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How to Take the Headache Out of Content Writing – Easy Content Writing in 2021

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The marketing scene has seen a lot of changes thanks to rapid technological advances. A few years back, the internet was only a text-filled world, but all that changed over time. Today, the internet has become a conglomerate of ‘everything.’ But one thing that’s most clear is, people now prefer interacting with photos and videos than just regular text. For instance, if we didn’t add any image to this article, would you have read it at all? Probably not.

The digital age is constantly creating a divide on how people consume content, and freelance digital marketers in Dubai have been forced to up their game lest they get left behind. So how has the method of content consumption changed? How has it impacted how marketing is now done?

How different generations consume media

It is now clear to you that the way people take in information has gradually changed over the years. However, it would be prudent to understand that different generations still consume content differently, even though the difference is minimal.

For instance, according to statistics, millennials mostly prefer using social media platforms, unlike baby boomers, who still prefer the old school tubes. So what does this mean for the modern-day marketer? In a nutshell, if your target audience is a 20 something years old person or a teenager, you may want to invest greatly on social media platforms.

However, if you want to sell medical products (or something of the sort) to a 60-year-old, the best marketing strategy would be buying a spot on the 9 o’clock news to advertising your products.

What type of media should you share with your target audience?

The main changes brought about by digital technology in the marketing field, including the nature of content creation and distribution. It is no brainer that the future of content creation will be based on consumption trends. This means that freelance digital marketers in Dubai will have to conform to the changing trends and adjust accordingly.

Consumers are more likely to skim through text-heavy content – if they even will take go through it. Long-form content is also a no-no as very few will actually pay attention to what’s written on it. However, the majority of them are more likely to consume social media posts, images, or videos. News articles also perform way better as they keep people hooked through educating and entertaining them.

Today’s content has to be kept short and sweet, with eye-catching visuals included. Even though you’ve written the content that your audience craves, it is still crucial to follow the basic rules of content writing which include: breaking up content with headers and subheaders; using shorter sentences and paragraphs; having more white spaces; and most importantly, optimizing content for mobile users.

Social media, which is mostly synonymous with the millennials also needs to be closely looked at before launching any campaigns through it. Not all your target audiences are found on any platform. You need to conduct your market research and identify which platform is right for you.

Content Marketing for the Digital Age

With all that said and done, staying ahead of the competition is the surest way for any business to survive the harsh competitive markets. You need to discover which platforms your audience uses the most and adjust accordingly. Although all this might seem like an overwhelming task, it becomes much easier with an experienced freelance digital marketer in Dubai by your side.

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