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14 Best Automation Tools for a Freelance Digital Marketer

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The global change in how entities carry out their businesses has resulted in adopting new methods, strategies, and actions aligned with the change. Besides, the Corona pandemic has not made things easy for most companies.

On the other hand, the pandemic has propelled online marketing to become a highly sought method of how business reaches their clients.

Therefore, there is an increased need for digital marketing specialists whose mandate involves the digital space and the marketing mix. The responsibilities and roles attached to this position go beyond merely marketing online.

A digital marketer some of them who are freelancers in Dubai work alongside a team of marketers in creating

  • Content strategy,
  • Develop E-commerce,
  • Optimize the marketing content by ensuring proper SEO practices and
  • Making social networking fully functional

Besides your qualifications as a digital marketer, you need to heighten your productivity to higher levels by simplifying customer communications with business management.                                

But, how do you align yourself and keep up with your client’s demands, challenges, and expectations?

In this article, the good news is that we highlight the automation tools that you can use as a freelance digital marketer.

1. Hubspot Automated Marketing Tool

How about software that handles all your marketing responsibilities?

Well, Hubspot is one such software. This marketing tool not only takes your career to another level but contributes to your customer’s satisfaction.

First, the package covers several software which are: marketing, sales, and service software. These are further divided into a marketing hub, sales hub, services hub, CMS hub, and operations hub.

Moreover, by using Hubspot, you get a deeper insight into sales, connect with customers, grow digital marketing traffic, and automate all the marketing processes.

But here is the hook, once you subscribe, you can use the tool for free. After that, however, you will only access a limited number of services. Besides, you can have more from HubSpot if you subscribe to the premium version.

 2. Omnisend Automated Marketing Tool

A digital marketer should be present in all marketing and sales information. That involves reducing your workload and pushing your clients’ sales impact.

However, to achieve that, you need a marketing tool that enables you to propel your marketing and sales goals without breaking a sweat. It is a lot easier when using the Omnisend automated marketing tool.

For example, you get to save time using the omniscient tool because of the customized marketing templates. The templates will handle all your messages and subject lines.

What is interesting?

You can include SMS in your workflow to reach more customers and thus boost how you deliver your work to clients.

Moreover, the omniscient automated marketing tool gives you a chance to link with other e-commerce tools and applications that you use as a freelance digital marketer.

3. Mailchimp Automated Marketing Tool

A successful marketing campaign requires you to put people at the center of all the marketing processes. In fact, you need to send the right messages, build a marketing brand with a custom domain, and combine all your data and marketing channels in one place.

This is why you need Mailchimp automated marketing tool. It is a tool that will build your brand and enable you to achieve successful online sales. Moreover, you make all your process automated under one roof.

That is not all; you have a closer connection with your clients through successful mailing, thus leading your clients to make a purchase.

The good news is that Mailchimp’s automated marketing tool allows you to build free 2,000 contacts and 10,000 email links with your clients every month for free. In addition, you will have free Ads included in that package.

It gets better than that when you create an account signup and get started today with Mailchimp.

4. Manychats Automated Marketing Tool

Did you know 50.64% of the total population in the world spends their time on social media?

It is a fact that as a digital marketer, you cannot ignore the impact social media has on your clients and your career. Besides, many organizations have embraced social media as a tool to reach their customers and push their services and boost sales.

How about you automate the way you interact and have conversations on Facebook Messenger, SMS, and Instagram?

Manychats automated tool handles sales and marketing through interactive communications on Instagram and Facebook. It is a digital marketing tool where you capture clients’ contacts, book appointments with them, sell products, nurture leads, and build relationships.

It is a straightforward marketing tool to build your account faster and connect with other marketing tools you use. Moreover, you connect with a movement of small business owners through the Manychat movement.

Therefore Manychat digital automated marketing tool is a conversation builder trusted by many businesses. That means as a digital marketer, you need Manychats to build a lasting relationship with customers.

 5. Sendinblue Automated marketing tool

It is a relationship marketing tool used by businesses and digital marketers alike. With this tool, you achieve much more, starting from reaching out to the right clients and producing the right content through email marketing, SMS marketing, and social chats.

