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Copywriting Jobs: Most Popular Types Of Copywriting Jobs

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Are you finding it hard to choose the kind of service to provide as a freelance copywriter?

If you are just starting out as a freelance copywriter, you may have no idea of different types of copywriting services.

It’s why we are here, to help you discover the various forms of copywriting jobs.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about copywriting and the most popular copywriting jobs you can get your hands on.

So, hang on as you discover more about copywriting.

What’s copywriting?

It’s the art of writing a copy that drives action. When I say a copy, I don’t mean creating a duplicate of something. It means creating something unique which fits the needs of the brand owner.

Copywriting is connected to the act of promoting a brand, product, or business. In simple terms, copywriting is some form of marketing.

Who is a freelance copywriter?

A freelance copywriter gets paid to write a copy designed to prompt action on a contract basis.

What are the most popular types of copywriting jobs?

Copywriting jobs come in diverse forms. Here are the most popular forms of copywriting you can come by in this freelance industry.

The most popular types of copywriting jobs for freelancers include:

  • SEO copywriting.
  • Brand copywriting.
  • Social media copywriting.
  • Marketing copywriting.
  • Public relations copywriting
  • Technical copywriting.
  •  Direct-Response copywriting.
  •  Website copywriting.
  •  Thought Leadership copywriting

1. SEO copywriting

Client’s want to be found online.

SEO helps their writing get ranked on search engines, so their audience can find them.

For an article to rank, they have to be of value to the end-user. So with SEO knowledge, you will be able to optimize your client’s article to get a larger audience.

SEO copywriting blends with different forms of writing, such as blog posts, web copy, and product reviews. All copywriting forms benefit from ranking and getting seen online.

It aims to help a website rank for keywords that clients are looking for.

To do such a job, you should have prior research into which keywords to target for different articles. Keywords can be long-tail or short-tail. You have to craft content that fills gaps while remaining loved by Google.

2. Brand copywriting

All clients want their products to be remembered, and brand copywriting does an excellent job on this.

Brand copywriting works aim at getting a brand remembered by associating powerful emotions with their brand. They build altogether cohesive and originality for their brand.

 It doesn’t have to be something complex, just words that touch your audience emotionally; words that make consumers covet and make a purchase.

This kind of writing is convenient for already established businesses that want to increase their sales.

3. Social media copywriting

For this copywriting job, you are hired to manage the social media presence of a brand or company. It aims at engaging the audience through engaging posts to keep the brand name.

A social media copywriter tailors content to fit the mood of different platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, and Instagram.

It’s suitable if the client wants to drive sales for their products.

4. Marketing copywriting

This type of copywriting job is adaptable in its forms. It can be in the form of content seeking to build trust by informing the audience. It can also take the form of advertisement copy or web copy.

Marketing copywriting seeks to inform the audience about the product and its benefits.

5. Public relations copywriting

 This copywriting Shows the world how good you are.

Such content is newsworthy, and so, journalists spread it across social media channels.

Public relations copywriting takes various forms. This includes;

  •  Press releases.
  •  Sustainability reports statements.

It can be to boost the company’s reputation or spread publicity about new product releases.

It can also help build the company’s reputation should anything happen.

6. Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting focuses on markets of science, mechanical arts, or engineering fields characterized by a specific term.

If you are hired as a technical writer, you need to have a competent understanding of the ever-evolving technology.

Technical content can take various forms, such as user manuals, specialized modules, or other technical works.

7. Direct-Response copywriting

When a brand has gained trust from prospects and customers, direct-response copywriting converts the trust into something tangible.

This kind of writing urges prospects to sign up for your email newsletters, do a free trial, or purchase something.

It helps customers overcome the fear of purchasing a product by outlining the benefits of a product.

To be a direct-response copywriter, you need to create powerful headlines to compel readers. Also, it includes a Call-To-Action to trigger the target audience emotionally.

8. Website copywriting

A website should have all information about a company. That’s what website copywriters do. They write information about a company, what it does and what it offers.

Websites are becoming a necessity for any business or company.

Therefore, website copywriting provides a lot of jobs for freelance copywriters.

Web content includes information on the homepage, about us page, landing page, and contact page.

 9. Thought leadership copywriting

Such copywriting is meant to create a strong impression of the company. It aims at giving insights about a company so that it can look like an authority in its industry.

It’s meant for more experienced individuals like CEOs and executives.

They come in different forms such as;

  • White papers
  • Research reports.
  •  Professional articles.

It handles big-picture impressions like the industry’s future or current trends in the industry.

If you want to write thought leadership articles, you should be ready to write clients’ insights in an easy and digestible way.

What do you need to land on these copywriting jobs?

