Best 10 DJ Software In 2020

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Every starting DJ soon realizes that it is not as easy as it looks. It often takes a lot of knowledge to become a good freelance DJ in Dubai. But most importantly, you need to ensure you are using the best DJ software for music production available. Nevertheless, that is easier said than done, since there are plenty of programs on the market, which seem to do nearly the same things. 

For that reason, we decided to dig deeper and discover how the best 10 DJ software in 2020 compares. You will learn whom the programs are meant for, their functions, as well as their pros and cons. If choosing your ideal DJ software is nearly impossible, why not try some of these programs for free before committing? Many of them offer a free trial version to enable you properly try out the software. Additionally, it also gives you a perfect opportunity to compare the various software and single out one that best fits your needs. 

Top 10 DJ Programs In 2020


The PCDJ DEX 3 is a user-friendly DJ mixing application for any DJ who prefers doing almost everything, including regular gigs, video mixing, as well as karaoke shows. Featuring four fully packed DJ desks, you can hardly go wrong with this software. If you are a beginner, you may only need to get a beginner’s guide to becoming an in-demand freelance DJ in Dubai to accompany music production with the app.   

PCDJ DEX 3 is one of the best programs you can use as a freelance DJ in the UAE because it mixes digital music files from two or four DJ decks, and carries key lock, beat sync, auto-mixing, auto-looping, as well as support for over 70 DJ controllers. The program also features an advanced file browser allowing users to easily use their iTunes music library, create playlists, and look up tracks. 

With PCDJ DEX3, you will seamlessly mix digital videos just as you would do audio files and apply multiple video transitions and effects. This program allows Disc Jockeys to record both video and audio, including looping and scratching of tracks. If you are a karaoke lover, the application will enable you to host the shows and provide key detection and control plus a karaoke singer list. 

Besides, PCDJ DEX 3 has a useful video demonstration feature to help disc jockeys learn the software. For that reason, it is one of the must-have programs for DJs in the UAE

The Pros

  • Excellent for hosting karaoke shows
  • Features a wide selection of audio effects
  • Great for mixing videos

The Cons

  • The trial version shuts down automatically after 20 minutes
  • Does not support older versions of Mac OS

2. Serato DJ FX Pack

With FX standing for effects, Serato DJ FX Pack brags about some of the best effects in music production. The best part is that you can load up several effects into one chain unit to bring your music to life. Additionally, the program is easy to use and comes with a simple interface that makes it ideal if you are starting as a DJ in Dubai

After grasping the basics of the software and feeling like moving to the next level, you can download expansion packs to upgrade your game. Besides, you can check on YouTube for the Top 5 Serato DJ Effects for Beginners. For that reason, anyone with an interest in growing their deejaying career can buy this excellent software. The program provides a 14-day free trial period before you can commit to a full purchase. 

The Pros

  • Creates a fantastic chain of effects
  • Comes with downloadable expansion packs
  • Made alongside iZotope to deliver excellent audio effects

The Cons

  • On the pricey side 
  • Needs hardware to work properly 

3. Mixvibes Cross DJ Package

The Cross DJ Package is the favorite of most DJs joining the music production industry as they can avail of a decent program without breaking the bank. The software is perfect for those who are willing to do without a few advanced effects they are never going to use and might even complicate things for them. 

Therefore, Mixvibes is an ideal option for young professionals who are applying for DJ job vacancies in Dubai since it is unlikely to complicate life during their first few shows. Besides, the digital vinyl software package is not only available for PC and Mac but also for Android and iOS operating systems, making it a great choice if you need to DJ from your smartphone or tablet. 

If you are in the market to find simplicity and efficiency, Mixvibes Cross DJ Package provides both of those, apart from being reliable and easy to use. The program further avails of a useful video talk-through to help you get started with its features. 

The Pros

  • User-friendly and affordable
  • Basic interface
  • Available for multiple operating systems including Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows
  • Digital vinyl

The Cons

  • Doesn’t support more than two decks 
  • The library system and interface only work with Windows 

4. Virtual DJ Broadcaster Dsa

Virtual DJ Broadcaster Dsa is a suitable DJ software for those who need something easy to use on their PC without investing in additional hardware. With a capacity of 99 decks, this program allows you to adjust the pitch and tempo of tracks, as well as to scratch with the cursor of your mouse to make it sound more like the DJ turntables. 

The software may not be your ideal option when practicing for some DJ jobs in Dubai. However, with instant BPM detection and seamless transitions of songs in the playlist, Virtual DJ Broadcaster Dsa is particularly excellent for kids and youngsters who are yearning to become DJs and want to try out their music production at a tender age. 

Additionally, it is a perfect choice if you are hosting a party and want to offer more than just a simple playlist on the regular music player app. If you are purchasing this program, make sure you can use CDs with your desktop computer or laptop since it is available as a download. 

The Pros

  • Affordable 
  • Ideal for a DJ desktop or laptop
  • Carries 99 deck capacity 
  • Excellent for beginners 

The Cons

  • Prone to audio broadcasting issues

5. Native Instruments Traktor Pro 2

Since its introduction in 2011, Traktor Pro 2 remains stable at the top of the digital music production game. Much of its appeal is in the fact that it carries an excellent design interface, which is approachable and comfortable enough to use. Although it packs a lot of depth that allows advanced users to work creative stuff with it, newbies can still get a grip on this DJ software without much of a hassle. 

Traktor comes with great remix decks, a loop recorder, excellent sample decks, and powerful key, and beat analysis algorithms, making it the go-to application for a modern DJ’s needs. The software avails of a digital vinyl system in the Traktor scratch upgrade. 