Digital marketing involves encouraging your customers in their business. You help them by building and keeping track of their details. As a result, you save more time by building an automated marketing system that boosts your performance and increases productivity.

Moreover, with Sendinblue you can focus on a targeted audience and send messages directly to them. You will also be able to turn your visitors into potential customers.

As a digital marketer, you can use the Sendinblue automated tool to engage with your customers and build lasting relationships by having consistent and meaningful communications.

Interestingly, you can sign up with Sendinblue and send over 9,000 free emails every month. Alternatively, you can subscribe to a payable plan where you will be able to send up to 120,000 emails for as low as $66 per month.

6. Sugar market (salesfusion) Automated Marketing Tool 

Sales fusion rebranded to the Sugar market after sugar CRM acquired it in 2019. It is an automated marketing tool for digital marketers to drive traffic in advertisements and social networks.

Therefore, to improve on attracting new clients, and engaging and nurturing them, you need sales fusion. Built on a CRM platform, it is a marketing tool that changes how organizations push their sales online.

Moreover, its integration with other features generates leads through email marketing, web analytics, marketing asset management and tracking, and social media tracking.

Sales fusion offers a 100% solution by bridging gaps in the marketing world through technologically advanced processes. This optimizes the predictable steps of each marketing process resulting in increased revenue.

On the other hand, it is a cost-effective tool that, as a freelance marketer in Dubai, you need to have to scale your productivity.

7. Active Campaign Automated Marketing Tool

Active campaign automated marketing tool is one of the leading marketing automation tools that boost how you reach, engage and grow your customer base.

 How do you do that?

You only pass information that offers a personal touch to each client. Moreover, the messages passed to your clients need to be meaningful, transparent, and accessible.

Therefore Active campaign marketing tool has features that enable you to achieve all that you need. Features such as

  • Email marketing,
  • Contact management
  • Lead scoring
  • Engagement tracking
  • Site tracking

A successful digital marketer knows how to manage time effectively. Therefore active Campaign makes it more accessible and straightforward to automate and manage your workflow as you run marketing duties.

There is a free trial version. But you will have to sign up for an account at a manageable price of $9 for every 500 contacts. Moreover, you can install the Active Campaign automated marketing App on your phone to enjoy all the features.

 Unfortunately, there is no app designed to install on your computer.

8. Oracle Eloqua Automated Marketing Tool

Oracle Eloqua is a marketing platform that targets digital marketers dealing in B2B and B2C activities. Therefore it is a tool that enables you to take back control of your marketing campaigns as a seller and focus on campaigns that track customers throughout their purchasing cycle.

Oracle Eloqua allows you to use emails, social media, SMS, and web search channels as avenues you can use to track your customers and businesses.

Several features are available for you as a digital marketer, including:

  • Marketing targets and segmentations
  • Campaign management
  • Lead management
  • Sales and marketing alignments
  • Advanced intelligence(AI)

Besides, Oracle Eloqua puts you ahead of others by offering solutions for the integration of business systems, customer relations, and monitoring marketing tasks.

Moreover, Oracle Eloqua saves you time through adaptive, simplified, and faster marketing campaign management and extended data workflows.

On the other hand, you need to subscribe to basic or standard options. The basic option will cost you $2000 per month, while the standard plan costs you $4000 per month.

9. Pardot Automated Marketing Tool

As a digital marketer, understanding your client’s behavior and purchasing patterns enables you to make more informed marketing decisions. Therefore you need a marketing tool that is all-inclusive by creating a meaningful connection with customers.

The tool can engage the buyer in different platforms, close deals with them, and grow relationships with businesses.

Pardot is one such automated tool that is packed with excellent easy-to-use features. Besides, it helps you to grow and manage your online marketing campaign. By using Pardot, you will have effortless email marketing, personalized connections, and sales alignments that yield returns.

10. GreenRope Automated Marketing Tool

Having successful customer relations management involves email marketing, social media marketing, sales management, and project management under a single and simple platform.

GreenRope is an automated marketing tool whose mission is to offer a solution in various aspects of marketing. It enables proper contact management for easy email marketing, survey, and calendaring for faster project implementations.

