5 Things you Wish you Knew Before Becoming a DJ

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The art of deejaying has changed over the years, making it easier for anyone to start earning a living as a freelance DJ in Dubai. If you follow the history of djing, you will see how the dawn of the technological era has greatly impacted how things are done. 

Back in the day, whenever you hear that someone is a DJ, you would only be amazed at how skilled those people were, not to mention their scarcity. The equipment used in the art was also very hard to come across, and only a select few could access them. 

Fast forward to 2022, and you will not go far without hearing or meeting someone who claims to be a DJ. But how has this been made possible? Well, all these can be attributed to the growing demand for their services. 

Almost every radio and TV stations have a DJ – or even more to entertain their viewers and listeners. Furthermore, every event now requires the presence of a DJ, including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc. Some have even made it by deejaying at internet radios.

Having interacted with various freelance DJs in the UAEand with the advice we took from the experts, here are 5 things they’d wish everyone knew before becoming a DJ.

1. Have an alternative source of income

You must have heard of the millions some DJs rake in from the industry. It is every other DJ’s dream to one day make such amounts of money and get the chance to tour the world. But you have to remember that getting to that level takes a lot of hard work and patience, not unless you become an instant internet sensation overnight. 

Quitting your other job to begin deejaying is never an option. Before you can entirely depend on the art of djing, always have an alternative source of income, which will come in handy during the low seasons. Yes, djing has its low seasons when one doesn’t get invited to perform in many gigs.

So to be on the safe side, be patient while starting out as a freelance DJ in Dubai. Master your skills first, then get on with a rigorous marketing strategy. Once you get more and more bookings, you will be at liberty to take deejaying as a full-time job. 

2. Have enough cash as capital

Just like any other type of business, you may not find it easy breaking into the deejaying career without the necessary equipment and software. This, therefore, calls you to have enough capital set aside solely for this venture. A beginner freelance DJ in the UAE does not necessarily have to start off big. One can always kickstart their career with nothing more than a computer and some of the best software for DJs.

With this software, you can easily sample your own music, which you can use while playing at a gig. While there is some must-have equipment for every DJ, you shouldn’t worry much should you not have a budget set aside for them. You are likely to get them at the gigs you perform at, or you can hire them. 

Other materials such as the best deejaying controllers in the market will be bought when you’ll get enough money in your account – at a later stage. 

3. Different strokes for different folks

One of the most popular rules of being a professional freelance DJ in the UAE is to always be prepared with music for everyone. With experience, you will come to learn that everyone has their own taste of music, so not unless you wish to only major in one niche, you are better off mastering many genres of music. 

If you are thinking of taking this career full-time, you should be prepared to work with different people on different occasions. The crowd determines the type of music you play. However, always have a plan before going on set. 

4. Your manager can either build or break your career

Having a talented manager is essential for every individual in the entertainment industry. While you work on perfecting your art, your manager will be on your toes for branding and marketing your services. Furthermore, they will work to ensure that you get well-paying gigs, tours, etc. They will even schedule media interviews for you to help in exposing your brand even further. 

Do not be in a rush to get a manager – always take your time before you settle on one. Many factors need to be considered before you pick a good manager for yourself, such as how much they understand their job and your industry, how agile they are, and most importantly, how comfortable you are working with them.

When you decide to go solo for a start, then you ought to learn how to effectively market yourself as a freelance DJ in Dubai. Only then will you succeed in your career as a professional DJ

5. Going out is part of the job

As a DJ, going out should be part of your to-do list every now and then. If you get invited to a gig that ends at midnight, then you shouldn’t leave the venue unless you are really exhausted or have other bookings to take care of. 

Doing so helps you to connect with people, which directly translates to building your brand even further. Furthermore, as a DJ, it is essential to support others. Staying back for their set is a way of showing support. Moreover, you will get to learn new and better tricks when interacting with your peers.


Getting into the deejaying world is not hard. It is not a walk in the park either. One thing that you should also keep in mind is that having a mentor is much better than having a lot of training. Learn from their mistakes, learn how they go about their business, and work on perfecting that. Whenever you feel down, have those people who will always guide and support you. 

Getting your first gig shouldn’t be hard as well. All you need is to join some of the best platforms with other freelance DJs in Dubaiand you can be lucky enough to land your first client there. 

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