10 Best online DJ stores in Dubai

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Becoming a well-known DJ in the ever-changing and competitive music industry isn’t easy, and the need for quality Dj equipment is a must. They say that a good DJ is just as good as the DJ equipment he or she uses. The same equipment, however, must be as good as the store that sells it. Leave aside the equipment’s brand.

A DJ job in Dubai is a demanding one, particularly if you have etched out an influential role in the industry. Furthermore, technical advances render the DJ’s equipment redundant over time, necessitating their replacement regularly.

Given the busy lifestyles and party addictions of people leaving in Dubai, it isn’t easy to find quality and dependable DJ equipment. As a result, the majority of people can shop at online stores.

However, finding the most reliable and trustworthy Online DJ store for your needs is not easy. In this analysis, we hope to assist you in identifying the Best Online DJ Store in Dubai and what factors to consider before selecting an online store to provide you with equipment for your DJ job in Dubai.

More specifically, we examine the ten best online stores that will hold your hand whether you are a novice or advanced DJ before you hit the pinnacle of your career.

Now, the available online DJ stores in Dubai that will hold your hand during purchase include the following

1.      Megsstar technology D.J. Online Store

2.      D.J. Corner online store

3.      Microless DJ Online store

4.      Jumbo Online shop

5.      Pioneer Online D.J. Store

6.      Gear-Up Me online DJ Store

7.      Muscimajlis DJ Online Store

8.      Dubizzle Online DJ store

9.      Audio Store Dubai

10.  Adawliah Electronic Appliances/D.J. online store

1. Megsstar technology Dj Online Store

Having been in operation since 2007, Megsstar technology Dj Online Store is the fastest-growing brand across the region. The store understands too well the importance of having a good relationship with the clients. However, maintaining a good relationship involves much more than just offering the necessary equipment for the DJs. That is why the store has robust customer care to handle all your inquiries and orders.

It is a leading online store in existence for over 10 years, providing Dj equipment that is the latest in the market, reliable, and of trusted brands in Dubai and across the globe. Under Megsstar technology, you get to find professional pieces of equipment both for Audio and music production. Moreover, their motto is to provide services that are beyond expectations.

Being an online Dj store in Dubai, it offers a variety of products.  Therefore as a DJ, you will find almost everything under one roof. The products offered include

  • Dj accessories, which are microphones, laptop stands, filters, and many more.
  • Dj equipment includes Dj mixers, CD players, turntables, connector cables, etc.
  • Microphones, various types are offered by the store; they include Vocal microphones, wireless microphones, condenser microphones, and other types mostly used by DJs.
  • Headphones

Getting in touch with Megsstar technology for your DJ equipment and accessories has been made simple. You can contact them in four different ways either to make an inquiry or to place an order

  1. Social media platforms. i.e.facebook, twitter and instagram.
  2. By way of a postal address

Megsstar technologies general trading LLC,

Office; 706 Atrium center

Khali Bin Walid Road-Bur Dubai

Dubai –UAE

PO BOX 186508

  1. You can also send your inquiry by email using
  2. Apart from the above, you can also contact the store via phone

Mobile number +971502829730

Telephone number +97142221114

Megsstar technology is a one in all kind of online Dj store in Dubai. Visit their website and sample out the different available DJ equipment for your DJ job in Dubai.

2. DJ corner Online Store

Having a store created for DJs by the DJ builds confidence and trust while shopping for Online DJ types of equipment. Whether you are a new entrant DJ or a seasoned Dj in Dubai, the Dj Conner online store has everything for you.

The store was started in July 2017 by the DJs after realizing a gap in the provision of types of equipment for fellow disc jockeys. The store has vast knowledge about the DJ equipment they offer to the clients. Besides, the passion and love for the DJ job in Dubai prove that it is a store that understands the dynamics and the right tools.

Nevertheless, the growth in the music industry has made the store evolve and venture into the provision of music production types of equipment for aspiring music producers and talented music creators.

DJ corner offers the following DJ products.

