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7 Most Effective Methods to Find Freelance Writing Jobs in Dubai, UAE

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Having learned how to become an accomplished freelancer in Dubai, the next hurdle is finding a reliable source of work. Finding reliable clients is a mysterious part of the freelancing lifestyle. However, before you get started, there are some key things to consider. The first being what kind of freelance work in Dubai, you are looking for. If you are a blogger, you should be looking for ghost blogging jobs. The same applies to web designers, copywriters, DJs, and interior designers. With that in mind, you can then leverage the following methods to find freelance writing jobs. 

1. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching is an excellent way of landing recurring freelance gigs. With this method, there is less competition. With good experience, you have better chances of landing on special gigs from clients. But what is cold pitching? If you are not aware, cold pitching involves contacting bloggers, companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs and letting them know how – you, as an experienced freelance content writer, can help them grow their business.

At first, this might sound scary and hard, especially if you are new to freelance writing. To land on these, begin by locating a potential business to cold pitch to. Identify a gap; for instance, you might notice that their blog doesn’t update new articles regularly. You can as well check their social platforms to see how they are growing and much more. Once you locate the gaps, draft a cold pitch and send them. In the pitch, make sure that you include how you found them, who you are and how your services can help them. 

2. Pitch on Job Ads

Any freelance writing beginner looking for quality freelance work in Dubai, responding to posted job ads is probably the best bet. It is also the best way that new writers use to find consistent work. A major advantage of using freelance job boards over freelance marketplaces such as Guru or Upwork when finding writing gigs is that there is no bidding. Small businesses, start-up companies, and entrepreneurs post job ads to the job board, and freelancers pitch to the ads. 

Whereas there are paid job boards, you can begin by using free job boards. Some of the job boards you should sign up for include ProbloggerBlogging ProContena, and  All Freelance Writing Job Board among others. 

Another crucial hack when using job boards is to follow tweets from job boards. Social media can be a vital gold mine when looking for freelance writing gigs. Twitter is a good place to find writing jobs quickly and a good way to build a good relationship with potential clients. You can find special gigs by following tweets from job boards during dry spells.

3. Ask Around

For many, this appears to be a no-brainer until they begin asking. Before making a leap into freelance writing, it is important to let your family, friends, relatives, and even co-workers know. Doing this may provide the first sample as a new freelance writer, as your friend or family member may need some help in editing their resume or posting an ad for their business. 

Once you decide to make freelance writing work a full-time job, inform all your co-workers and friends. They may be your first clients and can provide you with the first positive testimonial. You should always be ready for potential writing gigs in your day-to-day life. This requires that you create business cards and distribute them to family and friends. 

4. Make Use of Your Website

A surefire way to attract high-paying freelance clients is having a professional-looking website. However, this might not be an option if you are just starting out. You can build a personal blog during your free time. But if you want to ramp up your business, you should consider investing in a self-hosted WordPress website. For excellent services, you can hire the best freelance web designer to do this for you. 

5. Guest Post for Free

Well, you might be wondering how writing for free pays off. A quick answer to this is, once your guest post on popular websites, a new and probably large audience will see your work. Among this audience could be your next potential clients. Pithing on job ads is excellent. But if you don’t have any good samples, especially pieces published on other people’s sites, it can be hard to land a quality client. 

6. Network with Other Freelancers

The best direction to take when still new to freelance writing is to network with other freelance writers. When doing this, remember that you are not in a competition. Reach out to a few freelance writers and ask them their opinion about a blog you just uploaded on your website, the best starting rates, and much more. Good networking can also be a source of work. Your fellow freelancers can refer tasks to you if they are overwhelmed or cannot handle them. 

7. Join Facebook and LinkedIn Groups

There are a lot of potential freelance writing gigs on Facebook and LinkedIn. If you can join the groups, you shouldn’t have any problem finding consistent work. Both are social media platforms with the main goal of fostering social interactions. Therefore, don’t be excessively formal in the group. Always do your best to join ongoing conversations, throw some questions to see if there are potential clients who need help or are overworked. 

The Bottom Line 

There are several avenues to find freelance work in Dubai. Finding work shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you have notched the essential skills. Apart from the methods outlined above, you should consider being part of the Bawabba freelancing community. Sign up as a freelance writer and update your profile. Make sure that you include all your skills, expertise, and experiences. This will make it easy to land a client looking for similar services in Dubai.

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