6 Djing Tips For A Successful, Enjoyable Wedding Party 

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If you are looking to increase your income as a freelance DJ in Dubai, you would better start showcasing your skills at weddings. A wedding is the epicenter of love; the bride and bridegroom are over the roof celebrating the day they have been waiting for with friends and family members as witnesses. Another element of weddings is the joyous and sometimes frantic dancing that brings together the elderly and the young. It is not a surprise to note that some people only dance at weddings and thus, a wedding party is the best place to showcase your Djing creativity and mixing skills.

Besides the bride, music is a critical element of a successful wedding. It not only makes people happy, but it also sets the mood. A glass of Champagne is sweeter when it is accompanied by attractive melodies playing in the background. Therefore, you cannot afford to fail as a wedding DJ as that will ruin the whole experience for couples and guests. Nobody wants their wedding to be remembered for the wrong reasons like a poor DJ or poor music selection, and thus, you must take every wedding party very seriously. Furthermore, if you get it right, you can be sure that you will get a few referrals from those attending the party, and hence, it is a way of marketing your skills. Djing at a wedding is not for you if you keep making the top mistakes most Djs make at parties like dropping peak time bangers at the opening.

These Djing tips can help make your wedding party more enjoyable and memorable. They can also help you establish your brand as the go-to wedding DJ.

6 Tips for Djing at Wedding Parties

1. Improve your Djing Skills

You need to be a well-rounded DJ to succeed as a wedding DJ. Every Djing move you make will be closely monitored and compared with other professional DJs. Thus, you must make sure that you are bringing your best skills forward. Make sure that you have a good understanding of how your equipment works. A wedding party is not the place to try out new things or equipment. As proof of your skills and experience, you should record some of your work to give them out as samples to potential clients. Most people will ask for samples before hiring a DJ.

2. Be Professional

Your general appearance can work for you or against you. Djing at a wedding party is one of the well-paying Djing gigs. So, you must build a professional image. Having a website or creating an online profile on freelancing sites like Bawabba can go a long way in building your professional appearance. You should include testimonials and experience as a wedding DJ. Mind the language you use as you talk with clients. People look for a DJ who is friendly and easy to talk to, ensuring that guests will be able to interact with the DJ confidently.

3. Broad musical knowledge

Create flawless mixing, beat-juggling, and new sound from the old songs as it helps you capture the early days of the couple and older generation. However, you will need to understand and appreciate almost every genre of music to succeed as a freelance wedding DJ. You should use the top DJ record pools to find the best wedding songs across all genres. Make sure you are also up-to-date on the latest music as you will need to appeal to the younger generation. Your understanding of music can turn an ordinary wedding into a memorable event.

4. Be organized

You will get many requests at the party. You must ensure that your songs are easy to find to reduce the time people wait before you play their requests. Playing the requested song right away will make guests like your Djing skills. You can use Evernote to organize your music to ensure a quick transition from one genre to another. All your music should be at your fingertips for a satisfactory partying experience.

5. Have a backup plan

You should never make the mistake of trusting your laptop fully. Anything can happen during the party, leaving you exposed. The best DJs should entertain guests even without the use of a laptop. You are not a top DJ if you cannot use alternatives like a smartphone. Smartphone Djing is on an upward trajectory due to the convenience and flexibility it brings to the DJing world.

6. Adaptability

Every wedding has its unique challenges. You must be equipped to deal with different situations as they arise. A common scenario is a drunkard requesting a song that is of a different genre to what you are playing. You may also have to deal with elderly couples complaining the music is too loud while the younger guests are telling you to increase the volume. You will need to be flexible and adaptable. Making quick decisions can save a wedding.


If you want to be the best, you must learn from the above tips to help you become a professional, wedding freelance DJ in Dubai. The tips will go a long way in aiding you to avoid common mistakes and help you give your clients a memorable event. However, you will also need to work on your personality and character. You should always look professional and have a friendly character.

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