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How to Take the Headache Out of Content Writing – Easy Content Writing in 2021

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You must have, by now, understood that writing stellar content for your website helps it to grow, having more visitors thanks to the search engine optimization. Whether you are taking care of all the work for your own website, or you have been contracted as a freelancer, you should not expect the road to be always smooth. 

Some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai have also come forward, stating that their journey of content writing has not been an easy one. They have faced numerous challenges which, if you asked, are rather common to every other writer out there. The majority of writers undergo the same types of issues; hence, the solutions are related.

All content begins with the written word, regardless of the version that is used to present it. The same procedure one uses to present their idea or message in a video is the same one that is used when writing content. Only the production bit changes. 

Regardless of the type of content you wish to write, you have to look for ways to save you all the trouble – all the headache that is associated with the practice. Here are some of the best strategies to employ to take the headache out of content writing.

The Creative Process

Content writing, as we know it today, has really changed from how it was several years back. This is because there are currently over 1.5 billion websites on the internet, and you won’t lack a few thousands or even millions in the same niche as yours. 

Therefore, you will all be competing for the same audience, so for you to stand out from the rest, you have to look for creative ways to deliver your content. One has to employ other skills as a content writer, beyond just writing. The creative process starts with the first idea of what you wish to write to the editing process. 

While this might seem a little overwhelming to beginner freelance content writers in the UAE, follow these simple procedures to make your writing less frustrating.

Select your topic and approach

As a writer, you might sometimes get an idea springing up to you fully defined and ready to be put down. This is, however, on a rare occasion. In most cases, writers often get ideas to write on in the form of a broad topic which one ought to play around with before getting a final concept that is worth writing on.

For you to beat the headache associated with coming up with a new topic to write on, you can follow some of these tips:

  • Have a content calendar where you will take one day to note down all the topics you would wish covered within a stipulated amount of time. This saves you the trouble you might have to undergo to come up with one.
  • Look for the gap realized from trending topics. Make your work unique as this is one of the methods used by Google to rank a page. If you must write on a particular topic, then ensure that you are simply copying and pasting whatever has been captured elsewhere.
  • Use a topic idea generator tool. This is one of the most essential tools that every content writer should have as it helps you out whenever you have reached the writer’s block and can’t come up with a topic. These tools will utilize the information you provide (including the keywords) to come up with some of the possible topic suggestions.


When researching, you need to get as many useful sources as possible to back up your claims. Once you have searched for articles related to the keywords you keyed in, you should read or skim through the content that is found in authority sites and fetch any statistical data you need. 

Primary sources are usually the best for this type of information as they are more trusted and tend to add credibility to your work.

Organizing your work

At this point, you should have narrowed down on what you wish to write on, and are already armed with all the relevant information needed to be put in your words. To help you ease your organization, you may want to follow this simple strategy used by experienced freelance content writers in Dubai:

  • Introduction to the topic 
  • Get the people’s attention by taking them through what the post seeks to achieve.
  • Body. In this section, ensure that you deliver all that you had promised in the introduction.
  • Summarize and finish it up by taking the writer through your last main point.

These steps are simple yet often overlooked. With these points, you will easily get to organize your work without any problems, hence taking away the dreaded writer’s block. 


Editing is the final stage for any writer before they submit their work. Ensure that you have dedicated a few uninterrupted hours into proofreading your articles and ensuring a good flow of ideas and correct grammar usage.

There are many editing tools you can make use of to help in shortening the amount of time one goes through the entire document.

That’s it!

Every writer goes through the same process when trying to deliver quality work. Writing should be fun. Therefore, experiencing a headache because of it should be the last thing to happen. If you wish to extend your career to greater heights, you can also join a pool of other talented freelance content writers in Dubai. 

With no time, you will learn how to deliver top-notch content without straining yourself. 

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