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5 Ways Content Writers Can Monetize their Blog

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Improvements in technology have led to the diversification of careers, and that is why you can now find many freelance content writers in Dubai making a living out of something that they like. And yes, bloggers too make money from their websites, and that is why there are bloggers who work remotely around the world and make six-figure salaries, probably at the comfort of their homes.

All it takes for one to become a blogger is the passion for it, the necessary writing skills, a computer, and an internet connection. All this, however, only pertains to having the website up and running and does not guarantee you any income. 

So how does one make money from blogging, especially with the online space being too crowded? According to a survey by ProBlogger, only 4% of bloggers make over $10,000 a month from their websites, while a majority of them struggle to even get at least $10 a month. These statistics, in our opinion, are somewhat bleak, as they do not tell us what these bloggers actually do to make money. 

As advised by freelance digital marketers in Dubai, how much traffic your website gets, and the number of conversions & sales made are determined by your hard work. This is a ripple effect, and how you go about it is directly proportional to how much you stand to make. Some of the factors which directly impact how much income you can make from blogging include:

  • Your willingness to put in a lot of work
  • How many times do you blog per day or week
  • The quality of the content posted
  • Your ability to generate traffic to the website
  • And most importantly, how you go about monetizing the site.

For you to make money as a freelance content writer in the UAE, the most important thing to note is that the content you write is not your direct source of income. The readers are only drawn to your blog based on the genre and content published there. Other revenue streams can be used to monetize the traffic that comes to the website.

Before discussing the ways to monetize your blog, you should first understand the ground rules about making money through websites. 

Laying the Ground Work for Making Money Blogging

Setting up a blog is a simple task, but before you even think about making money from your website, there are two key things to consider; the content created and the traffic received.


The first thing you need to look at is how to build on consistent readership. This means that you have to invest a lot of time into both the quality and quantity of content posted on the website. To help you create better content, you should equip yourself with some tools every content writer should have. But why should you focus on doing this? These reasons back this claim:

  • To establish credibility with search engines
  • It helps to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ratings
  • It builds credibility with your readers


Before you start earning a significant amount of money from your blogs, experts claim that you need at least 10,000-page visitors every month. There are many ways to boost your traffic, including rigorous marketing through social media, etc. Sometimes, it is best to seek ways some of the best freelance web designers use to maximize the profit of a website

The Money Making Phase

Only after you have mastered the art of traffic generation and the publishing of quality content will you now look for the methods to make money blogging. Note that not all ways work for you. Whichever monetization platform you decide to use should be in line with what your blog is all about. 

Here are the 5 most common ways freelance content writers in the UAE can monetize their blogs:

1. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

This is one of the easiest monetization strategies employed by the majority of bloggers. PPC advertising involves one signing up with ad-generating services, e.g., Google AdSense. A widget is, therefore, placed in different parts of the website to enable the generation of reader-specific advertisements. These are mostly based on their browser cookies.

Cookies are packets of data that are stored and used to track a user’s activity on the internet. In layman terms, have you ever browsed a website and then an ad for a product you were searching for elsewhere pop-ups? Then that’s the work of cookies. 

Although this method is widely used by freelance content writers in Dubai, it hardly provides one with significant income. This is because the ad networks pay you a tiny amount for every click. However, this doesn’t mean that it is non-essential, as it can be used alongside the other methods that are yet to be discussed on this list. 

2. Direct advertising

Instead of signing up with Google AdSense and other ad networks, you can sell a part of your site’s space directly to advertisers. Some will pay you handsomely just to display their ads for a stipulated time. This happens without any middlemen, and all the profit you make is yours.

However, this is only reasonable when you have a huge traffic flow to the website. If you are unable to do that on your own, you can work with publishing networks such as Mediavine. Although such platforms will often take a commission from the income you make, you stand to enjoy better rates and display better quality ads on your website. 

3. Sponsorships

A sponsorship deal is more or less like direct advertising, but it gives the advertisers a little bit more exposure to your readers. If you have ever heard on the radio or television, the words ‘this program is brought to you by…’ In the blogging world, you will read something like ‘this post is sponsored post…’ 

In many cases, the author tends to discuss more on a particular product or service from the sponsors. At times, they can be biased towards the sponsor’s product or service, but the trick here is to sound as transparent as possible. This is done to gain the reader’s trust and to gain credibility. 

4. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is another simple yet rewarding method of monetizing one’s website. It essentially entails recommending a product or service to your readers. This is done so by attaching your affiliate link to the product where your readers will only click on it and will be redirected to the seller’s website. Whenever they make a purchase using your link, then you will get a commission from it. 

There are many ways to include affiliate marketing in your strategy. However, regardless of what you wish to promote, you should not lose your reader’s trust. Always maintain transparency and don’t sound too biased. 

5. Sell your products or services

While still working on your own blog, you can always make more money by selling your products or services. Well, before you get started with this phase, many factors have to be considered, including the genre of your site. This is why it is essential to identify a suitable blogging niche before you start your career.

If you intend to sell a product to your readers, the same rule of avoiding bias applies. You can also recommend your own services to the readers, e.g., if you are a freelance content writer in the UAE, you can use your platform to get yourself more clients.

Take Away

One strategy might not be enough for you. However, a combination of several blog monetization ways might just make you the next millionaire blogger. It will take time to start earning a significant amount from blogging; however, with enough patience and determination, your dreams will become actualized.

At times when you need extra money-making platforms while working on your blog, you may join other experienced freelance content writers in Dubai and get some well-paying clients. You can also get a helping hand on your blog, should the work overwhelm you. 

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