Top 5 Dj Record Pools of 2022

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Apart from spinning skills, djing comes with loads of music that should be available on request by clients or as dictated by the occasion. It is not possible to have all genres of songs readily available at any given time. Due to this reason, there is the emergence of record pools.

Record pools or music pools are places where freelance DJs in Dubai and across the world, can access a wide range of music across all genres. It includes newly released and promotional music also to be played on events and radios. It is a method of music distribution where record labels give pools their music before release. The site then passes the music to the disc jockeys who test and launch the songs to the masses. Record pools receive much support from record labels and must abide by licensing requirements to legalize their operation. However, some sites pose as record pools but do not adhere to licensing, and such are operated illegally. Record pools vary in terms of content and fee paid as a monthly subscription through an account that you registered as a member of the website.  

Review: Top 5 Dj Record Pools 2022

Before choosing a record pool, learn all about the music pools and what they entail so that you can be able to know sites that are legal. Below are among the best pools available and can guide you while making a choice.

1. Xmixx

Xmixx has seen some significant changes in music digitization. It has been in business since 1992.  Subscribers in the United States are given a free copy of a CD or DVD every month in addition to digital downloads. It is among the must-have dj equipment due to its ease of operations and quality. Xmixx does not offer a back catalog, it only allows immediate access to current month music releases upon subscribing. It also offers specialty releases focusing on club classics, specific genres, and megamixes


  • Price: $59 per month
  • Website:
  • Subscription cycle: monthly


  • Specialty releases numerous times in a year.
  • It Offers remixes and re-edits of the biggest hits on several deejay-friendly forms.


  • No back catalog access is implying that you are only allowed to access music from the day when you joined.
  • Among the most expensive record pools

2. DJ City

Well known for its collection of newly released songs. However, Dj city, the United Kingdom, has a different track collection with a European style. Its primary focus is on new music and offers unlimited downloads.  Each MP3 is pre-filled with metadata for the artist, track title, and BPM, including standardized cue points and beat grids. The interface is easy to use on various deejaying platforms. Dj city is a site for freelance DJs in Dubai and all over to access the latest tracks in the market. 


  • Price: $90 or £60 for three months in the United States and the United Kingdom respectively
  • Website: or
  • Subscription cycle: Quarterly


  • Mobile App available upon subscription
  • Monthly top 50 chart
  • A wide variety of remixes and genres
  • Attractive, user-friendly interface
  • Daily update of newly released tracks 


  • Erasing tracks at times may prevent the user from creating a back catalog.
  • It does not support video downloads.
  • Limit subscribers from moving around each month due to its quarterly subscription.

3. My MP3 

My MP3 offers a customized 8 bar intro, unlike other record pools, giving your mixes a unique identity. There is a section devoted entirely to throwbacks. Most songs come pre-labeled key-value making it ideal if you are mixing in key. Its preset cues points enable you to drop files into your software and commence spinning right away. 


  • Price: $19.99 per month
  • Website:
  • Subscription cycle: monthly but with discounts subscribing up to three months and above i.e., 9% up to 3 months’ subscription, 12% up to 6 months’ subscription, and 17% up to 12 months’ subscription. 


  • Discount for extended subscription plans
  • Offers custom intro and outro tracks
  • Downloadable videos
  • Provides mobile App with queuing ability
  • Genre specific charts include the latest genres like twerk and rhythmic 
  • Dj tools are available like acapellas and scratch samples.


  • Using the search function can be hectic and confusing
  • Song previews only 60 seconds

4. Digital DJ

Digital deejay is the only platform that offers you to use their record pool for a trial period of five days at the cost of $1. During this period, only 15 tracks are allowed as downloads per day.


  • Price: $1 5 days (trial period), $20 per month or $190 per year
  • Website:
  • Subscription cycle: monthly or annually


  • A 5-day trial period for $1
  • Easy to use interface
  • A broad selection of remixes
  • Wide range of genres
  • Streams full song from the main page


  • There is ample room for more intro tracks
  • No video downloads

5. Direct Music Service

Unlike other pools, DMS has a broad back catalog extending spanning many decades back and across various genres. There are three levels of membership plans available, namely starter, semi-pro, and pro package. However, starter and semi-pro are exclusively audio, whereas the pro package allows access to videos as well. The starter package gives forty downloads in a month, and the semi-pro, on the other hand, offers eighty downloads per month. It is only the pro package that comes with unlimited downloads all month long. There are discounts when you subscribe annually like for starter pack 25% off, semi-pro 33% discount, and the pro package is 43% off. 


  • Price:  $29.95 starter pack per month, $44.95 semi-pro pack per month, $64.95 pro pack per month.
  • Website:
  • Subscription cycle: monthly or annually.


  • Members get access to a free mobile App.
  • A much broader back catalog.
  • Audio and videos files are available
  • Variety of throwbacks exclusive for users.
  • Great selection of mashups


  • One of the most expensive pools around the globe.
  • There are limited downloads on the starter and semi-pro packages.
  • There are no video downloads on semi-pro and starter packs.

What to consider when choosing a record pool?

Cost: Prepare a budget that you can afford. However, to note is that most good record pools are expensive. You can budget against what you earn.

Reputation: check for the reviews and testimonials online or through direct inquiries. A good company has most of the clients satisfied with their services.

Quality of content: It refers to the type of files available on the site. Inquire if the files are from the label or are ripped from vinyl. 192kbps is the absolute minimum MP3 quality, with 320kbps mostly preferred.

Pool update: It is important to know how often songs are updated. It will be beneficial for you to access fresh content regularly.

Quantity of music: Inquire if the site has enough music. It enables you to avoid repeating songs and playing only on requests by listeners.


There are several record pools available in the market today. Choosing a suitable one may be a challenge, especially for a first-time freelance Dj in Dubai. It is therefore advisable to find out what particular pools offer by subscribing for at least one month. You can go around several before settling on an ideal match for your flair and venues.

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