  • DJ Gears, which include turntables, laptop stands, mixers, and filters.
  • Dj Headphones. The store features headphones explicitly tailored for the DJ Job. They include both HiFi headphones and studio headphones.
  • Microphones. The store offers the following varieties of microphones – wireless microphones, condenser microphones, monitor microphones, and vocal microphones for the DJs that venture into music production

The DJ corner knows the benefit of being in touch with its clients from the start to the end. Therefore, it has specified its operation time to make inquiries and place your orders while shopping online. Apart from the store having four different physical branches and showrooms, it has an online Catalogue that you can visit to sample the types of equipment you want.

However, you can reach the DJ Corner by following them on social media, Facebook, and Instagram. Again, you can contact them through

  • Phone call. Phone number; 0097143807470
  • Through what’s up number which is +971-55-993-0155
  • By address

DJ online store,

Al Joud Center-Dubai,

UAE Shop number 10

You can visit DJ Corner and sample the products they offer. Moreover, you have a chance to check on the offers and promotions that you can benefit from as a new entrant in the music industry as a DJ.

3. Microless DJ Online Store

Having an all-in-one kind of online store is what most DJs prefer when shopping for DJ types of equipment. DJs have a busy and involving schedule. Therefore one such store saves them time concentrating on making their DJ job worth the investment with more excellent and up-to-date.

Microless is an online store that offers the latest and quality types of equipment in the Market. It is a shop that features almost all kinds of equipment from the latest renowned brand makers such as pioneer, Ortofon, Magma, Sound craft, and Mackie.  Moreover, Microless online store offers a wide range of types of equipment that include

  • DJ mixers
  • DJ players
  • DJ controllers
  • DJ accessories and turntables

Depending on your budget, Microless has something that fits your pocket to enable you to build a DJ career that will last for long. Besides, Microless has a dedicated workforce to handle your inquiries and orders to receive them when they are intact without fault.

DJ products and accessories are expensive to purchase, and thus Microless ensures that the client gets shielded against faulty types of equipment. So, the products offered by Microless come with warranties attached to them, just in case they develop technical problems while in use.

Microless has adopted almost all payment platforms used across the globe with evolving technological advancements in payment methods. Therefore, clients can use reliable methods like Visa Cards, PayPal, Skrill, and the like to make payments online.

Here is the catch, Microless stores have their support staff spread across Dubai to offer support to their clients and ensure that your online shopping experience is better. The staff also provide faster, safer, and more convenient delivery of your products. Moreover, you will have a chance to inspect your product, verify that it is the right type, and then pay for delivery.

For your Online shopping, you can reach Microless and place your order by

  1. Phone:  +971 6 550 9441WhatsApp: +971 4 455 9366
  2. By sending a mail to 
  3. You can send your order by address to

Microless, Lake Shore tower 1, Cluster Y, JLT Dubai,

The United Arab Emirates,

Near Damac Properties Metro station

Therefore, whether you establish a DJ Job in Dubai or take your DJ business to higher limits, consider Microless as an online store for all your requirements.

4. Jumbo online shop

Online stores for DJ equipment continue to be a costly endeavor that Most DJs find hard to handle in Dubai. However, the Jumbo store makes the experience enjoyable by providing the right, convenient and easy delivery of the ordered products.

Not only that, but the store has created a network of staff where all you need to do is to click and collect your products the next day at your door.

Apart from that, the store has adopted a 3D mode of payment that is a secure, safe, and convenient way of carrying out your online transaction. Being an online store with vast knowledge of DJ products, the store understands the challenging economic times.

Therefore as an online shopper, you can make easy pay installments to have your product of choice. Besides, you get to enjoy DJ products that have a warranty attached to them. Although each security varies from one brand to another and the terms and conditions of each manufacturer differ.

The store offers a wide choice of types of equipment that range from

  • Turntables,
  • Mixers
  • Microphones
  • Controllers.
  • Headphones
  • Speakers

Each of these products comes in various categories, brands, colors, and prices attached.

