How much does a DJ make in Dubai?

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Deejaying has been a source of livelihood for millions across the globe. Some professionals in this field have gone ahead to make a name for themselves as well as mint millions from the industry. Are you also looking to join this lucrative field? Here’s a quick overview of what you can make as a freelance DJ in Dubai.

Over the years, a lot of people have grown to appreciate deejaying as a professional career. However, the assumption among aspiring freelance Djs in Dubai is that it is a quick-money affair. On the contrary, it takes several factors to make a decent earning as a freelance Dj in Dubai.

Factors that determine how much a DJ earns in Dubai

Knowing what to look out for to earn some income as a freelance Dj in Dubai is essential. You should do extensive research and be ready to learn through other established DJs.

Here are some factors to consider as you lay strategies to improve your finances in the DJ industry.

1. Deejaying style

How you mix songs for your audience highly influences how often you are called for gigs. Your style of incorporating different pieces and identifying yourself with specific genres raises your worth, thus influencing better pay.

For instance, you can narrow it down to a few particular niches. That way, when you show up for a gig, an audience already knows what genres to anticipate.

2. Event location

Location determines how much a freelance Dj in Dubai earns as transport and hiring equipment are factored in. Also, income can vary based on whether the event is a private indoor house party or a wedding reception.

3. Popularity

How well you market your skills and how famous you are, increases your net worth. A rate card for a starter Dj is lower than that of an established and favorite freelance Dj in the UAE. Showing up for gigs and performing your best helps you build your portfolio and increase your earnings.

4. Duration

The length of time you will be playing determines your pay. Longer gigs pay better compared to short gigs. Also, peak hours attract higher income. Mastering the art of deejaying for long hours is a good idea as this will increase your revenue.

Top-earning freelance DJs in Dubai

To give you a rough idea of what you’d make once you take up a career as a freelance DJ in the UAE, here’s a quick list of some of the top-earning freelance DJs in the region and what they often earn. We have further categorized the list based on the various genres of deejaying that are quite popular in the Emirates.

1. Dj Patchoulee – British tunes/ Old-School RnB

Patchoulee was raised in London, where her love for music grew from listening to her brother deejaying at house parties. She started her DJ career in London, where she grew popularity in the club scene.

Dj Patchoulee is currently a freelance Dj in Dubai who is keen on corporate events. She is well known for making funky tunes by mixing 80’s soul, old-school RnB, and hip-hop. Patchoulee has over ten years of experience in the Dj industry, and her clientele is high-end events such as product launches.

According to salary explorer, a freelance Dj in the UAE with her experience earns approximately 15000AED-16,200AED per month. Listen to her funky jams and get dancing.

2. Dj Andy Buchan -UAE music/ Disco tunes

Andy is a versatile creative Dj who can mix any music. From Nu-Disco, and hip-hop, to Indie-electric, his music mixes are diverse. Dj Andy has a decade’s worth of experience, and his skill to give his audience the type of jams they need is unfathomable.

Buchan has advanced his career in the UAE with regular slots in notable Dubai clubs. He is also a DJ Mag journalist, a London magazine he helped launch in the Middle East in 2009. With his level of experience, his salary per month is approximately 15000AED.

3. Dj Shadow -Indian/ Bollywood music

Born and raised in India, Dj Shadow started his career at an early age. He used to produce tracks, perform in clubs and remix different Bollywood tracks. Shadow gained popularity in India through the Bollywood remixes he did for artists such as Arijit Singh.

Dj Shadow currently resides in Dubai, and he is famous for his Bollywood, Pop, and Electronic dance music mixes. He is a well-established freelance Dj in the UAE, and in 2013 he was awarded the best Dj by Ahlan best Dubai. You can sample some of his mind-blowing mixes on Youtube.

With his popularity and experience, he can easily take home approximately 12,600AED-15,000AED per month.

4. Dj MaDjam – Lebanon/ Techno music

MaDjam is a famous face in the partying world of Lebanon, the Middle East, and Beirut. MaDjam is a natural in music as he started rocking school parties when he was ten years old. His popularity grew in Lebanon, and he advanced to an industry leader.

Dj MaDjam is well known for his well-crafted House and Techno music mixes. He is a pioneer of the Peppermint Experience Dubai, the first house party to trend in the city. You can find some of his well-sort combinations on Soundcloud. On average, from his experience, his take-home per month, according to salary explorer, could approximately be 15000AED-16200AED.

5. Dj Bliss – Emirati hits/ Hip-hop

Dj Bliss is the most sought-after freelance Dj in the UAE and internationally. He is Emirati nationality, and he started his career in the late ’90s. Dj Bliss has since advanced his career and worked with multinational music companies such as BMG. He has also recently signed up with Universal Music – the world’s largest music company.

Bliss is an all-around Dj and can play any type of music for his music jams. However, he thrives in hip-hop mixes and has also released his songs over the years. From his experience and popularity, he probably gets a pay of approximately 16200AED-17300 AED.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most common deejaying genres to venture into in Dubai?

Dubai is a culturally diverse region; thus, making it a safe haven for DJs that wish to venture into any genre. However, the most popular deejays in the region are into techno, house, hip-hop, and Emirati tunes.

What is the average monthly income for most freelance DJs in Dubai?

Most popular freelance deejays in Dubai can comfortably take home between 10,000 and 20,000 AED in a month. However, the amount you earn depends on various matters such as your skills, the gigs you perform at (and how many they are), which places you perform, etc.

Must you be famous to earn more money as a DJ?

Even though this is a debatable issue, the short answer is yes, you must be famous for you to earn good cash in this industry. Most of the time, it is the brand that plays, and not just the skills that matter. There are many deejays with better skills than top earners like Calvin Harris, but still, the more popular ones will get paid more and get invites to premium gigs.


The diversified Dubai population has greatly influenced the evolution of the music industry. Improving your skills and constantly researching trending music as a freelance Dj in Dubai is ideal for your career growth. Also, identifying yourself with a niche goes a long way in building a fan base.

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