Besides, you can assign tasks and store documents using the GreenRope automated marketing tool.

Moreover, using GreenRope enables easier integration of social media platforms in marketing. What’s more, as a digital marketer using Green robe, you encourage collaboration between your customers, vendors, and your marketing team.

Therefore, if you are a digital marketer dealing with small and medium-sized enterprises, GreenRope makes your work easier by integrating data into your marketing efforts.

You can go ahead and have a taste by trying their free trial, but you will start with a price of $129 per month once you finish the free trial.

11. Marketo Automated Marketing Tool

A marketing tool lets you discover the best marketing practices by engaging and tracking the right clients who make a good fit for your marketing strategy. Besides, building an automated marketing plan enables you to decide the best market channels that impact revenue.

In addition, use this Marketo Automated Marketing Tool by adobe to track, engage and nurture your customers through their purchasing cycle.

Above all, it is an automated marketing platform that helps you to create a database that has;

  • profiles,
  • history of engagements
  • Latest business state of your customers.

This enables you to prioritize content that boosts leads and growing partnerships resulting in achievable goals.

Therefore as a digital marketers, use Marketo to build a marketing channel that they prefer. Start today by getting hold of the free trial. After which, you have four different digital plans (select, prime, ultimate, and enterprise plan) you can explore depending on your business scope. But, you can get in touch with adobe to have a detailed pricing plan.

12. Constant Contact Automated Marketing Tool

Constant Contact Automated Marketing Tool is an email-automated marketing tool that a digital marketer can use to engage customers through smart business. Constant contact has integrated a feature that enables you to build a successful marketing campaign.

Moreover, you can scale your sales through customizable email templates. The templates allow you to deliver a more personalized email by using readily available editing tools.

Therefore with constant contact, you can use social media to do the following:

  • To generate more leads for your clients
  • Create and launch a marketing website
  • Create an online platform to sell your digital service
  • Promote the sale of a new service that you offer

Besides, with constant contact with automated tools, you don’t need web design knowledge or skills. Use your mobile device to build an optimized website by following the suggestions and content available.

Interestingly, this marketing tool has a one-month free trial. After that, you will have to choose a plan that best suits your business, starting at $20 per month, or email plus, which goes for $45 per month.

Therefore, as a digital marketer, be smart in all you do. Create, sell, communicate and share using constant contact.

13. Automated Marketing Tool is one of a kind when you are a digital marketer who is tech-savvy. By using this automated tool, you not only convert leads into sales, but you create a strategy that transforms how you engage with your customers by changing ideas into marketing realities.

Consequently, using this platform enables you to learn ideas from your customers, engage more, reach out to boost purchases, and nurture your customers.

That means, with customer .io, you can have your automated messages that trigger a transactional workflow, send automated emails, SMS, push messages and deliver data all in one platform.

Interestingly, you can program your messages and emails to reach the intended customer without delay as you wait for them to take action.

That is not all. As a digital marketer, you have 14 days to use a free trial version. Then a basic plan will cost you$ 150 per month, and a Premium plan will go for $995 per month.

14. Act-on Automated Marketing Tool

A successful digital marketing campaign allows a marketer to

  • Create customer awareness
  • Boost customers demands
  • Nurture the customer leads
  • And extend the customer’s purchase cycle

How about all these under one roof?

Act-on is a marketing tool that will supercharge your digital marketing pace. It makes your work easier by proper planning, launching, adapting, and optimizing your market trends.

Features integrated into Act-on include:

  • Automated journey builder
  • Customer lifecycle automation tool
  • Database automation tool
  • Website visitor tracking tool.

Unfortunately, this marketing tool does not have a free trial or a free version for you. Therefore you will have to pay $900 per month for a professional plan and $2000 per month for an enterprise plan.

Bottom line

Try the above-automated marketing tools that can supercharge your career as a top-notch and successful freelance digital marketer in Dubai. It is a competitive but rewarding career that not only helps companies to sell their products physically, but you boost their online presence. Lastly, freelancers in Dubai can make use of these digital tools and stir their career growth.


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