Now you know the kind of copywriting jobs you can get your hands on in your freelancing career. Basically, it would help if you had a laptop or desktop and a good internet connection to start off. However, just like other professionals, you will need skills to achieve top success in the career line.

The skills needed to stay competitive in the copywriting freelance industry include;

1. Excellent writing skills

To be great in copywriting, you need to write well.

It may sound easy, but trust me, writing well isn’t just combining words. It would be best if you had mastery of English, grammar, punctuations, and a pool of vocabulary.

The best part is, you don’t have to be perfect when starting out.

You can learn to write well along the way. You just need to be consistent as you perfect your art.

2. Good research skills

While you have all answers on the web, good research skills are inevitable. It would help if you were willing to use several websites to come up with an excellent copy.

If you are given a copy, you should know where to get the answers.

Know how to search on google appropriately, the target keywords and how to get most of your results.

Also, don’t cite your sources from any site. Use authority sites only.

3. Knowledge of user experience

An article is meant for the reader. So, everything you write should focus on the reader. You can do this by;

Using keywords that focus on the users’ needs. Create headlines based on what the readers are looking for. Modify the content found on what the reader is looking for.

4. SEO skills

As a freelance copywriter, you may be hired to optimize content to reach a larger audience.

A good copywriter should understand the relationship between content, increased ranking in SERPs, and promoting content, and the importance of driving traffic to the site.

5. Graphics skills

As a copywriter, you may need to have graphic skills to enhance your content.

Content with excellent images and videos compels the reader to know its contents. It also boosts the engagement level of any between the reader and your content.

Also, creative thumbnails on your videos make your content look more professional.

How can you sell your services to land these jobs?

Success in the freelance industry doesn’t happen overnight. If you are looking for a quick money scheme, you may want to rethink your options. You have to keep showing what you can do for you to get high-paying clients.

You can do this by having and doing the following;

1. Owning a portfolio

Clients want you to deliver pure Gold. I mean, they want you to provide high-quality work. To ensure you are a perfect fit for their job, they will ask for samples of your previous works.

This is why you need a portfolio.

When asked for samples, it looks so unprofessional if you share a word document. You should tell them, ” this is my portfolio,” and most times, it does the trick. You have a high chance of being hired if you have a portfolio at hand.

 In your portfolio, add links to all your past works and guest posts, if any. That way, you can be sure to land any job.

2.  Supercharge your writing skills

They say practice makes perfect. It works in the copywriting industry too. You have to keep learning to improve your skills. The more you keep practicing, the more you produce high-quality work.

This won’t happen if you keep doing the same things day in, day out. You have to keep learning new techniques here. Keep experimenting till you get it.

If you repeatedly keep doing the same things, you will likely keep earning peanuts because you lack skills.

The high-paying client is likely to hire a copywriter with knowledge of SEO.

Also, they need to know if you can deliver content that resonates with their audience, craft compelling headlines/introductions, and lastly, do thorough editing/proofreading.

So, before deciding to join the copywriting industry, know what is at stake. Be ready to keep learning and experimenting till you get it right.

3.  Ask for testimonials

If you are a beginner in freelance copywriting, you may not have testimonials.

As you start getting clients, ask them for testimonials after working together for some time. Here is the reason; clients want to hire someone they can trust with their work. And with testimonials, you have proof that you can provide quality.

You can add your testimonials to your website, social media pages, or a portfolio where clients can find it easily. With that, you can be sure to land a job.

4. Keep learning how to write killer proposals/ pitches

Qualified freelance copywriters lose chances of getting hired due to flawed proposals.

Clients get many proposals each month from qualified freelancers. So, how can you make yours stand out?

People have different ways to create a pitch. However, there is no right or wrong way, but you can avoid some common mistakes to make yourself outstanding.

Avoid writing long pitches. The client has the staff to care for; so, when writing your pitch, go straight to the point.

Also, don’t use the same pitching templates you used with another client. Every client has unique needs. So, modify your proposal to suit their needs.

Suppose a client has specified the submission guidelines. Don’t come up with your style. Trust me; if you do that, it’s a sure way of throwing a chance. Follow all the guidelines to the latter. And have a high chance to land copywriting jobs.

Summing up

Now you know the most popular types of copywriting jobs.

And, if you are just starting as a freelance writer and would like to make it a successful career path, you need to make progress in different types of copywriting.

Note, while getting these jobs may be hard, you can improve your skills by volunteering to write for seasoned writers as they mentor you. Also, you can sign up on beginner-friendly freelancing sites such as Bawwaba, Upwork, and flexjobs.

Sign up now on the best freelancing site in Dubai and start earning.

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