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Ghost Blogging vs. Guest Blogging: What Content Writers Need To Know

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Currently, nearly every business needs a blog, to which ghost blogging seems to be providing the answers. Ghost blogging is an ever-growing market where freelance content writers in Dubai and across the world can make extra income. The new practice is expanding creative projects for today’s bloggers. To work as a ghost blogger means creating content for blogs without name recognition. The blog owner gets all the credit while you get the cash. 

Blogs have a convenient charm for visitors to a website via search engines, developing client brands, creating public opinions that resonate with the target audience, as well as building relationships with existing and future customers. Blogs could also form partnerships with other bloggers through guest blogging. With the diverse needs for blogs, freelance copywriters in Dubai can also earn a living doing guest posts. 

Guest Blogger

When hiring a writer, clients do not just pick any writer, but one who specializes in writing in a way that gets prospects and customers to take action, hence the need for guest blogging. Guest bloggers are content writers with an invitation to create a guest post on a client’s site. Blog owners will invite a guest blogger because they are an expert in their niche, who work in a similar industry, or a complimentary one. 

Bloggers use guest posts from time to time as a break from posting on their sites. For that reason, content writers must learn the art of business persuasion to become successful guest bloggers. To get the much-needed breakthrough in guest blogging, you must develop the skill of using the right words and language to persuade readers to take action, which can range from purchasing products, downloading reports, or interacting with the services the blog is promoting. 

Some clients will also request guest posts on their blogs when they are launching a new product. The invitation represents an excellent scenario where you require applying business persuasion in creating the content. Using copywriting skills, including interactive and conversational writing in the guest post, is likely to achieve the intended results. Depending on the blog for which you are writing a guest post, you will need to: 

  • Understand the target audience’s needs, including using the right language to draw inspiration on the brand
  • Use the proper brand voice that will connect with readers 
  • Research the business to understand its marketing objectives 
  • Create plain-speaking copying, without jargon, and not boring
  • Clearly, explain complicated ideas 
  • Understand Search Engine Optimization, including how to apply it in your content 
  • Stick to the instructions and deadlines the client outlines
  • Know how to create highly persuasive short-form copies 
  • Work with your client until you create a satisfactory copy

With guest blogging, you get the chance to build lasting relationships with your clients. Since the client is offering you an opportunity to get in front of their audience, you can use the opportunity to build your credibility and business associations. You’ll want to note that, unlike general content creation, guest blogging may or may not earn you income, depending on your agreement with the blog owner. 

Ghost Blogger

Ghost bloggers are content writers who create high-quality, professional posts for websites with no trace of their identity. Unlike guest posts that acknowledge the article writers, clients hire ghostwriters and pay for the rights to not only publish the content but also own its rights. For example, if you are a freelance speechwriter in Dubai, you will forfeit your byline, and the blog owner claims authorship for the content.

Ghost bloggers are effective at building brands as they have a better understanding of SEO, digital marketing, and social media. Therefore, unlike a guest blogger, ghostwriters are more conversant with material that:

  • informs
  • educates
  • entertains 
  • instructs 

To become a ghost blogger, you need to master online marketing strategies and produce content for various channels, such as websites, social media, emails, and blogs. You should design the content to enhance the reader’s relationship with the brand, along with applying other do’s and don’ts of freelancing

The best ghost blogger will:  

  • Include appropriate keywords in their content to maximize visibility on search engines
  • Have the experience to generate long-form and engaging posts 
  • Have the right skills to structure content that is easy to scan and read
  • Have a strong command of the English language as well as grammar rules
  • Carefully, proofread and edit material for clarity 
  • Understand how to use language to engage readers throughout the content 
  • Use excellent research skills to improve the credibility of the article
  • Have familiarity with writing for wide-ranging industries
  • Have the expertise to generate fresh content ideas 
  • Follow the instructions and keep deadlines the client outlines 
  • Work with the client to produce a satisfying copy 

Although ghost bloggers may not be experts in the industry of the client, they are experts in creating content or the written word. With superior researching skills, a ghostwriter can extract the essence of what a client’s expertise is and then write about it. 

Many clients hire ghost bloggers to save them time in week-to-week posting on their blogs. Instead of spending hours each week on research and writing, then posting the content on their site, the blog owner will spend about an hour every month meeting with the ghostwriter to outline content for the month. 


Along with the flexibility that ghost bloggers bring, customers outsource blog content to these content writers because they write the client’s perspective. The material from a ghost blogger will be a close match to the blog owner’s tone, style, and word choice, among others. Your role as a freelance content writer in Dubai is to engage the reader.  However, if you need to become a copywriter, you need to learn the art of persuading people to take action. In the blogging industry, both a ghost blogger and a guest blogger are useful professionals who save blog owners’ time.

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