. It will teach you how to combine self-promotion with content creation. In this course, you can expect to learn about the following: 

  • Content Writing Vs Copywriting
  • Blog-Post Creation 
  • E-commerce Writing 
  • Keyword Search

This course, which involves an array of digital marketing skills that will be complementary to your writing, has a pristine ranking (4.7 out of 5) on web-learning resource Udemy

6. NorthWestern’s Content Strategy Certification 

Northwestern University is known for its academic excellence and its innovative research. Its content writing course is no different from all its other acclaimed degrees. It provides some of the most insightful knowledge about successful content creation and marketing. This 3-week course offers some of the most in-depth learning available to prospective writers. The teaching includes: 

  • Audience Engagement 
  • Content-Management
  • Content-reach Expansion 
  • Content-Impact management

You will be required to complete a practical project at the end of your course to establish what you have learned about the digital marketing problems leading organizations are now facing. You will also have to offer solutions to these issues with the creation of uniquely optimized content. 

7. BetterSearchRanking’s Effective SEO Content Writing Training 

If you are looking for 50 comprehensive lectures brimming with technical knowledge on how to boost search engine rankings, look no further. This course is the one for you. 

When working as a freelance content writer in the UAE, you will need to be able to guarantee the results of your work. This means that you will have to know how to gauge how well your writing is doing by asserting how well it is ranking against keywords. This is ideal if you are handling your own E-commerce and wish to complete all your content-creation work yourself. As posted on DigitalDefynd, BetterSearchRanking’s course shows keyword research as “never seen before.” 

A Concluding Note 

Freelance content writers in Dubai need to be versed in SEO, copy-writing, blog-post creation, and a variety of other digital marketing skills. While the branding of a website will be its skeleton, written content will definitely be its flesh. A website will need to be filled with strong, unique content to earn increased traffic and ultimately, an increased revenue. Therefore, it will be up to content writers to acquire the expertise necessary to engage and inform all audiences. 

We strongly suggest that individuals seeking content writing only opt for skilled, trained writers. This is the reason we have been dedicated to the only offer our members access to expert service. Join our community of professionals for the best freelancing services in The UAE. 

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