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How to Review the Work Delivered by a Freelance Content Writer

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Many website owners are always on the lookout for the best freelance content writers in Dubai to help them curate content for their websites. Having content published on these sites is not the only thing to consider, especially if you are running a business. A lot goes into consideration, including the readability of the piece, command of the language, and proper optimization. Having your content optimized is crucial for ranking on SERPs (search engine result pages).

Although there are various skills to look for in a freelance content writer before hiring them, that is never enough. You need to ensure that you are getting nothing short of the best for your website to succeed. But how will you know that the piece written for you is good enough? Here are five ways to determine all that:

1. Check the quality of work.

The quality of the assignment is determined by several factors. Some of the questions to ask yourself to assess the quality of the work submitted include: 

  • Is it an original piece of work, free from plagiarism?
  • Does the tone match your requirements?
  • Does the writer have a good command of the language used?
  • Is the assignment free from grammar errors and other mistakes?
  • Does it have a good flow?
  • Does it pass the intended message without digressing from the topic?

These questions are simple but have a major impact on the quality of your content. You can make good use of some of the best tools that every freelance writer should have.

 2. Matching against the original instructions & description

Apart from being able to deliver quality work, a good freelance content writer in the UAE should follow all the instructions provided to the latter. Before a project is handed out, the client often provides a set of instructions that have to be followed by the writer. If they are not adhered to, the tone and style might change, making it sound irrelevant to the client. 

Before approving any task submitted, the client ought to go through it and match it against the original description and instructions. If something is amiss or doesn’t add up, then they can request a change.

3. The format of delivery

There are various formats that freelance content writers in Dubai can use to deliver their work. However, none of them matter if the writer doesn’t use the specified delivery formats requested by their clients. 

For starters, apart from using the standard Microsoft Word or Google docs platforms, one can be required to deliver their work with infographics, using embedded videos, interlinks & hyperlinks, the use of high-definition images, etc. 

While scanning through the submitted task, check whether the correct format of delivery has been used. You shouldn’t accept it if it is in a different format, as this would only inconvenience you. 

4. Changes made per the revision request.

No one is perfect, and one might find a thing or two that ought to be revisited by their freelance content writer. When the edited copy is shared, you should look at the writer’s capacity to follow instructions and how they made the corrections. Does the content still appear natural, or were the revisions forced? 

5. Ask other team members to review the work.

There is a popular phrase that we can all be excellent coaches but find it hard being the players. This means that it is easier for you to critique someone else’s work than your own. After the completion of a project, if you do not have an editor present, you can request other team members to review the work. They can easily point out any points of contention that the writer couldn’t see.


There you have it – all you need to know to help you review the work delivered by a writer. Luckily, there are more experienced freelance content writers in Dubai that ensure that all the instructions have been followed and that the work is of high quality. This saves you all the trouble that you would have undergone to review their work.

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