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How to write an offer letter for freelance content writers

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Long after you placed an ad and interviewed the potential candidates, you have now found one that’s fit enough to become your next freelance content writer in Dubai. But how do you seal the deal? That’s where an offer letter comes in. This post takes you through all that you need to know regarding writing a comprehensive offer letter to freelance content writers.

But what’s an offer letter anyway?

A job offer letter is essentially used to formally offer an employment opportunity or a position to the preferable candidate. The letter comes with all the key job details the employee is to take charge of, alongside the package being offered as you give the chosen candidate the confidence to accept.

The same letter also includes other job details, including the job title, compensation, and so forth ‒ much of it to be discussed later in the article.

It would help to note that an offer letter is not the final seal, as the candidate’s signature or agreement is the last required thing before they begin working. At times, the candidate may refuse the offer mentioned within the letter; thus, creating room for negotiation. Once the ideal terms have been reached, the employer thereafter drafts a new offer letter, which the candidate may accept.

It is also important to understand that once the candidate signs (or accepts) the offer letter, it doesn’t still count as a legally binding employment agreement. An employment agreement (or contract) is a different document that details how the relationship between the two parties will be and offers legal protection to both of them.

What’s included in an offer letter?

As earlier mentioned, an offer letter provides a brief overview of what the job entails, welcoming the new hire to the company, alongside other essential details that ought to be covered therein. There isn’t one single standard format that you must follow when writing an offer letter, as the details vary from one organization to another.

Here are the sections or details that you can include to make your offer letter to a potential freelance content writer in Dubai more comprehensive.

1. Company details

Ensure that you make it clear that the letter comes from the company or organization and not just an individual. Even if you work for your venture (and perhaps the only employee there), the offer letter needs to come from the company. As the curator of the letter, you can send it to the candidate on behalf of the organization.

Some of the crucial details to include are the company’s logo, contact information, and other important details such as the website URL.

This is a foolproof method used to encourage potential employees to keep reading and consider your offer more seriously.

The data and the candidate’s contact information

Just as you would when writing a formal letter, it would be prudent to include the date the letter was sent and also include the candidate’s contact information. You do not have to add all their details, but their official name, address, city, state, and zip would suffice.

2. Opening line

The greetings or opening lines are the first things a candidate looks at even before looking at any other details within the letter. But why is this the case? For starters, the opening line is where the congratulatory message is placed, which usually hooks the recipient to the letter.

You should start your offer letter with “Dear,” followed by the candidate’s name (you should mention their full name though). The next thing to do is congratulate them and show your enthusiasm to have them on board as the next company employee. Use a positive and more upbeat opening line like:

“We are very excited to offer you a position at {name of company} as a {job title}!”

Depending on your company’s culture, you are free to make the offer letter sound more casual or a lot more formal.

3. Job details

Even though you had listed the job specifications on the advert or job description, you need to delve deeper into the job specifics here too. Some of the core things to mention are:

  • The formal (or official) job title
  • The anticipated start date
  • The classification of the employment (is it permanent, contractual, or freelance)?
  • If it is contractual, for how long does the contract run?
  • Is it a remote role or in-office work?
  • If it is in-office, where is the job location situated?
  • What are the reporting times?
  • Who does the candidate directly report to? Is there a chain of command (a protocol to follow), or are they allowed to communicate directly with upper management regarding operational issues?
  • What are the core responsibilities or roles associated with the position?

Job details to include in a freelance content writer’s offer letter

As you know that you’re already searching for a freelancer; in this case, you may not have to go through all the trouble that you would have if you were to offer a permanent or contractual job offer. Nevertheless, there are some important details that you should include that specifically target a freelance content writer:

  • In regards to the tools and software

Freelance content writers in the UAE use numerous tools to help them deliver top-notch content. Some of the tools that a content writer must have include grammar-checking tools, plagiarism software, audit tools, and so forth.

Some of these tools are paid for, and it would be ideal to notify the candidate if the company provides and pays for such tools. On the other hand, you can also inform the candidate to report for work fully armed with their own subscriptions and that the company doesn’t pay for such tools. This is an important piece of detail as it helps both parties avoid any future disappointments.

  • In regards to the workload

A freelancer is someone that is not affiliated with any specific company or employer. This means that they are permitted to work for other companies or individuals. To avoid inconveniences in the future, it would be prudent to indicate the amount of work you’d expect the freelancer to handle within a specified period.

Will it be based on the number of words written or on the number of completed projects? The candidate needs to know all these details to enable them to plan their schedules better, giving them ample time to work with other clients.

All these nitty-gritty details allow the candidate to know what to expect if they’re to accept the offer and clarify any details that may have been overlooked during the interview process.

