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When to Accept, Reject, or Request Revision from a Freelance Content Writer

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The easiest way to get quality content written for your website is by getting the services of an experienced freelance content writer in Dubai. However, with an increasing number of freelancers in the market, it is no brainer that some of them would deliver sub-standard work for you. 

Such shoddy work doesn’t resonate well with search engines such as Google, meaning they will end up punishing poorly written website content by making it fail to rank on its result pages. Moreover, if you depend on your site to boost sales, lousy content will chase your customers away instead of luring them into making a purchase. 

Luckily, there are ways you can know whether to accept, reject or request a revision from the freelancer regarding their submitted pieces. 

When to approve the content

Before handing out an assignment to your freelancer, you must have identified what you wish to achieve in the content you want them to write. This means that you have to offer them a list of instructions on how you want the project to be handled. So how will you tell whether you should accept the submitted piece?

The biggest mistake a content writer can make is submitting an article full of grammatical errors. When visitors to your site find so many errors in the content published, they might lose trust in your brand, which is harmful to your business. Furthermore, the bounce rate also rises, making it more difficult to rank you on the search engine result pages. 

You should only accept the content when it is free from any grammatical errors. Luckily, there are tools that freelance content writers in the UAE use, such as Grammarly, that will help you to highlight any grammatical issues.

The next thing to consider is whether your instructions were followed to the latter. Each client has their unique way of dealing with things, which forces the freelancers to become more flexible to accommodate your preferred style of submitting documents. While some employers require their writers to include hyperlinks and interlinks, you should ensure that they are valid and redirect the reader to the right location.

Does the title of the project match the content written in the body? Does it make sense? Does the writer have a good flow of ideas, or are they jumpy? If the answer to any of these questions is not ‘yes,’ then you shouldn’t accept it just yet. 

When to request a revision

If you want to request for revision of the content, it means that you are somewhat okay with the writer’s style, and command of the language, and that the content is useful for your readers. In some cases, you might even find that the content is well-researched, and the message is clear throughout the article. 

However, you may request for revision to be done if:

  • The readability of the article needs to be improved through the use of correct subtitles or numbering.
  • The interlinks and external links have not been used appropriately.
  • The keywords have not been used as you want them, or in other situations, they haven’t been used at all.
  • The content writer left out some vital information.
  • There are minor spelling errors

Since human is to err, freelance content writers in Dubai might make these simple mistakes once in a while. This shouldn’t warrant a complete rejection of the work, but you should also try to keep them motivated by giving them tips on how to improve their skills

When to reject

At other times, the client might deem it fit to reject the work of the content writer. This happens if they feel that the quality is way below average and that they would spend a great chunk of time trying to edit it on their own. While you might be lenient and ask for a revision in some cases, you may experience jokers and you feel like you should cancel them outright. 

One of the biggest sins a writer can make is submitting plagiarized content. If you passed the article through some of the best plagiarism checkers and it turns out that it is not unique, you have no otherwise but to reject it. Some writers decide to become cheeky by spinning content using online tools. When going through the article, it will be easier to detect if a spinning tool was used.

Another instance to reject the work is when the thoughts aren’t well-organized under the subtitles. If the writer keeps on digressing from the topic or writing fluff, then the article has to be rejected. A freelance content writer should possess excellent research skills, among other qualities to enable them to become better at their craft. 


Before you decide to reject or request a revision, you should first understand that no one is perfect, and mistakes do happen. However, some of the best freelance content writers in Dubai ensure that such simple mistakes seldom happen, hence providing you with top-notch content.

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