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The Importance of Creative Subtitles in Your Articles: A Quick Guide for Freelance Content Writers

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There are many ways employed by freelance content writers in Dubai to come up with interesting articles to suit the needs of all their clients. However, in the algorithms used in Search Engine Optimization, nothing seems more appealing to the search engines than well-curated subheadings. 

Even though the title attracts the readers to your site (or blog post), research has it that before they start reading the content, they will first scan through the entire document. But why is this the case? 

The sad reality you face as a blogger is that only 10% of your readers will actually read your articles word by word. The rest only rush through the article looking for the answers to what exactly brought them there. By scanning through your article, the reader will have known whether it will be helpful to them or not, and all this happens within a few seconds. 

Since readers are generally impatient, the subheadings you have in your article provide a clear indication of what’s included in it. This helps them to make an informed decision of whether or not your content will help them.

This excerpt is aimed at helping you improve your writing techniques by mastering the correct use of subheadings throughout your articles.

What’s a subheading anyway?

In layman’s terms, subheadings or subtitles are the headings to a subsection of your content. It is meant to direct the readers to focus on a specific part of the piece to help them to understand it better.

To get you started, there are two types of subheadings that you should know about:

  • Short-form subheadings – these are used for short-form content such as advertisements. They appear directly under a prominent headline with the sole purpose of directing the readers to your CTA (call to action).
  • Long-form subheadings – when writing long-form content such as editorials and blog posts, these are the types of subtitles to use to direct the readers to parts of the article with specific information. They are also used to divide sections of the article with each part dealing with different things, but all work towards helping the reader to answer the questions whose answers they seek.

How to Come Up with Creative Subtitles

Freelance content writers in Dubai have to come up with interesting subtitles that can attract the reader’s attention and keep them reading the piece without leaving the page. These tips will help you to come up with will not only entice and keep the readers but also lead them to convert.

1. Answer all the questions before they are asked

This is one of the best ways to ensure the retention of readers to your site. If you are to talk about a particular topic, you should use the subtitles to write on the many other questions your readers might have, in line with the main topic. 

For instance, if you are to write about the best plagiarism checker tools for 2020, you should use subtitles to answer related questions such as what a plagiarism checker is and why you would need such software. 

2. Be straightforward

People are now entangled in many other activities, so if they go through your site and there is too much written on the subheadings, they will probably leave. The internet is full of websites, all trying to compete for the same readers. This is why you have to be concise with your subheadings as they want to know within the first three seconds whether or not you will answer their questions.

Keep off unnecessary, redundant phrases. Make them plain and comprehendible, even by distracted or busy readers.

3. Inclusion of keywords

Having the keywords in the titles goes a long way, but they can only go as far as search engine ranking is concerned. You have a better chance of getting ranked higher if your keywords are included in your subtitles. There are many tools that can be used by freelance content writers in the UAE to find the best keywords to include in their subtitles.

4. Cut the cryptic words

Not unless you are targetting a specific audience, you should avoid using industry jargon as it will probably cause a lot of confusion to the reader or even mislead them. Try to incorporate general terms on the subheadings first, then you can use the cryptic words in the body of the content. 

For instance, using the scientific word for something might put off some of the readers who might not have a clue of what that is, even though you have written on something they would be interested in knowing.

5. Every subtitle is a way forward

Consider subheadings as stepping stones for your content. Each section should be a step closer for the reader to fully understand your topic without skipping any basic parts. It is also important to have a good flow in your articles as throwing points anyhow confuses the reader who might not find value in viewing your content.


Subheadings can either make or break your content, but if used correctly, you stand to reap many benefits. These tips will help you to get started in your career as a blogger or a freelance content writer in Dubai.

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