What is more, you can subscribe to the store’s newsletter which will enable you to look at the new products and offers that keep coming up. You can also get in touch with the store using the following contact information,

  • Phone +971-600-532639
  • Or you can drop an email to

With Jumbo, you never go wrong from placing your order, delivery, and even installation. It is a store that aims to create trust among its clients and more so, being passionate about technology makes Jumbo at its peak as an online DJ store in Dubai.

5. Pioneer DJ Online Store

Pioneer DJ, also known as Alpha Theta Corporation, is an electrical brand that has been at the center of the DJ music industry for a long time. Any serious music lover will identify with the types of equipment made by the pioneer industry. It is for the love, passion, and dedication that the company ventured into providing DJ products and pieces of equipment.

The company has been serving the DJ business for 20 years now. It means you can get all the best, vital, attractive, and high-quality DJ music pieces of equipment under one brand and one store.

One vital attribute that makes the store preferred by DJs, both starting and seasoned DJs, is that the company has dedicated its mission to wonder and motion. Similarly, it enjoys a good reputation among club owners and music producers across the globe.

The company does not only create fantastic DJ equipment, but it has also created a mobile app that you can download and access services online anytime and anywhere. That means you can also keep track of their new developments, news, and offers as soon as they occur.

The Pioneer DJ online store takes the DJing business seriously. It not only offers excellent DJ equipment, but it also offers a platform for DJs to showcase nature and improve their skills and business. For these reasons, Pioneer DJ Equipment Company created the KUVO entertainment and service culture for clubs.

The following is a selection of products that the online store offers to its clients

  • DJ controllers
  • DJ mixers
  • DJ players,
  • DJ high-quality headphones,
  • DJ Software
  • Monitor speakers
  • Multi-track samplers and sequencers
  • DJ Monitor Headphones 

You can visit their online store and have a taste of their broad DJ equipment and services. Moreover, you get to enjoy the warranty attached to the products you purchase as well; as the customer service section will keep track of the products sold to you to ensure you get satisfied with the choice you made.

You can also get in touch with Pioneer DJ through

  1. Social media platform includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
  2. By phone number; +971-4-3807470
  3. Address:

Dj Corner,

Al Joud Center

Sheikh Zayed Road


You can also reach the store by Mail;

It does not matter if you are trying to get started as a DJ; Alpha Theta Corporation has products fit your budget.

6. Gear-up me DJ Online Store

Shifting its operations and opening a computer component and IT systems store in the ever Growing Middle East market made the firm view and adapted to a new market of the DJ industry. The company has continued to grow by providing high-quality DJ products from big brands like Pioneer, Sony, and the like.

It is a store preferred by many DJs who want to take their DJ jobs in Dubai to a new level and explore the vast market that continues to grow each day. When you buy at Gear –up me store, you enjoy a wide range of benefits from them. These benefits include

  • Highly dependable warranty on the products you shop
  • The store adopts one order, one company, and one contact person strategy to ensure you understand who you are buying from.
  • You also get to enjoy convenient and affordable shipping rates in the Middle East.
  • When you shop at Gear-up me, you have a chance to interact with friendly, fun, excellent, and respectful customer service staff and their advice.

Besides the above, DJs have a wide range of products and equipment to choose from. These include

Moreover, the store has different prices for different products ranging from high cost to manageable prices that fit your pocket according to your budget.

You can get in touch with Gear-me up an online store and place your order through the following ways

  1. Mobile phone; +971-563388642Telephone number: +971-42231780
  2. Mail;
  3. By address :

Orynx General Trading LLC,

2020 Building, Sheikh Zayed Road,’

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Gear-up me store remains the DJs online store of choice because of the customer and support services. Once you buy products from them, they keep track of your orders, facilitate returns and exchanges, and they ensure easy delivery and payment methods for your equipment. The secure modes of payment include Visa Cards, Master cards, PayPal, and Discover.

