Simple Internet Radio Guide for DJs

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It is no brainer that music-oriented radio stations are great. They have a unique way of entertaining listeners of all ages if the station is not restricted to a specific audience. The current tech-saturated culture has made it possible for any person with a reliable internet connection, a computer, and a microphone to start their own web radio stations. This is a good alternative to get Dj jobs in Dubai, as the market is already flooded as it is.

When starting, it is expected that you encounter a certain level of frustration. However, with dedication and a little patience, it becomes a rewarding venture in the long run. In general, being a radio Dj in Dubai is a great platform to share your music and thoughts, as you meet and interact with plenty of people regularly.

The job comes with its own perks, such as getting free tickets and invites to events which you would not have even thought about getting. Many people currently in the media claim that there are more opportunities in the online sector, as the vacancies left on mainstream media become limited every day.

Some so many people have the skills and wish to become internet radio DJs in the UAE. The problem is that not all of them are willing to put in the work. The best and probably one of the most fruitful paths to follow is to prepare to work for ‘free’ for a while, without complaining about it.

Let’s face it; not everyone would want to work without getting good returns, especially if it is for an unknown period. Close to 90% of all those that wanted to venture into deejaying for an internet radio have quit as soon as they started. This is mainly because they lack patience and skills; hence, they end up feeling like their time has no value.

The truth is, many successful internet radio DJs have all gone through the same path. But how exactly does one start to become a web radio DJ?

Here is how:

Get experience first

Being an internet radio DJ can be something somewhat challenging to break into. The key thing is, to be able to get your foot in the door, regardless of the situation you are in. While starting, you should not expect to start earning from the word go. You can begin by looking for internship opportunities at a radio station near you.

As mentioned, getting a job or even an internship opportunity in mainstream radio might be hard, but there are tons of internet radio stations you can look out for. Go there, learn what they are doing and how they do so. You do not necessarily have to go on air right after you join the station, but at least gain some knowledge by working there.

You can also opt to volunteer in the station, if not going in as an intern. If an opportunity arises, take the controllers, take charge of the mic, and do your thing. You might get a little nervous on the first day, but with experience, you will learn to do so flawlessly.

One crucial factor to consider is that you should not be too picky when getting an internship opportunity. All these stations operate almost the same way, and you will get first-hand experience, regardless of the format of the content being aired. 

Don’t complain 

This point cannot be stressed more. Finding internet radio stations is not hard – the difficult part is finding one that pays. This is unlike the broadcast radios as they take time to pick up and start earning revenue. Do not be so quick to give up simply because you are not getting any monetary value.

It is wise to become a web radio DJ as a part-time gig as you spend more time in your day job. For someone who wishes to venture into deejaying full time, there are more ways to earn money. You can become a freelance DJ in Dubai and still make some good cash while still playing music for internet radio.

It doesn’t pay fast but has its perks.

We have already covered that being an internet radio DJ might not get you any monetary value fast enough. But either way, there are lots of perks you can enjoy when working with one. If you are working under someone, they are fully aware that they are not paying you. Should you do a good job, which is with excellent skills and passion, they are surely going to repay you in one way or another.

Some of the most popular ways this is made possible is by offering you free tickets to events or concerts, and even getting you a paying gig somewhere. The free passes are usually a very important gift to you, only if you know how to make use of them.

When in such events, you will get to interact with other established DJs, producers, etc. who might get you a boost in your career. 

The right software and gear 

If you are looking forward to starting your own internet radio station, then you should be ready to invest a little bit more. Having a PC and a strong internet connection means you are halfway there, as you do not need much when just hosting the station.

However, you ought to have the right DJ software for 2020 to ensure that you only deliver good music and mixes to your listeners. Furthermore, apart from the computer and internet connectivity, you should also find the best DJ controllers available in the market, which fit in your budget.

You might not get everything set up while still starting out, but at least have the following essentials for your internet radio:

  • A controller
  • PC
  • Microphone
  • Headphones
  • Strong internet
  • Broadcasting software
  • An enormous mp3 collection of music to play to your audience.


To start as an internet radio DJ in Dubai, you ought to have the necessary skills and motivation. Try out as many stations near you to gain the relevant experience before you go independent. Furthermore, you can look for other DJ jobs in Dubai to earn you extra money as you run your station.

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