5 Must-Follow DJs In Dubai

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Dany Neville – the captain of the musical soul! The UAE-born Lebanese and an award-winning personality. Dany Neville was the first-ever local DJ in Dubai. He was recognized on an international level, which turned out to be an open gateway to international music, for all the other local DJs.

Being the household name for all the music lovers out there, Dany started his career at the tender age of seventeen. By joining one of the most reputed radio stations in the UAE, soon he turned into the youngest professional DJ in the whole of the Middle East.

Numerous regional and international magazines have featured this freelance DJ in Dubai in their publications. He has been in several interviews, talk shows, and many global award ceremonies. Dany has recently worked with some very famous singers as well, such as Snoop Dogg and Karl Wolf. More so, he is the first and the only Arab DJ to perform at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2008, alongside Kanye West and Paul McCartney.

Being a massive representative and one of the most influential individuals in Dubai, Neville founded the Underground Procedures (also called UGP). UGP is a collective of award-winning songwriters, producers, artists, and DJs. He is supporting and producing Urban Music worldwide.

Having accomplished some significant milestones in life at a young age, Dany Neville looks forward to building the UGP. And pursuing its exciting adventure, both in UAE and around the globe!


Adam J – the man behind turning a crowd into party animals. Adam J is one of the most renowned DJs in the Middle East. His music style is so unique and upbeat that everyone in the vicinity jumps on their feet.

The DJ likes to mix all genres, and then he creates a fresh and new sound that is unique to the audience. When one of the DJ’s shows is attended, it is often observed that his music has an Arabic twist in it, whether it be a flute, a violin, or a traditional Arabic drum loop.

Adam J claims that his biggest idol has always been DJ EZ, who inspired him in becoming a DJ. Moreover, the DJ also manages to host regular shows throughout the week on Channel 4 radio at 104.8.

He is a regular resident and holds down permanent slots in some of the swankiest clubs and bars around downtown Dubai. The recent residencies of the famous DJ have been at the Kitchen Bar, Sensation, and Wanderlust. Not only the bars and nightclubs but Adam J has also been found DJing at several fitness events. Such as a massive beach yoga session on Palm!

The famous freelance DJ in Dubai is also a music producer and a radio DJ, who has also won international awards. One of the very unique and strange qualities of Adam J is that he DJs without headphones. He is well known to leave behind his stamp on every venue where he ever performs at.


There are indeed very few people who never leave their roots behind. Craig has always been successful in keeping the balance of delivering a perfect rhythm. That never goes out of style. Being the most adored face, for the past decade and a half, Craig has slowly risen to fame with his unconventional music.

The music sets the mood of every bar and nightclub that he has ever performed in. He has managed to charm up the ladder in the industry through his unmatched skills and personality. When in the city, this freelance DJ in Dubai is often found playing on the Nasimi beach in Atlantis and many more.

Craig has shared the stage with several world-famous artists such as Snow Patrol, Basement Jaxx, and many more, during the famous Sundance festival Dubai. Not only that, but the renowned DJ has been doing his magic all across the world from Europe to Africa and also the US.

Primarily, David Craig has earned his reputation in the industry as ‘one of the nicest guys in music.’ It is professionally cool, courteous, and harboring the secret superpower of being able to precisely deliver the music that the crowds need, which has made him win everyone’s hearts.


One of the region’s most loved DJs – Adam Graca! He started in the early 90s when Adam was at the tender age of thirteen. At that time, his parents had to replace all the tape decks because he broke them while mixing them. At a very young age, Graca started teaching himself how to mix and eventually got his first residency at the age of fifteen in Doncaster Warehouse.

Adam played in the warehouse for the next five years alongside astounding personalities such as Scott Brown, Lisa Lashes, Carl Cox, and Lee Haslam. The young star rose to the sky when one of the DJ competitions made him the most respected and in-demand DJ in England.

For over eleven years, Adam Graca has graced and mesmerized the decks in almost every UAE venue. He has proved to rock the dance floor with any genre of music. This freelance DJ in Dubai is currently a resident DJ at Mahiki in downtown Dubai.


Having achieved more significant milestones in only half a decade than many peers in a whole career, Natalie Brogan has kicked away all the challenges and rose as a star.

Beginning her career in a club at a five-star Fairmont resort, Natalie gained notable press from the OK magazine. After only a little time a month, Brogan was voted to be the 37th best DJ.

Not only the regional ground, but Natalie even touched the foreign lands in Qatar, Jordan, and Bahrain. In the year 2012, she was awarded the best DJ award at the Abu Dhabi Awards ceremony. Ditching the divisions and getting rid of gender politics, all that remains behind is one of the Middle East’s astounding spinners – DJ Natalie Brogan!

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