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The 10 Commandments for Freelance Content Writers

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Being a freelance content writer in Dubai is as challenging as it is rewarding. A lot of things have to be considered before you start your freelance writing career. Having top-notch written communication skills and adaptability are some of the most important skills every content writer should have. 

Everyone has their own perception of what good content is. There are numerous styles of writing articles that are all dependent on what message you’re trying to pass on and who the message is intended for. Furthermore, how you use the punctuation marks also matters. 

Even though there are basic laws on where and how to use different punctuation marks, some of them, such as the use of the coma, have varied ways of using. Some people prefer using Oxford Coma while others don’t like it. Nevertheless, while many people have their own unique styles, some rules just don’t change. 

Every writer should follow a few basic rules of writing regardless of what they’re writing about. There are ten writing laws, also known as the 10 commandments of writing. 

They include:

1. Remember your writing time and keep it holy.

More than often, we are engrossed in jobs or other things that we forget about our deadlines and fail to deliver the work as agreed. Time is a crucial factor if you wish to succeed as a freelance content writer in the UAE.  

Should you not adhere strictly to time, you may end up inconveniencing a lot of clients, and that’s how you may end up losing out. Always plan your time before starting your day. 

2. Thou shalt not steal.

In writing, stealing other authors’ work is a grave crime and is even punishable by law. However, getting the law to punish someone for stealing your work can be a time-consuming and costly affair. This is why search engine giants, such as Google, come to play. Plagiarizing content that has already been published elsewhere has detrimental impacts on your website.

Once your content has been flagged as plagiarized by Google, you get punished in many ways. The worst nightmare for bloggers is not having their web content ranked on Google, regardless of the SEO (search engine optimization) tactics they used. 

Luckily, various tools can be used to avoid such occurrences. The best is to look for the best plagiarism checkers of 2020 and use them before publishing any fresh content.

3. Thou shall not write long sentences.

Before you became a freelance content writer in Dubai, you probably underwent some training. The most important one is always keeping your sentences short. They become easier to read and comprehend, unlike long sentences. 

4. Your writing is a garden — weed it.

Just like weeds, you may find yourself writing unnecessary words in your articles. Cut them out. Always keep your sentences as precise as possible and straight to the point. 

5. Thou shall not be boring.

Have you ever read a piece on the internet and couldn’t simply finish reading it as it was too dull? That shouldn’t be your case. Use various techniques to involve your readers and always capture their attention. Use short sentences & paragraphs, pointers, rhetorical questions, etc. That’s the best way to prevent high bounce rates to your site.

6. Always have a direction.

For you to move from A to D, you must cover (or pass by) points B and C. Never be too jumpy with your content. Have a good flow as this is the only thing that will make your page visitors loyal readers. 

7. Always have a goal.

Every content you wish to write should have a target audience; otherwise, you would just be wasting your time. Identify what you want to achieve with your content and ensure to exhaust it fully.

8. Thou shall keep your friends close.

In this case, the best friends you should always have by your side are the best tools for freelance content writers. They’ll help you to ensure that you come up with the best titles, keywords, plagiarism-free, and also content free of grammar errors.

9. Unleash your enthusiasm.

Try mixing things up a little bit. All your articles shouldn’t follow the same, boring styles. Your readers will also want to come back for more if you give them a good reason to always look forward to your next posts. 

10. Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s style.

Be unique!

Bottom Line

These are the most common 10 commandments for freelance content writers in Dubai. Do you know of others? Let us know below.

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