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Digital Marketing 101: Top Digital Marketing Skills in 2021

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Digital marketing is a broad field encompassing various career options. From social media administrators, planners, product ad buyers email marketers, and others; you can’t contain the digital marketing space. All these, however, have one thing in common. They are all using digital media; which could be in form of mobile, web, or both to reach out to their target market. 

Digital marketing in Dubai continues to evolve, and effective strategies in the past may not work in the future. This is why freelance digital marketers in Dubai need to be well equipped with the right skills to study the market and adapt to the current changes. If you are just getting started, worry not, as these skills can be learned. 

Top Digital Marketing Skills to Equip Yourself With

1. Content Marketing Skills

Content creation is at the core of every digital marketing platform. It plays a crucial part in the marketing strategy but is quite challenging. That said, a digital marketer should understand in-depth, not only how to create high-quality content but also engaging and SEO-friendly content. Content marketing goes beyond writing, editing, and proofreading blog posts to writing relevant and convincing articles that trigger the target market to make the desired action. 

Creating relevant and well-formatted content is a necessity for all digital marketers. However, incorporating SEO keywords will help optimize your content. Proper keyword use will also help rank the content better in search engines, making it easy for the target audience to find it. 

2. Analytical Skills

With the increase in the use of electronic media, digital marketers can collect large chunks of vital consumer data. However, if not properly utilized, this information will be useless. Whereas it isn’t necessary to understand how to perform the analysis, it is important to understand how to interpret the results. You can leave the complex aspect of analysis to one of the many digital marketing agencies in Dubai

Analytic information can be used to create and implement effective marketing campaigns. For instance, you can use the data collected to demonstrate to potential clients the difference your business services have brought from the starting baseline. Analytics can also be used to: 

  • Assess the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns 
  • Compile lists of target clients for email marketing 
  • Control costs-per-lead generated 
  • Generate digital marketing activity reports 
  • Negotiating digital media packages 
  • Specific industry research 
  • Tracking client reaction and conversations in social media 

3. Search Engine Optimization and SEM Skills

Search engine optimization and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are keys to every level of digital marketing. Therefore, any digital marketer working in a digital agency in Dubai should have unquestionable basic SEO and SEM skills. This doesn’t imply that you should immerse yourself in overly technical search engine practices but get a solid understanding of the basics and best practices. This includes how to optimize all forms of content, especially those that are crucial in running a successful digital marketing campaign. 

With the current increase in internet use, most people turn to the internet search for solutions. A significant number of these go for the services of a company that appears at the top of the search results. This is where you should be, and good SEO skills will land your business here. Note that SEO keeps changing, perhaps why an expert with a better understanding of SEO is a great addition to the digital marketing team. 

Nonetheless, some of the basics of SEO that digital marketers should understand include; 

  • Google analytics 
  • Search engine marketing 
  • Page authority 
  • Backlink strategy 
  • Developing an online marketing strategy 

4. Website Developing Skills

Digital marketers should have nearly a mix of every skill. Some slight SEO skills, slight analytical skills, and website designing skills. Website design is essential when it comes to creating a website, visual ads, coupons for promotions, and any other essential design work. It certainly pays for a digital marketer to understand the basics of web and graphic design.

All digital marketing agencies certainly rely on a team of experienced web developers for complicated design work. However, it is important to understand the basics of how the website captions are created. Besides, you should contribute to various visual design ideas to work as a team. 

5. Social Media Skills

Nobody will deny that the current social media craze is going nowhere, at least any time soon. Social media platforms are becoming a big space for engaging in public conversations. Therefore, all digital markers should take this advantage to engage with people, marketing your products and informing them more about the company’s products and services. 

Most people are familiar with social media, probably because they are using it. However, an effective digital marketer understands there is more to the “surface” social media everybody sees. Most businesses currently use social media platforms to reach their target clients. Similarly, these platforms have evolved significantly to match the required digital marketing needs. 

6. Mobile Marketing Skills

Statistics from HubSpot’s Research revealed that nearly half of B2B clients purchase their products from mobile devices. Similarly, 51% discovered a new company through smartphone searches. Since there is no limit to mobile marketing, digital marketers should refine this skill and advise their clients on innovative ways to reach more prospects through their smartphones. 

This involves creating mobile-friendly content to leverage consumer’s over-dependence on smartphones. 

The Bottom line 

Any interested digital marketer should adapt with ease to the ever-changing digital marketing trends. Note that digital marketers work in collaboration with other marketing teams, thus good communication and teamwork are also essential. Whereas there are a lot of skills to perfect when wading through the competitive digital marketing space, perfecting the basic hard and soft digital marketing skills is essential. 

Getting help from expert freelance digital marketers in the UAE is another easy way of notching digital marketing skills. This team of experts can perfectly handle all your digital marketing needs with utmost satisfaction.

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