4. Compensation

Clearly explain the compensation package that you’re offering. There are different methods that freelancers in Dubai get paid, so you ought to go into the specifics. Touch on the rates you’re offering and whether the writers will get paid on a per-hour basis or per project terms. You should also indicate how often they’ll get paid: will it be weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly?

What are the modes of payment that the company uses? This is because there are various mediums such as wire transfers or online payment platforms such as PayPal. You can also touch on bonuses, equity, commission structures, etc.

5. Benefits

The job description determines the benefits that new hires may enjoy once they join the organization. For instance, a full-time employee stands to enjoy more benefits than a freelancer. However, it is paramount to include a list of benefits that the freelancer stands to enjoy once they accept the offer. Some common benefits that freelance content writers in the UAE get to enjoy are:

  • Flexible working hours
  • Timely reports and feedback on the work done
  • Flexible time-off plans
  • Educational assistance
  • Free subscription to premium tools and software.

6. Mention other documents that the new hire should sign

Apart from the offer letter, you should also bring to the candidate’s attention any other documents they may have to sign should they accept the offer. An example of such would be an NDA (a non-disclosure agreement) that inhibits the employee from sharing the company’s secrets with a competitor or an outsider.

An at-will agreement is also one of the documents that the freelancer may sign. It is used to indicate that either of the involved parties may terminate the contract without any legal consequences.

7. Offer letter expiration date.

It would be wise to add an expiration date to the offer letter. Once you have interviewed prospective candidates, you would rank them, beginning with the most preferred choice. However, they may not always accept your offer. To make it worse, some may take too long to respond to your offer, while others may not revert since they do not wish to take up the task.

To save yourself all that time, you should include an expiry date on the offer letter. This indicates that the candidate must respond whether accepting or rejecting the offer within a specified time. If no action is seen from the candidate’s side within that time frame, the employer will thereafter source for another employee, preferably on their list.

Should you decide to include a deadline, you can give the candidate a reasonable timeframe, say at least a week before you take further action.

8. Closing line

End your offer letter with a catchy closing line that stresses your enthusiasm to have the candidate on board. You should also provide your contact information that the candidate may use to reach out to you should they experience any issues or have any further queries. Furthermore, you should also have a line at the end of the letter to give the freelancer space to sign should they accept the offer.

Job offer template

Here’s a quick template that you can use when creating a job offer for a freelance content writer in Dubai:

Dear [Candidate’s name],

We are excited to offer you a position at [company’s name] as our [job title]/

We’re just a few formalities away from getting down to work. Please take the time to review our formal offer. It includes important details about your compensation, benefits, and the terms and conditions of your anticipated employment with [Company Name].

[Company Name] is offering a [freelance] position for you as [job title], reporting to [immediate supervisor] starting on December 7, 2023 at [workstation or indicate if it is a remote role – ignore if job description already indicates this as a remote role].

You’ll be expected to complete [indicate how much work or time the freelancer should do] of work during your stay with us.

In this position, [Company Name] is offering to start you at a pay rate of [dollar amount or annual base salary] per [year, hour, annually, etc.]. You will be paid on a [weekly, monthly, etc.] basis, starting December 7, 2023.

As part of your compensation, we’re also offering [ describe your bonus or commission structure here].

As an employee of [Company Name], you will be eligible for [name benefits such as a free subscription to premium tools and software].

Please indicate your agreement with these terms and accept this offer by signing and dating this agreement on or before [offer expiration date].

Sincerely, [Sender Name and role in the company]

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most important details to include in a job offer letter for a freelance content writer?

The most important details to include in a job offer letter are:

  • Position title
  • Employment type
  • Compensation and payment frequency
  • Work schedule and start date
  • Reporting structures
  • Job offer expiration date

Is a job offer letter the same as a contract?

No. although these two are often used interchangeably by most people, they are two different concepts. A job offer letter is a document that tells the candidate that their application was successful and goes ahead to indicate a brief scope of the job. This includes what the candidate should expect with the role.

However, a contract is a legally binding document that takes into account the full scope of the work to be done by the freelancer, including other legal sections such as the terms of termination of service.

Where can I find freelance content writers in Dubai without sending out an advert and conducting long interviews?

Searching for freelancers shouldn’t be as hard as scouting for a full-time in-house employee. The process should be a lot simpler for the employee as there shouldn’t be much to look into, apart from the candidate’s ability to perform diligently in the role. If you’re looking for a good freelance content writer in Dubai, you should check out reputable job boards from the region, such as Bawabba, and you’ll be sure to save yourself lots of time and other resources.


Well, there you have it: a complete overview of the ideal offer letter for your preferred freelance content writer in Dubai. What other tips do you know of? Let us know in the comments section below.

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