7. Muscimajlis DJ Online Store

The range of DJ music equipment from Muscimajlis DJ Online Store is unmatched in the middle east and across the globe. DJs have a wide choice to make in over 2000 pieces of equipment and 200 + brands offered by the Muscimajlis DJ store. Their products range from

  • Media players and turntables
  • Controllers and mixers
  • DJ monitoring tools that include speakers and headphones
  • DJ laptop stands, cases, and bags
  • DJ CDs and music players

The store also offers products from world-renowned brands, which include

  • Pioneer DJ.
  • Novation
  • Denon 
  • Allen and Heath
  • Sony.

Choosing to buy from Muscimajlis not only offers you high-Quality brands but also has other benefits you enjoy, which include

  1. 100% authentic products attached with manufacturer warranty
  2. Continuous support on the products purchased.
  3. You also get access to free deliveries if you make an order that exceeds 499 AED.
  4. If you make a return to buy from Muscmajlis, you earn loyalty points that you can redeem on your next visit.
  5. The online store believes in collaboration and credible and influential customer assistance. Therefore, you are always in safe hands whenever you make an order with the Muscmajlis online DJ store. 

You can visit their website to understand why you should make a purchase from the Muscmajlis online store.

You can get in contact with the online store through the following means

  1. Social media; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  2. Mail;
  3. Telephone number +971-565017297
  4. WhatsApp number; +971-5992426

Please note that Muscmajlis is primarily an online store. Therefore you are likely to find fewer products displayed in their physical stores. However, you will still get your ordered product because the store works with several partners who necessitate the business operation.

8. Dubizzle DJ Online Store

Dubizzle online store started in 2005 to provide an online place where DJs can sell or buy underutilized equipment at affordable prices.

Remember buying DJ equipment is not cheap, and for one to acquire new and latest products, one needs a good amount of money to push through the ever-growing and competitive market.

However, if you are an aspiring resident or freelance DJ who loves to own DJ equipment, then Dubizzle is a place for you. The store offers a wide range of both new and second-hand DJ equipment.

The equipment sold by Dubizzle is of varied price ranges from lowest to highest prices. Everything will depend on your preference and your budget.

The following are some of the products that you will find when you visit Dubizzle online store

  • DJ turntables
  • DJ controllers
  • Music monitor speakers
  • Used DJ monitor headphones
  • New and old DJ music Mixers

Being an online store that offers new and used DJ equipment, you can contact them through social media on all platforms: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can also visit their website and have a look at the equipment they offer. Nevertheless, you can send an email to and enquire about the product you want or make an order.

9. Audio Store Dubai by Sound Town Electronics DJ Online store

The audio store is an online DJ store created by sound town Electronics which has perfected in providing audio equipment by the pioneer brand. Therefore if you are looking for quality and handpicked DJ equipment for your music and DJ jobs in Dubai, consider visiting Audio Store Dubai.

For DJ to stand out in the music industry, working with a specific brand will propel your career to higher limits. Consistency in DJing and playing music without jarring will need you to master the nitty-gritty of a particular brand. That is what Audio Store Dubai offers to you.

By working with a specific Brand, the store understands all the technical aspects and operation of the equipment. Besides, you will not have a problem understanding how the equipment operates when you choose to buy from them.

You can visit the store and sample the following types of equipment DJ microphones, DJ mixers, and turntables. You also have a look at the DJ monitor speakers, monitor Microphones, and monitor headphones.

Moreover, the store offers cash on delivery if you are unsure about the technical aspect of the equipment you have purchased. Besides, the customer care and support team will advise you on the product you are buying.

Therefore, you can get in touch with the Audio Store Dubai by

  1. Mail ; sales@soundtowndubai.comBy phone; +971(058)5830375
  2. Whatsapp +971 58 509 1700
  3. social media; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube channel, and LinkedIn

Here is the catch when you choose Audio Store Dubai, you can create an account with them to enable you to make an order, keep track of your order and facilitate returns and exchanges. You also directly connect with the customer support program to assist you with any questions you might have.

10. Adawliah Electronic Appliances/D.J. Online store

The store explicitly offers DJ types of equipment from the Roland brand. If you are addicted to Rolland music types of equipment, then Adawliah Electronic Appliances is a place for you.

The main products that the store offers to clients are DJ controllers. They have different models and varieties of controllers that you can choose from. They range from Rolland DJ controller DJ 202 up to DJ 808.

