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Top 10 essential paid tools used by content writers in 2020.

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1. Grammarly

Grammarly app was created by a group of American authors On 1 July 2009. It’s an American company that offers essential writing tools. It is a text editor. Grammarly App offers the following things:

1. Grammar checking

2. Spelling checking

3. Giving related synonyms.

Grammarly helps in improving your writing. It immediately highlights any mistakes in your write-up. It is easy to use. You can even use Grammarly on your mobile phones.

Content writers in Dubai have been using Grammarly for content writing, scriptwriting, and research papers. They prefer using Grammarly rather than hiring an editor.

Grammarly’s monthly subscription costs 110 AED. An annual subscription costs 514 AED.

2. Ideaflip

Ideaflip provides you with online sticky notes. These sticky notes help the content writers in brainstorming their ideas. With ideaflip, the content writers get a chance to discuss their ideas with their teams as well.

This is a very good tool for a group of people who are working together on a single project.

The teams will be able to participate in the discussion from the comfort of their homes. You can formulate ideas with ideaflip whenever you want.

Ideaflip charges around AED40 per month. In this amount, you can create infinite notes. Two people are allowed to work together in this package.

There is another package that charges AED300 annually in which you can make unlimited notes and there is no team limit either.

3. Stack Edit

Via Stack edit, you can save your files offline in your browser. These apps make your writing easily accessible.

Most of the freelance content writers in Dubai have started using this app. Stack edit also makes it easier to edit your work and share it in different places.

This app also easily downloads all your files and synchronizes your work with other documents. Stack edit is one of the cheapest apps available for content writers.

It only charges AED 19 per year and further discounts are also available which ultimately reduces the overall costs.

4. Hemingway App

Hemingway App is used to find errors in your writing. It highlights all the long sentences in your content for you to edit.

The best part of the Hemingway app is that it highlights your mistakes in different colors. For example, the pink-colored highlight shows all of the complex sentences in your writing.

Common phrases and adverbs are shown in blue color. This app also tells the readability of your writing. It helps the writers make their content easy to read and understand.

This aids the writers to be confident in their work. The Hemingway app also tells you the word count. This app is mostly used by content writers in Dubai and this app has brought convenience to the lives of the content writers.

The premium version of the Hemingway app is easier and cheap to use. It asks for a one-time payment of AED 74 and you can avail the services for the entire year.

5. Copy Scape

Copy Scape is a plagiarism detection app. By using this app, content writers can check if their work is getting copied. They can check if their content is unique or not.

Copy Scape offers a free checking tool, a premium checking tool, and copy entry protection. All three are best for plagiarism detection.

The premium package costs AED 18.36 for about 10 months. This app provides 500 free pages. And it further charges AED 0.9 per page.

Copy scape is one of the most user-friendly apps. Copy scape also provides useful tips to its users.

6. Ahrefs

With Ahrefs App you can see instant SEO metrics of the top-ranking pages. Ahrefs is extremely user-friendly and all reports are available with a single click.

The writer won’t need to copy-paste the entire writing into the Ahrefs for analysis. The Ahrefs App has gotten very popular amongst content writers. About 50% of the content writers in Dubai use this app.

Ahrefs app’s monthly subscription starts from AED364(personal) to AED3600 (agency). While annual subscription starts from AED3200 (personal) to AED330000 (agency).

7. Push notifications

Via the Push notifications app, your content is most likely to reach more audiences. A lot more people will see your content if you use the right type of push notification app.

Push notifications app will help content writers in Dubai access more audience as compared to Emails. The Push notifications app can be downloaded on your phone.

It is available on the web as well. However, it’s necessary to verify the type of push notification app you are using.

8. Buzz stream

Buzz stream is a software that helps content writers in Dubai to promote their work. It helps them to build relations with brands and buzz by adding new websites and bloggers to their database as they browse the app.

You can also find the influencers on the buzz stream by searching simple keywords. It will look up the most suitable influencer for your work. Through the buzz stream, you can also analyze the person who is promoting your work.

Buzz stream’s monthly subscription is AED 364. The app does not provide any free trials and can only be used on Google.

9. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is helping content writers all around the world master the search engine. With the help of Yoast SEO, content writers can defeat their competitors as well.

Yoast SEO tries its best to please visitors and search engine spiders. It has a group of dedicated developers and SEO experts.

Yoast SEO’s monthly subscription is AED 364 and you will get 1 site and 1 year of free updates and support.

10. Hubspot blog topic generator

Hubspot is a platform uniting software, education, and a community to help businesses grow better every day. This website was created by a group of MIT graduates for content writers.

Hubspot blog topic generator gives you new ideas for your blogs and websites every day. Hubspot gives you a free trial in the first month and after that, the monthly subscription is AED 183.

This app is best for content writers as it is affordable and easy to use.

Using these tools, these writers master their skills. There are a lot of experienced content writers in Dubai. You can find the perfect writer for your website on Bawabba.

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