5 Emerging Technologies That Will Make You A Better DJ In Your Next Live Show

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The evolution of Djing over the years has been fascinating. In its earliest days, DJs like Grandmaster Theodore and Kool Herc had to pick up the needle as the break ended and put it back at the start. You were not going to succeed unless you were very fast to avoid breaking the party as you move the needle. They were also the showmen, working the crowd and the needle at the same time. Today you can easily succeed as a freelance DJ in Dubai as all you need is to build your mixing skills by purchasing the must-have DJ equipment.

Modern technology has made it possible for freelance DJs to host live shows from their living rooms. You also do not need high-tech equipment to keep the party going as you can use a smartphone to entertain your audience even in non-traditional setups like in a car as you travel. And what’s even more, is that it’s now easier to host different types of parties as you can use Evernote to organize your music

In this article, we will look at some of the emerging Djing technologies that are changing the way DJs work.

5 Emerging Djing Technologies That Are Reinventing Djing

1. Stems

Over the years, audio formats have remained relatively the same. DJs still work with Vinyl, MP3s, and CDs, but that is now changing. The introduction of the Stems format has brought new possibilities. The DJs can now manipulate and layer music to match their creativity. You can layer the bass line of one track, leads from another, and vocals from another to give your crowd a new experience in a familiar setting. Stems technology is a new revelation to live Djing that allows DJs to bring the best parts of production to a live DJ setting. A DJ can create new breakdowns, drops, and acapellas with the technology in front of the crowds.

2. Drum Machines

Since the early 1980s, DJs such as Jeff Mills, Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles, and Derrick Carter have been including drum synths together with vinyl as part of their live mixing, with exceptional excitement. Today, DJ software such as Traktor and Serato can clock sync to drum machines, enabling you to add a lovely feel to your live mixing. The Roland DJ-808 is a 4-track DJ mixer that adds the latest TR-8 drum machine into the sequencer. It is completely compatible with the powerful Serato Djing gear and software.

3. Mixers

Sound effects have been part of live Djing. Emerging technologies have focused on incorporating powerful sound effects that add dynamism to your live performances. As a DJ, you can choose from a wide array of SFX tools to use during your live performance. range tools range from in-built FX on many DJ mixers to Serato expansion packs, Kaoss Pads, and Ableton Live FX racks among others. As an originator of SFX, Kaoss Pads enable multi-parameter sound manipulation that ranges from destructive bit-crush to filtering, distortion, reverb, pitch shift, live looping, and classic phaser, among other elements.

Model 1 is a top-notch mixer that is changing the Djing industry. The unit gives DJs everything they need in a live show, including dual headphone ports, two aux sends, high and low pass filters, precision sculpting EQs, and cueing for back-to-back sets. It is popular with DJs as it is versatile for those who like producing music in addition to mixing.

4. Turntablism

Scratching is the oldest method of live performance. Scratching is a skill that has transformed into art with DJs taking part in scratching championships to showcase their complex moves. In1970s, DJs would rub records back and forth to create the scratching effect, but that has changed over the years as turntablists embrace technology. The modern turntable performances are a combination of top skills, the latest technology, and user-friendly software. An emerging technology that is changing live performances is the Akai MPC Live which has become the go-to option for beat-makers and producers across many genres. The recently released Akai brings all the functionality of the traditional MPC and packs them into a portable controller. As an all-in-one instrument for live Djing, the unit offers extended functionality eliminating the need for a computer. It has a 7-inch touch screen that provides the traditional feel of a turntable in any live setting.

5. Live Looping

Traditional DJs avoided looping music in live shows, making the music feel unnatural, but technology has helped solve that problem. With the help of supporting tools, live looping has become a part of modern-day Djing. A host of DJ software like Traktor, Serato, and Flow has fantastic looping options, but one technology changing live looping is the RekordBox. It helps you write all the BPMs and keys on your vinyl for seamless looping in a live show.


The best freelance DJ in Dubai is quick to adopt modern technology. There is no value in sticking with old Djing habits when you can make your performance more enjoyable with less effort using emerging technology. They help expand your possibilities and give you new elements that enable you to use your creativity and art beyond the traditional limits.

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