Besides the DJ controllers, the store also offers types of equipment in different areas of the music business. They offer varieties of equipment for the following sectors of business

  • Electronic pieces of equipment
  • Musical equipment and accessories
  • Audio production types of equipment.

You can contact Adawliah through the following means

  1. Mail; 
  2. Telephone ; +9714 2340442
  3. Address;

 aDawliah Electronic Appliances,

D88 Omar Bin Al-Khattab Road Deira,

Dubai United Arab Emirates,

PO Box 43340.

You can get in touch through social media platforms: YouTube channel, FaceBook, and Twitter. However, your orders and inquiries should be made from Saturday to Thursday, working hours being 10:00 am to 9:30 pm. The store remains closed on Fridays because of the religious affiliation in Dubai.

What to Look For in an Online DJ store

Finding an online store, whether you are a novice or a seasoned DJ, can be difficult, particularly with the emergence of many stores that purport to offer quality DJ equipment in the market.

However, you will need to determine if the store is genuine and provides quality, dependable, and consistent goods that will assist you in developing a trusted brand for your DJ job in Dubai.

The following are the considerations to remember while searching for an online DJ store in Dubai.

  • The brand names that the store offers

The best online store in Dubai will include goods and Equipment from industry-recognized brands. The brands are well-known, and consistent, and provide high-quality Equipment that other top-tier DJs trust. As a result, look at the brands that the store sells.

Besides, go ahead and visit the brand’s website to see if they have a relationship with the desired online store. Often keep the following labels in mind when looking for DJ equipment in Dubai.

  • Numark,
  • Pioneer DJ,
  • Native Instruments
  • Ortofon,
  • Magma,
  • Sound craft
  • Customer service and support systems

An online store that does not explicitly describe the customer service and support program is a no-go. You can need technical assistance or other inquiries at any point when using the purchased Equipment.

Consider an online store that responds quickly to your questions. A store that looks after your needs during the purchasing of DJ equipment will also help you advance in your DJ job.

An online store that clearly describes its customer service and support program will readily include its contacts and other ways to access them in the event of an emergency.

  • Consider an online store that offers Guidance.

A perfect online store for you, particularly if you are a novice, guides you from the beginning of placing an order until you begin using the Equipment. Do not choose a store that is only interested in making a profit and leaving you in the dark about how you can use the Equipment.

  • Prices offered by the online store

Carry out a price comparison of the different stores and their prices based on the Equipment you like.

Consider the following questions:

  • Is the store’s price comparable to other online DJ stores in Dubai?
  • What is your price range for the commodity you’re looking for?
  • Does the store have any discounts on the items you’re looking for?

If you find an online store in Dubai that addresses the questions above, you should consider purchasing your Equipment from them.

  • Delivery

Before you make any payment or order of the commodities, look for a store that clearly states its shipping layout. How long would it take for your product Equipment to arrive at your location?

A store that takes the shortest amount of time to deliver products to its customers builds customer trust. You may ask other DJs for recommendations on reputable online stores that will deliver the Equipment in proper condition and in the shortest amount of time

Remember that purchasing DJ equipment online is a risky endeavor given the high cost of these products. As a result, if you are not cautious, you can end up losing money to con stores that can be found all over the internet.

Consider the factors mentioned above to see if the online DJ store in Dubai is reliable and trustworthy for launching your career as a DJ.


A DJ job in Dubai knows no boundaries. Whether you are a trained expert or not, the DJ industry has opened up massive opportunities for people to create and earn an income doing DJ jobs. Interestingly, the DJ job is being taken not only in Dubai but across the globe.

Being an art that requires you to have a keen listening ear and understand the music’s resonance, many young people are taking up the challenge and venturing into the music industry.

Nevertheless, the ever-growing and party life of people in Dubai has necessitated the growth in jobs in Dubai. Thus, once you have acquired your DJ equipment and you’re looking for a freelance DJ Job in Dubai, just sign in at Bawabba and start looking for jobs; there are very many gigs for you there.

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