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Tips for Creating Powerful Video Sales Letters

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Sales letters are essential marketing and communication tools. Initially, companies leveraged on written sales letters, but as the modern consumer craves more video-based content. This gave birth to video sales letters that have emerged to be a more effective marketing strategy, as argued by some of the best freelance digital marketers in Dubai. 

A video sales letter is a visual version of a sales letter that explores the problems which your product or service solves. In most cases, it is short and concise and goes straight to the point. There are no unnecessary writings on the video, only maybe a few explainers point that add more to what the viewer is already seeing. 

Such types of sales letters are more engaging than traditional, 10-page written sales letters. Furthermore, they take a shorter time to watch and are pretty much engaging. 

Freelance digital marketers in the UAE have identified the correct ways and, therefore, created trends that ought to be followed when writing a selling video sales letter. The suggestions put forward by these professionals are quite vital that they have been incorporated for teaching beginners at some of the best digital marketing colleges in Dubai. 

That said, we will implore the benefits of this type of marketing over the traditional methods, while also taking you through a number of proven ways to write a persuasive video sales letter. 

The Benefits of Video Sales Letters (VSLs)

Now that you know what a video sales letter is, what are some of its advantages?

1. Ability to Convey Emotion

According to a study conducted by Tempkin Group, individuals who have an emotional (positive) association with a brand are 8.4 times more likely to trust the company. Another study showed emotional ads increase sales by 23%. There’s no better way to convey emotion than using videos.

2. More Engaging

A well-crafted VSL is more captivating than any other sales medium. The visuals, story-telling, and ability to provide a solution to a problem enables a freelance digital marketer Dubai to leverage video sales letters to attract as many customers and keep them interested.

The secret is to find a great hook that reels in your audience within the first 10-30 seconds of the video. Don’t be afraid to hit people with interesting information, visuals, or messaging right away. The rest of the video should describe details about the offer while keeping the viewers interested.

3. Ability to Send Clear Messages

Video sales marketing in Dubai enables marketers to overcome different communication barriers, one of them being the clarity of the message. With video sales letters, marketers can quickly relay complicated messages faster to viewers and satisfy the customer’s needs with regard to finding a solution to their problems.

Animated videos are particularly effective as the messages can be customized to create an emotional connection with the target audience. Be sure to include a captivating CTA and a high-quality voiceover.

4. Higher Conversions

Naturally, consumers are more willing to see video content than written text. Using video sales letters exposes consumers to such content, which increases the probability of buying the product if it addresses their needs. The video demonstrated how the product suits the customer’s needs, alleviates anxieties to help the customer make an informed buying decision.

VSLs are very powerful when it comes to getting higher conversions if only the creator works towards lead generation in the first place. But how does this happen? How do marketers drive traffic to their video sales letter pages?

Here are a few quick ways this can be achieved:

  • Blogs – this is by far one of the most effective methods to drive traffic to one’s service page or, in this case, VSL pages. If the articles or whichever other content available on the blog is published, the readers might get convinced enough to click on the links to the VSL and eventually end up converting into buyers. Through these websites, one can get access to the different metrics that can be used to determine the success of a post.
  • Funnels – these click funnels, which can be attributed to services such as email marketing, can have the customers be pre-sold even before they get to view the VSLs.  Once the client signs up and provides their details, the marketers will, therefore, send follow-up emails with links to the VSLs, which by now, the customers are willing to give a fair watch.

The Correct Formula for a Winning Video Sales Letter

There are many ways of creating a good video sales letter script that sells. To sum it all up, the following are six of the best tips to be followed when creating a powerful VSL, as recommended by the best freelance digital marketers in the Middle East.

1. Attention grabber

Your opening should be catchy enough to surprise the viewers. It should force them to want to see more, and hint a bit at what they expect. The customers love to see you not only as an expert but also as a peer. 

Try to relate to them on a more personal level and assure them that you know (or feel) what they are going through.

2. Highlight the problem

What problem is that you wish to solve. Ensure that you have a great understanding of all these issues your clients face. You should back up your claims with enough statistics from reliable sources, facts, or quotes, which will help you to drive the message home. 

3. Hit the emotional aspect

One of the essential tips that digital marketers should have is the ability to relate to the audience on a personal level. You can begin by showing them how the problem affects their daily lives. You can go ahead and share a story of how you experienced the same issue and finally got a solution to it. 

The key here is to hit the emotional aspect, ensure that they see that as something you really have a clear understanding about. 

4. Introduce your solution

Once you have shared the problem, it is now time to introduce the solution. However, there is a trick here; you should do it gently and not sound as if you want to make a hard sell. Talk to them that the reason you are introducing the solution is to purely help them with the issues they are facing, and not necessarily for you to make a sale.

5. Establish credibility

This is the part where you position yourself as a trustworthy supplier or manufacturer. You can share your credentials here, but make sure that you do not come out as bragging.

6. Encourage action

You need to understand that customers like to be told when and how to take action. The last bit of your VSL should include a Call to Action (CTA) where you urge the audience to purchase your products. 

You can do this by creating scarcity, coming up with bonuses, discounts, or limited-time offers.


With the human mind able to interpret visuals faster than written text, video sales letters are a better marketing medium. As seen in this post, the videos should be captivating, short, and able to convey the solution clearly. 

Do you need help creating one? Worry not, as there are many experienced freelance digital marketers in Dubai who can create the best Video Sales Letters for you at affordable rates. 

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