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5 Useful Tips When Choosing a Niche For A Blog

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Blogging has become increasingly popular within the globe today. Several bloggers have been able to influence some significant decisions around the world, culminating in moments of historical change, as witnessed recently. The term niche appears in many publications that tend to guide beginning bloggers. For a freelancer in the UAE intending to start their own blog, the term means subject matter or topic.

For you to run a reputable site effectively, it is important to stick to a specific topic. By this, you will be able to identify, attract, and maintain an audience who will follow your fresh postings each time. Once you become consistent and conversant with your audience, then you have the world to conquer. Keep reading for useful tips on choosing a perfect niche for your blog.

5 Effective Ways To Select The Right Niche For Your Blog

Your blog is as excellent as your choice of niche. To help you find a captivating subject area, here are points to get you started.

Select an array of topics that you like. Brainstorm through each and gauge how much you know about each item. Eliminate the ones you know little of and take a deep dive into the remaining. You don’t need to be an expert in any of the topics; the goal is to settle on one that you enjoy. In doing so, it is easy to create content that will attract potential buyers to your site. The niche is not limited to a hobby or a product.

Below are a few points to consider before settling on a topic.

  1. Don’t fall into public pressure and demand. Avoid an issue that you know little about, and you lack the interest to follow even if it is trending. You will soon run out of ideas and start struggling to develop content. As a result, you will not be able to deliver as expected.
  2. Do not pick a topic that only excites you alone. You are likely to lack an audience and excellent opportunities for making money. Blogging requires you and your audience to establish a rapport based on gainful engagement and satisfaction.
  3. You can take a topic that is widely accepted and that you can talk deliver. However, to note is that some topics are seasonal judging by the trends. Your audience is likely to shift as soon as a new pattern emerges.

Target Audience

It is essential to know and specify who you want to receive the message. The type of audience will depend on the choice of the topic. A topic contains many subtopics in it. For instance, when addressing the subject of food, there are several dishes involved. One can choose to talk about Arab cuisine or African dishes as a topic instead of talking about food in general. By doing so, you will get a specific following that will grow depending on your accuracy of the subject and the consistency of your postings.

Research For Bloggers With Similar Topic

A topic may have numerous or few bloggers. Reaching out to an audience may be challenging due to the saturation of content or lack of sufficient material. It is vital to search online to gauge the demand and the content available. You will be able to identify and address existing gaps. Most important is that you will be able to see the potential and the steps to take to realize it.

The Money Factor

There are several reasons to start blogging. Earning money may be one. Most bloggers may not be attentive to this aspect when setting up. Some are merely interested in blogging and often do not follow through on how to monetize their sites. However, for a freelancer in Dubai,  if you wish to get money through your site, test your niche by the points below;

  1. Survey whether there are advertisements or products on sale that are in line with your topic.
  2. Check for affiliate products that are on offer at competitors’ sites by going through affiliate links.
  3. See if there are reputable brands and businesses which have placed advertisements on related sites.
  4. Consider a way to create your product and sell it to your audience.
  5. The above will enable you to decide on how to start a blog that can earn money.


Choose a niche that has a wide range of new information. Look for an ageless topic. Avoid short-term occurrences, for instance, the likes of an election. To maintain the same following, concentrate on content that will be easier to expand without necessarily renaming your site. 


Selecting a suitable niche site begins by finding your passion. It is advisable to take a topic that you are conversant with. Choosing a topic that interests you will offer the right motivation to create captivating content for your audience, especially if you are starting as a freelancer in the UAE. The niche should not be too broad to get lost in or very narrow with limited content.

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