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Peer Critique Versus Professional Editing: When, Why and How to Use Both

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Since the occupation of writing came into being, there has been constant debate. A debate revolving around peer critique and professional editing. Academics of the world still face this problem while discussing it.

Even though it is fairly simple to understand, some people just would not accept the opposing view. But it has to be settled. So, right now, we are going to understand it by layering it down to the basics.

Peer Critique

When we join a research institute, there are tons of studies going on. Students are supposed to conduct one for themselves too. In some such institutes, it is almost an obligation to do so. Without a research paper, students are rendered to fail in their semester.

These research papers have to be carefully written. Of course, since the success of the student depends on it. No matter how impeccable one’s writing is, there are often things that are overstated or understated. Things that miss the eye.

In order to figure that out, there exists a body called peer critiques or peer reviewers. Now, the job of a peer critique is simple.

When a scholarly piece of written work is presented. A peer critique is asked to evaluate it. A peer reviewer is most likely an expert on the subject matter. His job is to simply analyze the text and determine its overall quality, originality, and validity. He also keeps in mind the grammar and other aspects of language.

Professional Editor

On the other hand, a professional editor has quite a similar job. But it contains just a slight change. A professional editor has to study the article and spot the mistakes. It encompasses the essence, quality, and grammar of the subject matter.

Once that concludes, a professional editor can start working on the mistakes. He or she has various options available. Sometimes, they consult the original author and discuss it before editing the text.

Other times, the editor just goes ahead and finishes the improvisation. Under such circumstances, the editor has complete faith and trust in his or her skills. They believe that their expertise is enough to bring about the change in the paper.

However, it must not be mistaken. It does not necessarily have to be a research paper. Any piece of text written by a freelancer abroad or freelance content writer in Dubai could have a peer reviewer. Additionally, they can hire an editor too. Many of them are available on Bawabba.

When, Why, and How to Use Both


Feedback from peer reviewers is where most of the writers begin. One of the main reasons could be because it is free. Peer feedback most likely, if not always, falls into the framework of peer critiques.

Therefore, peer critique is often provided in chunks. And not in a book form. That is because of the constant communication or reciprocity expected with the author. It is understandable that without a word to and fro, the peer reviewer might stumble on the original idea of the text. So it is of utmost importance to have a channel of communication.

This type of review is useful when you are in the early stage of writing. Also, when you believe that you work best when you have ongoing support.

The advantage of this kind of arrangement perhaps falls on the skill and expertise of those with whom you exchange the papers. If a freelance content writer in Dubai chose to exercise such a thing with an inexperienced peer reviewer, one could imagine the results as somewhat disastrous.

Although, sometimes the critique is ‘too kind’ for fear of upsetting the client. As it turns out, a bit of strictness could be interpreted as discouraging.

In contrast, the critique may be inappropriately harsh or respond based on how he would have written the text. But, you might receive valuable advice or something more akin to personal opinion.


As we move on to editors, we must bear in our minds that their fees vary accordingly. Their service can include an extensive report. But that is not the only thing that they do.

These experienced people provide line edits on every page, a narrative on the report, follow-up calls, and much more. They also provide the service of a general assessment of the manuscript’s strengths and weaknesses.

For such tasks, the charges vary. They usually depend upon two factors. Either you will opt for an hourly rate or a fixed price. And they may also be task-specific.

In this business, it is imperative to be on the same page. In other words, both parties involved need to have a mutual understanding of the task. Or else there would be another featured story of a writer being “ripped off” by an editor.

If a freelance content writer in Dubai does choose to hire a professional editor, there are certain factors that must be assured. The editor has to be knowledgeable about your type of content. Also, he or she must be able to provide recent and trustworthy references.

Normally, the employer has to ask for a trial period so as to test out the work of the employee. The editor is then asked to perform a sample exercise or submit sample pages. Then the employer accesses them to figure out if they match the expectations.

When there is a complete understanding, that is when you should hire him. You can find them on freelance websites such as Bawabba.


There are times when it is imperative to have a second opinion. Most content writers think that once you have put in your effort, it is a close case. But they are very wrong.

Even though you might have worked with a peer reviewer, there are always minute things left. Maybe the peer reviewer was trying not to disappoint so he only worked on some things and left others.

But when you hire an editor, he will look for things that the peer reviewer left. The overlooked, subtle things that he can correct. Actually, it is almost necessary to use both of them. One could be there for suggestions and evaluation while the other analyses and corrects the subject matter.

When both of them are working in collaboration with you, there are no worries over the quality of the paper that you may have to submit.

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