Best Places To Buy Used DJ Equipment In Dubai

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A DJ is as good as the equipment he or she uses. To thrive in this profession and secure stable DJ jobs in Dubai, you need to invest in the correct, high-quality equipment.

But, buying these kinds of equipment can be quite expensive. The beginning part of the career may be quite demanding. At the same time, it is incomparable to the amount of embarrassment and losses it would cost you when you disappoint your fans/clients due to poor equipment.

The good news is that you can easily access all the DJ equipment you need for all levels of expertise. With the frequent evolution of technology, you also want to get equipment to give you a good service period. In the end, you will realize that it will garner you a great return on every investment you have made.

What is the best DJ equipment to buy?

You can master the DJ mixing skill with just a laptop or mobile device. However, if you want to be more authentic and secure better DJ jobs in Dubai, you need to get a DJ controller, among other necessary DJing tools of the trade.

Most times, DJ controllers have additional benefits like extra software features or an in-built audio interface, allowing you to connect your whole setup to a speaker system.

Let us further explore the different categories of equipment; any DJ who is afraid of making career mistakes can cling to them when choosing the best DJ tools.

DJ Equipment for Beginners

Beginners understand how essential Djing equipment is in their career growth. Many DJing software applications can be accessed for free or at exceptionally low prices. Some examples are Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox Traktor DJ, Serato, or Algoriddim Djay.

Still good for beginners is the more technology gets to evolve, the easier these tools become, like auto-sync and smart tracking recommendations, which can help newbies mix their songs easily and with minimal challenges.

Here are a few nuggets for what you can look out for when you are still new to buying this equipment.

  • Price range – Most good quality DJ controllers can be found in the price range of $100-250
  • Brand names – One can barely go wrong with big brands like Numark, Pioneer DJ, or Native Instruments.
  • Features – Pioneer DDJ-200 is popular for its best combination of features and value for new DJs. For example:

WeDJ is also a great option for beginners as it allows you to DJ on the go while providing useful guidance to help you start. Its controller is almost similar to that used at the expert level; therefore, upgrading in the future won’t be too challenging.

  Numark Mixtrack Platinum FX includes an audio interface and is well-resourced with good features. Note that this can serve you well for years if your Djing tasks revolve around small parties or domestic DJ sets.

  • Software – this is one of the biggest considerations you will make as you have to confirm whether the software is compatible with the controllers you will be using. Most of them are designed to fit with one or two of the specific types of software.

Buying Advice for Beginner DJ Controllers

DJ Controller designs can be remarkably diverse. Beginners may find the individual features confusing, so we endeavor to simplify the most common specifications for you.

1. Faders or crossfader

Key elements of a DJ set are the players, which are used to play music and are usually controlled by jog wheels and a mixer in blending several tracks together. Faders are the main control for a mixer in adjusting the volume of individual tracks.

2. Audio Interface

Some DJ controllers also act as audio interfaces in the form of an external sound card. These devices have a complete sound output that can be connected to the speakers or PA system. This option works better than using your laptop’s audio, especially when playing at a big event like a party.

3. Jog wheels

These are round platters that serve the same purpose as traditional vinyl turntables. Their function is to allow DJs to scroll through records and nudge the timing of tracks backward or forward.

4. Software

This is the DJ controller’s backbone as it is essentially used in controlling the software running on a mobile or computer device. Consequently, this affects the choice of brand you use.

Top DJ Controllers 2021

DJ jobs in Dubai are accomplished by having the best equipment. We have singled out the topmost ones so you can choose one according to your preference.

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-1000

This is an expert-level rekordbox that has a CDJ feel.

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontol S8

This is a high-end Traktor controller.

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S4 Mk3

It is a flagship Traktor controller with haptic jog wheels

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SX3

This is the best Serato DJ controller at less than $1200

  • Decon MCX8000

This is the best high-end Serato controller.

  • Roland DJ-505

This is a Serato controller with classic drum sounds installed.

  • Numark DJ2GO2

This is the best compact controller.

  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB3

Newbies benefit greatly from this Serato controller.

  • Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol D2

This provides the best DJ controller add-on.

  • Reloop Mixon 4

This is the best iOS and android DJ controller.

  • Pioneer DJ DDj-RB

Are you operating on a tight budget? This here is your solution as it is the best budget rekordbox DJ controller.

Used DJ Mixers and Controllers In Dubai

Buying second-hand equipment is not one of the most popular options for many people, but it is a great choice to save on cost. It is possible to find quality and well-functioning tools at incredibly low prices.

Also, selling used equipment is an available opportunity for DJs. This is a great way to conserve resources, and at the same time, a smart way to build on technology. In this article, however, we shall focus on platforms where one can buy legit second-hand equipment.

As a result of the vast DJ jobs in Dubai, the market has also discovered the niche to produce complimentary services. Buying second-hand electronic equipment can be quite technical. You need a trusted platform where you can enjoy shopping for the tools that bring your creativity to action.

 Highlighted below is a list of some authorized sites from which you can consider buying your tools.

  1. For how long has the item been used?
  2. Why did they choose to sell it?
  3. What is the state of both the software and hardware? (the buyer has the right to know if the equipment has any defects)
  4. Compared to the price of such brand-new equipment, is the price fair?

The questions above are not exhaustive, just a lead towards helping you be as thorough as possible when getting a second-hand item. This is because almost all the time it does not come with a warranty.

A Final Word

DJ jobs in Dubai have contributed significantly to the opening up of more opportunities in the market. Interestingly, these opportunities are not just within the boundaries of Dubai but are found worldwide. Whether a beginner or an expert, the assurance is that DJ jobs in Dubai know no bounds!

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