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5 Best Blogs to Start in 2020

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Blogging is a beautiful career for anyone that wishes to express their ideas in writing, such as the case for freelance content writers in Dubai. Thanks to many developments in the technological sector, the internet is currently home to over 600 million blogs worldwide

The numbers keep increasing each day as everyone tries to find a space for themselves on the world wide web. Once you have had enough motivation to start a log, the main question that hovers around everyone’s minds is what type of blog to go for. 

There are many types of blogs out there, and naturally, each one of them has its own audience. If you love what you are writing on and are truly committed to, this can be a rewarding freelance career choice for you. However, it is not all just about starting the blog and creating content for it. Going for a profitable niche should be one of your key agendas when searching for a type of blog to come up with.

The main problem is that getting started and remaining focused on sticking to a particular type of blog is proving to be difficult for many beginners. Based on extensive research, this post seeks to offer you a helping hand in choosing your most preferred type of blog. 

Here are the 5 best blogs for freelance content writers in Dubai to start in 2020, that have better chances of turning leads into customers and have a chance of getting more traffic. 

1. Health & Fitness Blog

A health & fitness blog is one of the most popular types of blogs throughout the world. These types of sites experience a lot of traffic, and one might even be luckier if they had focused on a specific niche. If you have experience writing about health and fitness matters, then you shouldn’t down your tools just yet. 

There are many things bloggers of this niche tend to focus on, including:

  • Workout plans to target specific goals
  • Supplements that might help the reader to get the most out of their health or fitness-related activities
  • Diet plans for different categories of people and how to stick to them
  • Different types of recipes and menus
  • Sharing scientific facts and findings related to health and fitness

Many topics can be covered by someone who has chosen to go for this type of blog. However, even if you decide to become specific and choose only one niche, the competition will still be quite high. This means that you will have to bring out your A-game. You can decipher ways that you can become unique to boost traffic to the site.

2. Fashion blogs

Contrary to some popular belief, fashion is not just limited to clothes, but to designing, makeup, styling, hair styling, nails, etc. If you have a sharp eye for fashion ‒ styling, modern trends, etc., you can expect to have a good future here. Luckily for you, fashion is a broad spectrum, so you have to find a niche that you are well conversant with and establish your name there. 

As you can imagine, a fashion blog has to have more color, should be more vibrant, and appear beautiful in a way that attracts the attention of the reader. Apart from being knowledgeable in the content to write, it is best to also consult with some of the best freelance web designers in Dubai to create an interface that ensures that the page visitors do not leave fast.

If your blog becomes successful, you can get invited to product launches, new releases, and other big events that one can use to network with influential people in this industry, such as the best fashion photographers in Dubai.  

3. Personal blog

A personal blog is what is believed to have been the earliest type of blog on the internet. This is because a diary was the first journal to have been shared online in the 90s, and it contained a person’s expressions and feelings. That is exactly what a personal blog is all about. A platform where one can share their opinions, stories, feelings, and thoughts to a multitude of like-minded people. 

There are no specific rules regarding how these blogs are written, meaning one is not restricted to what they can write about. This is the reason why such sites are the real deal for those that wish to monetize their blogs. 

One of the main challenges one might face when writing a personal blog is that you need to connect with different types of people. They all have to be catered for since getting a specific group of like-minded individuals is quite daunting. 

4. Affiliate blogs

Affiliate blogs are used for marketing third-party products or services. The author of the blog recommends their readers purchase a product from another website by using their affiliate links. Whenever a purchase has been confirmed using the link you had provided on your blog, then you stand to make some commission. 

One of the biggest tricks to surviving as a blogger in the affiliate marketing niche is by ensuring that you have a lot of traffic visiting your blog regularly. Another tip to consider is to try and pick a niche that you are more likely to attract many visitors through your content. 

5. Travel blogging

Travelers are always looking for new and exciting destinations to visit with their families, and a reliable travel blog would come in handy. Such blogs cover the exploration topics of:

  • Dream getaways
  • New exotic places
  • The best vacation and holiday packages
  • The best discounts on fares, hotels, etc. 

Even though this is a highly competitive space, with the right strategies in place, you can create for yourself a name in the industry. You can build your blog to be the go-to place for all those who wish to seek more information on a travel-related query. It takes time to build credibility with the readers, but once the blog picks up, it will be very rewarding. 


These are the five main types of blogs one can venture into in 2020 and expect some good returns from them. However, two things will always have to be considered; the niche and writing content that is search engine optimized. Whenever you need a helping hand in creating more content for your blogs, you can always reach out to some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai for assistance. 

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