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5 Content Writing Skills that Win Buyers

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Content marketing is the new advertising wave that has gradually gained popularity over the last couple of years. Today, it is every brand’s dream (whether big or small) to create engaging content that helps them to create a strong bond and connection with their followers. This is the reason that necessitated the rise of freelance content writers in Dubai. However, this is easier said than done. 

If you were asked to name the most crowded place in the world, you would probably pick out a name of a country or city that comes to mind. However, as an entrepreneur, you should understand that the internet is currently the most crowded place. There are over 4.5 billion regular users of the internet today, all searching for different things. 

Owning a website is now a necessity for every business owner. This is the place you will post everything about your company and try to lure people to get into business with you. Owning a website is, however, only 1% of your marketing strategy. A lot lies in what the site is made up of, how it looks like, and how you have optimized your content to become more user-friendly.

It is no surprise that many brands struggle to create content that actually converts. This is because even with a good website, the material itself might not be appealing enough to the potential buyers. If you wish to outsource the work from other people, it is recommended to get a freelance writer with the necessary skills and expertise. Otherwise, your investment might just go down the drain. 

Either way, should you decide to do all the work by yourself, you should know how to take away the headache associated with content writing. Moreover, you ought to be armed with some techniques that will help you to deliver A-plus content for your website. 

Take a look at our 5 content writing skills that win buyers.

1. Align your tone to fit your audience

Before you even start to write, it is important first to identify your audience. What are their ages? Will they understand you if you use your industry’s jargon? All these should define your writing style, and eventually, determine how the content leads to conversion. 

Freelance content writers in the UAE have familiarized numerous tones of writing one can use, including formal, informal, ironic, solemn, etc. Pick one that your audiences will connect with you more when reading your posts. 

2. Solve the reader’s problems

If you have been researching for a while, you will notice that there are times you need the answers to a certain problem. The first place you will think of is Google or any other reputable search engine. You will find several websites, all claiming to provide answers to your questions. 

The only problem is, not all these websites show you an indication of answering your questions within the first five seconds of being on the site. This prompts you to close the website and search for your answers elsewhere.

Well, the best way to keep the visitors on the site for longer is by showing them that you understand their predicament and that you will provide the right answers in that post. Once this has been established, you will reduce the bounce rate on your website.

3. Less is more

Writers can sometimes get a little bit…wordy. It is not a crime to do so, but when it comes to content marketing, this should be left out entirely. Your sentences need to be short and clear and without any unnecessary filler words. This is content writing and not poetry, hence, the shorter, the merrier. 

When it comes to creating content that is meant to help in enabling sales, you have only 8 seconds to grab the reader’s attention and get them to purchase your brand. So make sure that you keep it all short. So how will you succeed in doing that? 

One major element to consider is the use of numbers that actually speak louder than words. You don’t have to write a whole paragraph explaining to your readers how your product will help them. Having a stats figure to tell all that is more impactful. 

Another way you can achieve all these is by resisting the urge to write down everything in a limited space. Try to figure out the most important pieces of information and make them stand out clearly. There are many content writing courses for aspiring writers that you can also take advantage of, to know how to shorten your pieces – straight to the point.  

4. Nail your research

Humans tend to look for the legitimacy of things before they take them seriously. They will want to know that whatever you claim is credible before they can act upon whatever you are selling or redirecting them to. 

As a freelance writer in Dubai, one needs to be fully armed with the relevant third-party data that they can leverage, in their own posts. Third-party sources include books, articles, and other publications that are available online. You have to understand that the information you use doesn’t come from you so you ought to be careful about how to use it.

However, this data can also prove to be handy for you, especially if you are not a seasoned content writer. You can leverage the data and expand it to create more interesting content for your readers. Such type of research helps to shed more light and answer the majority of questions that your reader might have. To make your content valid, you can also throw in a few figures and statistics. Ensure that wherever you get the data should also be accurate.

5. Create SEO-friendly content

With too much competition for readers by every website in the world from your industry, there is a need to make yours stand out – or at least become visible when visitors perform a search. No matter how good your content is but has not been optimized for search engines, no one will find it. 

So how will you optimize your content for SEO? Here are 2 key pointers to note:

  • Use the right keywords in your posts correctly. To help you with that, you can look for some of the best keyword research tools which will help you in coming up with the right words and phrases to use in the post naturally. Google trends, which is software that shows you the trending keywords, is one of the tools that every content writer must-have.
  • Keeping your content reader-friendly also involves the use of the right formatting practices, funnel, etc.


Creating A-plus content is as simple as that. If you wish to get more content-driven sales, it is best to consult with some of the finest freelance content writers in Dubai on how your writing strategy should be. 

Do you agree with our list? Share your views in the comment section below.

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