5 Ways DJs can make money online in 2022

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As we are all aware that the world is in a very complicated situation. We are going through tough times that we never anticipated. But we have to make the best use of the resources we have available. And there are ways for a freelance DJ in Dubai to make it work.

One of the blessings of technology is streaming services. These help us in going online and face the camera live. People sitting thousands of miles away could enjoy your presence. Streaming currently stands at overall 75% of music-generated revenue.

Streaming every day can help the DJ in reaching millions of users on a daily basis. This can help them get constant exposure. Streaming on a regular basis will help them create a consistent audience.

The audience is also likely to be in the presence of other people. This might provide an opportunity to gain a new audience. Consequently, additional revenue will eventually be generated.

One such platform is Youtube. These days, the majority of musicians use this platform to stream. On Youtube, in a live session, they can view attendance. It provides an opportunity to interact with its audience. And in doing so, they earn money if their stream is monetized.

Selling Merchandise

In this era, it is incredibly easy to generate one’s own merchandise. Anybody with a good enough following can sell their merchandise. This is likely to be successful because there are always fans ready to buy it.

It is often managed through online stores and shipping services. People go on the website and order it. There is no reason why a freelance DJ in Dubai can not do it.

This merchandise mainly includes shirts, trousers, and hats. The key element of sales is its design. The DJ could put up some designs and hold a poll. This way it would be easy to create a design outline.

In addition to that, the DJ could also sell his personal branded gear. As a musician, he could inspire people to make their own music. And in turn, sell them the gear. This would add to the DJ’s following and maybe his brand takes off.

It would be no short of a delight to see a professional musician’s gear than an ordinary one in your house. So it is a good opportunity to tap into that market.

Monetize your blog

This is quite self-explanatory. There are multiple online platforms that will help you create your own free blog. A freelance DJ in Dubai can certainly help himself to this opportunity.

If a DJ could get his blog up and running, he could publicly promote it. Once it reaches a good amount of viewership, he could submit an application to monetize it. One of the best ways is through the approval of Google Adsense.

This will ultimately allow the DJ to display ads on his or her website. With good viewership, good money could flow in. On this blog, the musician could talk about his upcoming music, live sessions, or just simply interact with the fans.

In addition to that, the DJ could simply set up his own parties. He could choose to make it accessible to the public or a limited audience. If it seems plausible, he could even sell the tickets to an online concert.

Such an act would definitely require high energy and creativity but if it works, the benefits would last long.

Also, there is a good chance of the DJ being able to perform on local or national radio. This would add to the DJ’s audience and increase his reach. People will start to recognize him and that will add to more future sales.

Sell Downloads

There are numerous people who buy music and download it. Platforms such as Apple Music lets a user buy the music albums of their favorite artist.

A freelance DJ in Dubai could register on such a platform and asks the audience to purchase the music from there. It could very well be pointed out that this will help them listen to it offline. Often, this makes the musician a fortune.

Moreover, the DJ could collect sponsors for his album. This will obviously get him some money. But most importantly, when the music sells, other sponsors would be inclined to invest too. This will ensure future earnings too.

Also, the DJ could endorse products or services too. There are countless businesses looking for someone to advertise their product. When the DJ would show his willingness to endorse a product, it is almost guaranteed that businesses will come running.

A lot of musicians just take a few seconds to talk about the product and that is it. Nothing too difficult or challenging. Plain and simple.

SoundJam and Mixcloud

SoundJam DJ website builder is a platform that helps DJs, artists, music producers, and anyone who sells or promotes electronic music build websites. It has a very user-friendly system for musicians to understand and operate.

It uses a drag-and-drop interface that will let you make a professional website with a multimedia player, social profiles, and images in one place. The most amazing feature is that it lets you sell your music but also allows you to keep all the proceeds.

It also lets you sell your merchandise without any upfront cost, commission, or holding inventory. It believes in letting creativity flow.

Mixcloud also called Mixcloud Select makes the user pay for a DJ’s subscription. It is a platform where fans directly support their favorite artist. It also believes in uplifting musicians.

Nevertheless, these musicians work extremely hard to provide very exciting and creative results. Their artistic capabilities are ever-interesting and fulfilling. If you are on the market looking for a freelance DJ in Dubai, jump to Bawabba now.

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