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Proven Methods to Promote a Blog in 2021

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Even with some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai to provide you with stellar content for your blog, you still have half the battle to be fought. Great content isn’t enough to make your blog successful. If you do not promote it, you will have wasted all the time and other resources that you put into its creation.

According to research by the New York Times, it has been concluded that close to 95% of blogs fail due to the lack of readership. Well, that is what awaits you if you do not have a good marketing strategy for your blog. Gone are the days when one could simply post and pray that their blog posts reach a multitude. 

So how do you promote your blog to become successful? We have prepared this article to answer two vital questions for you: how and where to promote your blog to create a loyal audience while still showing authority in your niche. 

 Promote Your Blog: Getting started

Here are five proven tactics that will help you to promote your blog and increase your readership.

1. Create high-quality content

It goes without saying that creating great content for your blog is always the first step when you wish to promote it. After all, it will be pointless toiling hard to market the blog, yet the content does not spark any interest among the readers. 

Hiring some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai may go a long way toward helping you curate relevant, high-quality content that your audience would actually be interested in reading. The type of content you publish determines whether or not your blog stands to survive, or it dies. You should always remember that regardless of the promotion strategies you have put in place, the blog will not succeed if you have low-quality content.

2. Understand your target audience

Readers require answers to specific questions or problems. So before you even start a blog, you ought to understand what your target audience needs, what content will be helpful to them, etc. Doing so helps you to understand which blogs are more likely to succeed due to their positive reception. This is a great method used by freelance content writers in the UAE to know how to tailor your content to meet their needs. Moreover, by centering your content around what they love with a bit of diversification, you stand to get an even more loyal readership.

3. Integrate visual media

Up to 65% of people remember visual content, higher than only 10% of people who can remember purely text content. If you wish to retain readership (which also translates to more shares), then you will have to give your readers the reason to always come back. Incorporate interesting images, infographics, videos, etc. 

4. Make your blog searchable

Before you start any blog, you should understand the nitty-gritty of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to make your content show up on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). There are numerous on-page and off-page SEO trends that you can take advantage of to boost how your readers can organically discover your content. 

5. How to Promote your Blog

a. Social media marketing

With millions of users every day, social media has become one of the best platforms for one to market their products. This also applies to your blog. But it is not just about posting once on Facebook and leaving it at that. You need a good social media marketing strategy to pull it off and make your blog successful.

b. Email marketing

Although email is sometimes a crowded channel, it still proves its authority as one of the best marketing platforms. The first thing to do is to grow your mailing list through a simple call-to-action button on your blog before you begin sharing new content with them. This is an ideal marketing strategy for your blog, as you will be assured of getting at least 80% of those who subscribe to your mailing list to read your content.

c. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves you asking individuals that command a huge following to help in marketing your blog, instead of you doing so on your own. However, you should do your research and understand what type of following they have and whether or not they are your target audience. 

d. Paid marketing

If you want to get your blog visible to more people at a go, then you can scout for some paid marketing alternatives. The use of sponsored social media ads is a good option since there are always people with the same interest as you on such sites. Moreover, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have ways to target a specific audience based on their preferences. 

Search advertising is also another good option if you are comfortable with the PPC (pay per click) strategy. Whenever someone types in your keyword in a search engine, your ad appears at the top of the results page. You will, therefore, part with a small fee anytime someone clicks on your link. While this sounds like an expensive task, you can always compensate for it by learning some of the ways used by freelance content writers in Dubai to monetize their blogs. 

e. Advocate in person

Although this sounds more of a cliche, this is still an effective method of promoting your blog. There are many ways you can do this, including word of mouth, messaging your contacts, commenting about it on social media posts, etc. 


With so many blog promotion tactics available, one thing stands out. You cannot have a successful blog if the content is sub-standard. This is why you need to bring on board some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai to help you curate the right material to be shared with your audience. 

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