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How To Achieve Freelance Copy-Writing Success By Earning A Reliable Client-base

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If you have any experience as a writer, then you know that working autonomously can be the best option if you wish to develop a signature writing touch. When it comes to copy-writing, in particular, you will need ample experience to exercise your quill independently based on topical or industry interests. You may find that working in-house will limit your earning potential, whereas freelance work will allow you to stretch and shrink your working hours at will to maximize earnings. In fact, according to a recent study performed by Forbes, the top freelancers are doing relatively well in every industry. 

However, operating as a freelance content writer in The UAE can be challenging, particularly as a copywriter. You will need to build a solid client base on your own, which will require patience, hard work, and sometimes free writing.

Fortunately, all these measures are likely to earn you a reliable client base within your first few months of operation, enabling you to build your craft into a business. 

We will discuss the necessary steps to earning a large base of avid, high-paying clients. We will also go through a few tips that will help you maintain this client base, even as you steadily raise your freelancing rates

Here is everything you need to know to achieve freelance copywriting success with just a handful of initial industry connections. 

First Things First 

Switching to freelance copywriting can initially be challenging because it will require building a base of clients trusting in your work and ability to meet deadlines. They will often need convincing before they are willing to pay you for a project. Therefore, you must be willing to work either pro-bono or at relatively low rates for a couple of small tasks before you can demand higher rates. 

Furthermore, you will have to invest significant time in contacting each prospective client personally at the beginning of your freelancing journey. You will also have to follow up on offers, however vague, at least a couple of times a week. 

This means that to build your client base as a freelance copywriter in Dubai,  you must be willing and able to work very hard – while perhaps earning a little less than you will once be established – for results that will seem barely noticeable at the beginning stages. Read further to understand how these tiny changes will create the blueprint for your copy-writing business’s success. 

1. Considering Your Existent Contacts

All freelancing work begins the same way: by asking those you know to give you a shot. While it will seem uncomfortable at first, you will be surprised how many industry relationships and acquaintances you may have built over the years acquiring your copy-writing expertise. 

Think of work and personal connections, establishing how each may benefit from the service you are offering. You will then need to gather the contact details of each of the persons or institutions you are targeting and contact them individually, proposing your services. 

Our Tips: 

  1. Use social media to reach out to people you wish to make initial contact with. This creates a casual, safe environment for professionals to interact at will. Platforms like Twitter are extremely popular amongst copywriters because they will enable you to display your writing flair on your profile, which may earn you more clients. 
  2. Contact each client with a separate email noticeably individualized. Stay clear of stock messages “adapted to each client name”. Instead, write each email as if you were speaking to each individual personally, in full awareness of their situation and how they may benefit from your services. 
  3. Maintain a professional “distance” in your tone when contacting friends and family; this will cast you as the provider of a credible service as opposed to a friend asking for a favor.

2. Establishing Yourself As A Credible Professional 

The tone of your communications, your dependability, and your ability to meet deadlines all attest to your professionalism. When reaching out to prospective clients or when dealing with first-time clients, you will need to assert how skilled, qualified and attentive you are. This will require focusing on details such as grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. 

Our Tips: 

  1. Meet all deadlines. 
  2. Create clear quotations with coherent briefs. 
  3. Make sure all emails and other communications to clients are carried out in a professional tone.

3. Asking Relations For Recommendations

If you have been operating as a copywriter for a while, you must have built a social-media network of industry peers. On sites like LinkedIn, such connections can often appear inaccessible and intimidating. However, many are likely to happily trade a recommendation for another, especially if they are work contacts – however distant. By contacting them, you can ask that they recommend you, using a suggested copy of your cover letters. 

Our Tips: 

  1. Ask all professionals you have collaborated with to recommend you. Make sure you remind them of the projects you have worked on together in your message. 
  2. Keep the tone friendly and propose a potential trade-off.

4. Following Up With Acquired Contacts

Over the course of your professional career, you are likely to have met people willing to provide you with freelancing opportunities. Whether they have contacted you via social media, email, or at a networking event, every offer counts. Make sure to contact the people who have once offered you work, with a clear reminder of the scenario in which they proposed to use your services. 

Our Tips: 

  1. Do not be afraid of appearing “pushy”. In freelancing work, it is alright to remind a prospective client once or twice of your availability. This determination is often perceived as tenacity. 
  2. Inform clients of your willingness to do a small pro-bono project for them as a token of good faith.

5. Organising Cover 

As a freelance content writer in Dubai, you are completely free to decide on your working hours. However, you should establish credibility in your industry by ensuring that you are known to always remain accessible and able to provide work. However, you should not do so by working 24/7 – uninterrupted freelance work is likely to lead to stress and burn-outs. Instead, you should find other copywriters willing to take on a portion of your work during your breaks. You may want to take on interns or part-timers within your first couple of months of operation, ensuring you train them according to your writing standard.

Our Tips: 

  1. Always stay on board, even as a part-timer, to ensure your copywriters’ work remains up to par. 
  2. Inform clients in advance of a potential absence, mentioning your presence in the business as an “overseer” even as you take time off.

A Concluding Note

Earning a client base as a freelance content writer in Dubai will require both work and daring. Therefore, success in freelance copywriting will not come without taking the plunge. You will have to be willing to work diligently, determinedly to convince both relations and strangers that you can be trusted with important projects. 

This will require you to be in full awareness of skills editors want from freelance writers and to be willing to operate, with the help of part-timers, as a year-round, reliable service.

When seeking out freelancers to complete your copy-writing task, you will want to ensure that they have completed all the steps mentioned above with dedication and attention to detail. If you are wondering where to find such professionals, look no further. Sign up with us today to connect with the most skilled freelance content writers in Dubai

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