Traktor supports an extensive range of hardware from Native Instruments’ wide selection of controllers and interfaces and various third-party options. The ability to map the program to a preferable controller gives it extra flexibility. 

The Pros

  • Various sync options
  • New sampling deck plus loop recorder
  • Colored waveforms

The Cons

  • Crowded interface
  • Updating takes time

6. Rekordbox DJ 

The Rekordbox Dj software features full mixing capabilities with effects and sampling. To make the application fit in the dynamic deejaying industry, it carries four decks providing full track control in creating music. Besides, the app avails of a library browser featuring a tagging and recommendation system for tracks. 

Pioneer rekordbox is a popular choice amongst pro club DJs in Dubai for the per-track and master effects, with each having multiple slots on top of a looper, eight-slot sampler, and beat slicer. The app appeals to beginners because of the auto-mix feature that will complete most of the tasks for you. 

On the more professional side of things, rekordbox DJ comes with the ability to synchronize and control light shows as well as stage effects. Expanding the DJ suite is as simple as getting the add-on packs for lyric functionality, digital vinyl, and video mixing, which makes it perfect for event DJs and karaoke shows. To complement the software, you will want to know where DJs in Dubai find the latest music to play in their shows

It is no surprise that this software is compatible with Pioneer’s controller hardware. You can download the program for a 30-day free trial to see if it is worth upgrading to a full version, which is available in various purchase options, including monthly subscriptions. 

The Pros

  • Wide extension effects
  • Stable and quicker DJ platform
  • Great jog wheels

The Cons

  • Only supports Pioneers DJ controllers
  • Small pitch fader 

7. Magix Digital DJ 2

Aspiring disc jockeys who want an easy-to-use  PC or Mac software should opt for Magix Digital DJ 2, provided they are willing to spend extra time learning it in the beginning. The program is neither super easy nor does it take too much time to master. 

Therefore, it is best for someone sure of frequently using it, so you do not waste time learning something for which you will not find future use. The program does easy work of accessing your iTunes music library or the tracks available on your computer. You drag and drop the songs on the preferred deck to create music. 

Whether you want to play music, scratch, or remix tracks, the program can do it without the need for extra hardware. For that reason, Magix Digital DJ 2 is an excellent choice for anyone in need of basic DJ software for trying out the noble digital deejaying art at various parties. 

The Pros

  • Available for Mac and Windows
  • Simple interface
  • Affordable DJ software

The Cons

  • Upgrade does not have new features
  • Does not record mixes
  • Dull interface
  • Uses a lot of memory

8. eJay DJ Mix Station 3

This piece of software does not require any extra hardware. Install the program on your laptop or personal computer, and you are good to go. If you are having or going to a party and want to try what it feels like to be a freelance DJ in Dubai, but you do not want to invest in any real or fancy DJ equipment, this is the kind of software to buy. 

Although no professional disc jockey would ever use this software, many kids and beginners would find it ideal. Besides giving you a fun introduction to the world of DJs, the program is a great starting point if you are trying out the art of deejaying. With no requirement for additional hardware save for the PC or laptop makes the app is extremely affordable. 

Investing in the application will provide everything you need to enjoy creating music. The software lets you record samples that you can personalize in the future. To make it perfect, you can add scratching audio effects to the tracks. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that it is a budget option you cannot compare to other DJ software applications. 

The Pros

  • Suitable for total beginners
  • Fun to try out different deejaying styles
  • Choose between an advanced and straightforward interface
  • Affordable
  • Clean audio output 
  • Can give high-quality results
  • Adds effects to your mixes 

The Cons

  • Doesn’t offer much at its price point
  • The maximizing window changes the screen resolution
  • Only mixes two tracks at once
  • The interface features often disappear 

9. Native Instruments Traktor DJ Mobile Version

Native Instruments has a mobile DJ app version with identical features and looks of its Traktor DJ desktop software, although it is an independent program. While Traktor’s main version provides flexibility and depth, the iOS counterpart is more of ease to use, with a simple interface that makes browsing and playing tracks effortlessly. 

You can apply simple effects, including faders and the EQ when mixing for amazing music production from the mobile phone. Additionally, the app carries an adjustable looper, a freeze mode, and cue points. Using the SuperSlice add-on will enhance the software’s power to give a neat and reliable way to reverse effects, scratch, and pitch-shift your tracks. 

For a more professional feeling and hands-on deejaying experience, it is worth noting that Traktor DJ mobile version integrates with Native Instruments’ interfaces and controllers. 

The Pros

  • Supports iOS
  • Affordable 
  • Mixer effects 

The Cons

  • Lacks sync track metadata with the desktop version

10. Mixxx 2.0

Mixxx is the only free, open-source app on our music-making program list. Apart from downloading the software for nothing, the more adventurous users can explore its code to adapt its set of features. 

The application carries two standard decks, with independent scrolling waveforms and scratching pads. Additionally, the program features four other sample decks, hot cues, iTunes integration, as well as support for wide-ranging track formats. 

For professional use, the software has an auto DJ function, BPM detection and sync, and support for over 85 controllers along with time-code vinyl systems. 

The Pros

  • Slick graphical interface
  • Free for all users 
  • Easy to broadcast
  • Precise BPM detection
  • Time-stretching effects

The Cons

  • Comes with limited effects
  • No mobile support

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness, there is no doubt that the best way to become a DJ today is through a digital system, be it an Android, PC, iOS, or Mac. Now that you already know the right software applications to do that, the next important thing is finding DJ jobs in Dubai. At Bawabba, we are ready to take your career to the next level by connecting you with prospective clients in the market. Join our community of freelance DJs in Dubai today at no fee, to start making contact with businesses and clients in need of Djing services. 

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