6 Skills Every DJ Should Master For A Successful Djing Career 

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Djing in 2020 is unrecognizable from what it was in the 1980s and 90s. Modern DJing heavily uses technology, making it less strenuous but more engaging. It is easier to incorporate different elements of music to a party with the latest technology than in the 1980s when DJs would do everything manually. For example, you needed to be quick in the 1980s to create a loop, but that only requires a few clicks from Djing software to implement in 2020. Many other aspects of Djing have changed over the years, but that does not make Djing less entertaining. If you are looking to forge a career as a freelance DJ in Dubai, you will not only need to invest in the best DJ equipment, but you must also seek to build your Djing skills.

Buying the latest DJ turntable, mixer or software will not turn you into a pro if you do not know how to get the best from them. You should avoid the top mistakes beginner DJs make to enhance your DJing career as that can affect your reputation, which is essential in the Djing world. People will rate you based on your previous parties, and thus, it is necessary to start on the right footing.

Djing is an art. You should be able to demonstrate your creativity to make your mixes unique and drive people over the roof. A modern DJ should demonstrate high technical ability levels, which can be acquired through training and practice. Before you begin holding live shows, you should make sure that you have mastered all-important skills. Every DJ should have a mastery of the following skills:

Top Technical Skills Every DJ Should Know In 2020

1. Understand your DJ hardware

Before you hold any party, make sure that you have a good mastery of your equipment. It can be tempting to unwrap your new equipment and start using it at a party, but that can put your reputation as a top DJ on the line. You will never truly understand how your hardware works unless you spend time working with it. Whenever you buy new equipment, you should pick a track to loop for about 20 minutes and select one or two controls to understand how they work. Once you master the controls, you can try the next pair and repeat the process until you have tried all controls. Beyond the controls, you must learn the unit’s shortfalls and identify the areas that you need to improve.

2. Scratching

You are not a top DJ until you can master scratching. A look at the emerging technologies that will make you a better DJ shows that scratching is not going away. Although you cannot become good at scratching overnight, you must improve your skills continuously. Almost every Djing tool, including digital hardware, lets you scratch CDs and MP3s. You should start by learning simple techniques like making cool sounds over your tunes, holding and releasing tracks at the right, and how to navigate if a mix fails.

3. Mixing

Mixing is an essential aspect of Djing. The best DJs can seamlessly mix between different genres. You should jump out of your comfort zone and start working with different genres. For example, if you are a house DJ, you can try mixing music with slower BPM as it has different challenges. You may also up the tempo with Bass and Drum and learn how to mix them together. Working with different genres helps broaden your Djing skill set and enables you to find a new way of Djing.

4. Beat-matching

Although almost all modern Djing equipment can sync tracks with a push of a button, it is not outdated to learn beat matching. Sync feature can fail, putting you at risk of failure. Knowing how to beat-match can come to your rescue if the sync feature misbehaves. Learning how to beat-match tracks gives you a chance to get super creative. You should train to use your ears and trust your instincts to master beat-matching.

5. Creating loops

Professional Djing software lets you create loops from your favorite tracks that you can easily manipulate during your set. Loops help you create never-ending tracks enabling you to become super creative. The best DJs go a step further and learn how to create their own loops. You can use drum machine software to create drum loops, piano melody, or a funky stab. Use your creativity to create loops that are unique by adding sound effects.

6. Djing with a smartphone

Although you will be Djing with a laptop most of the time, you should ensure that you can use alternatives to entertain crowds. Anything can happen during parties. For example, drinks can spill on your laptop, destroying it. If you do not know how to DJ with a Smartphone, you will not be able to get out of a tight spot.


Although the Djing world is quickly changing, the latest technology will not replace skills. If you want to be the best freelance DJ in Dubai, you must work on your Djing skills. You should know that nobody cares about the gear you DJ with or the equipment you use. All that people care about is how well your skills make them happy.

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